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Version2014 Hoyt Faktor Turbo2013 Hoyt Spyder Turbo
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Hoyt Faktor TurboHoyt Spyder Turbo
(selected versions)
2014 Hoyt Faktor Turbo2013 Hoyt Spyder Turbo
Brace Height6 "6 "
AtA Length33 "34 "
Draw Length24 " - 30 "24.5 " - 30 "
Draw Weight30 lbs - 80 lbs30 lbs - 80 lbs
IBO Speed340 fps340 fps
Weight4.0 lbs4.0 lbs
Let-Off75% 80%
Editor reviews
Hoyt Faktor TurboHoyt Spyder Turbo
Summary review written by our editors.

The Hoyt Faktor Turbo is a great addition to a popular offering in the Hoyt lineup since the Turbo model was introduced. Shooters owning last year's Turbo model may not have a reason to update based on cost alone, but there are enough differences in feel and shootability to warrant the upgrade if money is not an issue. Overall, the Faktor Turbo is going to make a great multipurpose bow for hunting and 3D. Anyone in the market for a new bow should give this one a test shot. Read full review...

Despite being designed as a hunting bow, the Spyder Turbo makes a great multipurpose rig for those wanting a bow that can handle all shooting situations. With an overall weight of 4 pounds and an axel-to-axel measurement of 34-inches, the Turbo is easy to pack in on long walks to the stand. Powered by the smooth drawing RKT cams and achievable speeds of 340 feet per second, the Turbo shoots like a dream and has plenty of technologies to back up its design. Shooters already owning the Vector Turbo from last year may not have much need for an upgrade, but those in the market for a new bow capable of being used in a variety of situations should give the Turbo a shot. Read full review...

Hoyt Faktor TurboHoyt Spyder Turbo
  • The Z5 cams offer a smooth pull and achievable speeds
  • Great specifications and shootability
  • Tons of customization for a unique look
  • Great mix of speed and balance
  • Smooth drawing RKT cams with 5.5 inches of adjustability
  • Forgiving 34-inch axel to axel measurement
Hoyt Faktor TurboHoyt Spyder Turbo
  • MSRP of just under $1000 may be a bit much for some
  • Bare bow has a bit of hand shock
  • Not a huge change from the Vector Turbo
  • Module cam system is still somewhat draw specific.
  • Not the cheapest priced bow
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Hoyt Faktor Turbo
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Hoyt Spyder Turbo
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  • You won't be disappointed with the Spyder Turbo. Well worth the money.
    by Rick Salatine from West Middlesex, Pa
    by Eric matthew Everson from salem ohio
  • Good solid bow, that increased my confidence and 3D score.
    by Bruce Cooper from Boise Idaho
  • Hoyt can't be beat after years of shooting Matthews I've become a Hoyt Lover !
    by Feng Lee from Lancaster, Pa
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Hoyt Faktor TurboHoyt Spyder Turbo
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