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Hoyt Faktor Turbo

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  • The Z5 cams offer a smooth pull and achievable speeds
  • Great specifications and shootability
  • Tons of customization for a unique look


  • MSRP of just under $1000 may be a bit much for some
  • Bare bow has a bit of hand shock


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The Faktor Turbo is set to replace the Hoyt Spyder Turbo for 2014. The Turbo model has been very popular for Hoyt in the past, and should continue in 2014. The fully redesigned Z5 cam has a great feel and is easy to shoot. The draw is smoother, the valley is longer, and the speeds are similar from the 2013 RKT cams. The new riser design incorporates new Shock Rod Technology to make the vibration and noise even less. Spec-wise, the Faktor Turbo is basically the same as the Carbon Spyder Turbo, and about $500 cheaper. Although the bow has a bit of hand shock, many shooters will not find the difference to be worth $500. All in all, the Faktor Turbo is sure to be a popular seller for Hoyt in 2014.


Hoyt offers a ton of finish options for aluminum riser bows, and the Faktor Turbo is available in every pattern and color they offer from the factory including the powder coat colors. The Faktor Turbo is a great multipurpose bow and the ability to be finished in tons of styles should make the rig even more desirable. Hoyt prides themselves on making tough bows, and the finishing process helps solidify this. The Faktor Turbo is available in Realtree camo patterns including: Realtree Xtra, Realtree Max 1, Realtree Pink, and Realtree Snow. Hoyt also offers the camo patterns in different configurations like a black riser and a choice of camo dipped limbs. Shooters also have the option for the blackout look as well.The custom color hunting options include the Bone Collector, Vixcen, and American Heritage packages, which includes special limb graphics and a variety of pattern differences for the riser and limbs. For target shooters, Hoyt offers: Blue Fusion, Red Fusion, Green. Orange, Purple, Cobalt Blue, and Jet Black in high fusion anodized options. For those wanting the Faktor Turbo in a powder coat finish, they can choose between Red, Pearl White, and Pink.


The Tec Lite aluminum riser is one of the many technologies incorporated into the Hoyt lineup for 2014. As a characteristic of Hoyt bows, shooters will notice a bridge type design by the grip. This is to help strengthen the riser and minimize torque and hand shock. It also gives the Hoyt models a very distinct look overall that makes it easy to pick them out of a lineup.The Stealth Shot string stop system is a rear mounted system that transfers string noise and vibration away from the shooters hand while stopping the string more efficiently after the arrow has been fired. Unlike many front mounting stabilizer bushings, the perfect balance offset helps balance the bows weight top to bottom and left and right. There is weight added to the sight and rest side of the bow, and the offset mount helps to even things out a bit.Another change to the riser other than the cutout design from 2013 is the incorporation of the Shock Rod Technology as well. These rubber dampeners are located in holes by the limb pockets and help absorb vibrations caused after the shot. These rubber dampeners are customizable by different colors for those interested in jazzing up the overall look and appeal of their rigs.


Hoyt offers four distinct grip options for 2014. The Pro Fit one-piece wooden grip is the factory standard, and is the top choice for many people. Shooters can also choose from the rubber 180 grip, wooden side plates, or completely removing the grip and shooting of the riser. Although each grip has a different feel, each of them feel nice. The Pro Fit grip is arguably one of the most comfortable factory grips available, but Hoyt did a fantastic thing offering more than one factory option. They have covered the main choices with these four offerings for grip options, and shooters should have no trouble choosing one that feels great and help accuracy by being repeatable.


As a testament of strength, Hoyt claims their limbs can withstand 1,000 dry fires. The split limb design utilizes multilayer lamination to give the limbs strength where the most stress is placed on them during the draw cycle. The engineering behind the limbs is quite impressive, and just proves how well thought out the 2014 Hoyt models are. They also have a wide range of draw weight for shooters to choose from as well. With an adjustment of 10-pound increments, Hoyt offers maximum draw weights in 40, 50, 60, 65, 70, and 80-pounds. Just about any person wanting a Faktor Turbo will find the poundage they desire from the bow.The Air Shox system introduced in 2013 as a dampener will remain on the 2014 lineup as well. They are customizable by color and can be purchased as part of a color kit to match the grip and Shock Rods, which gives shooters another option for a unique look straight from the factory. The Pro Lock Pockets secure the limbs to the riser with near zero tolerance. With a total of six contact points, the limbs are held securely in place throughout the entire draw cycle. Hoyt technologies are focused on being rugged and having great performance. These limb pockets can take a bit of abuse in and out of the case and still perform flawlessly for a long time.

Eccentric System

The Z5 cam offers a really great shootability quality to the Hoyt turbo model while still maintaining a high level of performance. With measured ATA speeds up to 340 feet per second, the cam and a half system will have no trouble reaching advertised speeds right out of the box. The Z5 cams are modular based cams within three different cam offerings. The modules adjust the draw length in half inch increments and can be purchased at a reasonable price. However, shooters leaving the shop should be outfitted with their needed draw length before leaving.The number one cam is offered in draw lengths between 24.0-25.5-inches. The number two cam has draw lengths for 26-28-inches, and the number three cams feature a draw length from 28-30.

Draw Cycle/Shootability

The Z5 cams are great from a shootability standpoint. Although they have virtually the same performance as the RKT cams, the Z5 cams incorporate a smoother draw, longer valley, and a more solid back wall than the RKT cams. Hoyt has improved the draw cycle in every way from a comfort standpoint while maintaining the same amount of performance, which is a really great feat. The Faktor Turbo sports a 33-inch axel to axel measurement, which is between the other two Faktor models; the 30 and 34. The Turbo is also the fastest out of the 3, with a 6-inch brace height. The 6-inch brace height is not something to alarm shooters, the speed and bow design is still going to offer enough forgiveness. Bows no longer need a 7-inch brace to be considered "forgiving" bows. The Turbo holds very well on target, balances perfectly, and is mostly shock free after the shot. There is need for a stabilizer to help minimize the felt vibration, but most shooters will have one on their bow anyways. Overall, it is hard, very hard, to find anything wrong with hoe the bow shoots and feels.

Usage Scenarios

The Hoyt Faktor Faktor Turbo is a perfect multipurpose bow for 3D and hunting. The specifications are great and the shootability of the bow is fantastic in either real life situation. The MSRP is south of $1000 mark, but some shooters may have an easier time paying for a premium bow like the Faktor Turbo knowing it can be used in virtually any shooting scenario.

Faktor Turbo vs. Spyder Turbo

BowHoyt Faktor TurboHoyt Spyder Turbo
Version 20142013
PictureHoyt Faktor TurboHoyt Spyder Turbo
Brace Height6 "6 "
AtA Length33 "34 "
Draw Length24 " - 30 "24.5 " - 30 "
Draw Weight30 lbs - 80 lbs30 lbs - 80 lbs
IBO Speed340 fps340 fps
Weight4.0 lbs4.0 lbs
Let-Off75% 80%
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When looking at the Hoyt Spyder Turbo, and its replacement, the 2014 Hoyt Faktor Turbo, shooters will have a hard time seeing a difference on paper. In fact, the difference is something that can only be felt shooting both models. Honestly, those already owning the Spyder Turbo may not even feel enough of a difference to justify the additional cost of the Faktor Turbo. However, those not pulling the trigger on the new bow last year will more than likely decide on the Faktor because of the draw cycle improvements.


The Hoyt Faktor Turbo is a great addition to a popular offering in the Hoyt lineup since the Turbo model was introduced. Shooters owning last year's Turbo model may not have a reason to update based on cost alone, but there are enough differences in feel and shootability to warrant the upgrade if money is not an issue. Overall, the Faktor Turbo is going to make a great multipurpose bow for hunting and 3D. Anyone in the market for a new bow should give this one a test shot.

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Extremely fast, quiet and accurate shooting bow.

Version: 2014 Hoyt Faktor Turbo


Pros: Solid back wall, very smooth draw cycle with a comfortable valley. Standard grip has a great feel and really helps to reduce bow torque. The bow is very fast, accurate and quiet.

Cons: This is not the bow for a beginning archer, as the 6" brace requires your full attention to perfect form, but when you think about it, that's actually a positive as well.

Full review:

I bought the Faktor Turbo as a backup to my Mathews Drenalin, which I loved to shoot, but after getting acquainted with the Hoyt's personality, the Faktor Turbo has now become my bow of choice. The 6" brace took some time to get accustomed to as the Faktor Turbo will not tolerate any type of sloppy form and it will slap you silly, lest you forget. The payoff is in its speed and its accuracy, and after shooting it for a while, I found the Faktor's draw cycle to be smoother than that of the Drenalin, and it is not as jumpy if my back pressure relaxes just a bit. I am shooting 325 grain VAP V1 400 arrows, so I have lowered the draw weight to 62lb. but even with my short draw length I am hitting very close to Hoyt's advertised speed of 340FPS. This bow is smoking hot and very quiet. The only sound heard is that of the arrow sailing thru the air and then hitting the target. No bow noise whatsoever. The Drenalin, on the other hand, tends to rattle in comparison. The more I shoot the Faktor Turbo, the tighter my groups are becoming and my scores are just getting better and better. I think this is more about constantly practicing perfect form and the Faktor Turbo is a great teacher…Ouch! Both bows have a similar setup: 33" ATA 26.5 DL 62 DW QAD drop away rest 10" Bee Stinger Stabilizer HHA Kingpin sight

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