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Hoyt Tribute

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  • Available in Right Hand and Left Hand
  • Available in a wide variety of colors
  • Longer draw length for bigger shooters
  • Available in 40# - 70# limbs
  • Two draw length ranges; 26" - 32" or 30.5" - 34"
  • Bow accommodates finger shooters and release shooters alike


  • Bow is slow by today's standards with only 274 fps IBO
  • Bow is a full pound heavier than the average hunting bow


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Editors' review

The guys at Hoyt have designed a bow with the traditionalist in mind, bringing the Tribute to archery stores. This bow we made with the finger shooter in mind, so the archer must keep that in mind when looking at this bow. This bow can be shot by release shooters as well. The Tribute can be ordered in many different colors to fit anything the shooter can think of and looks as good as it shoots. It has a 45" axle-to-axle, an 8" brace height, and can accommodate a vast number of shooters. This bow can be ordered in one of two draw length ranges; 26" - 32" or 30.5" - 34". It also has a wide variety of draw weights from as low as 30# up to 70#. This bow is a little heavier than average, but the extra weight only adds to the almost "dead in the hand" feel when shot.


This bow can be ordered in one of Hoyt's standard hunting colors RealTree AP, RealTree Max-1, and Blackout. A wide variety of non-standard hunting schemes can also be ordered for an additional cost.


This rig has an ultra-long TEC LITE riser with parallel split limbs attached to the ends, culminating in a very long 45 inch axle-to-axle bow that is unbelievably forgiving. This new riser provides a narrow platform at the ends and gets thicker towards the middle, where the grip is the thickest point of the riser. With an 8 inch brace height and the new AccuWheel technology, this bow offers finger shooters and release shooters a very shootable piece of equipment. The riser also houses an in-line roller guard that eliminates cable torque that reduces noise and movement when shooting. The riser also optimizes the balance and weight of this bow to provide a good shooting experience, even from such a large bow. The limbs are a parallel split limb technology, the ZR200 limbs, which are known to be a slower limb. These limbs come in a variety of weights; 30# - 40#, 40# - 50#, 50# - 60#, and 60# - 70#. The limbs are held in place by the Pro Lock Pocket - Zero Tolerance Locking Pocket System. The limbs also come in a variety of colors to match the riser allowing for the purchaser to personalize the rig. The colors come in a variety of standard hunting colors, or special order non-standard hunting colors to fit the individual.

Other Components

When the archer purchases this rig, they get a bare bow. However, this bare bow comes with some new technology such as the AccuWheel cam (also called the "cam and a half"), Pro Lock Pocket - Zero Tolerance Pocket System, and Stealth Shot String Suppression System. It also has the parallel split ZR200 limbs, Alpha Shox by Limbsaver, and FUSE custom strings and cables.

Eccentric System

The Hoyt Tribute uses the patented AccuWheel Cam System, also called the "cam and a half." This cam system is a twin cam system with each cam designed with two cams at each end tied together so that they can't turn independently - they turn at the same time. This set up ensures the cable do not get out of time and providing a solid shot.The draw length of the Tribute can be adjusted in 1/2" increments. These adjustments can be easily made by loosening the cam module and sliding the module into the appropriate position and re-tightening. In order for the Tribute to be able to accommodate such a wide range of draw lengths, the cable position on the cam may need to be moved also, depending on the length. Although making minor adjustments on the draw length does not require a bow press, it may be necessary to use one if changing cam posts for the cables.

Draw Cycle/Shootability

The rig can be ordered with a variety of limb sets of various draw weights. The max limb weight is 70#, which is average for compound hunting bows. Each set of limbs offers a 10 pound variance and can be adjusted within that 10 pounds by loosening or tightening the limb bolts. Paired with the AccuWheel Cam System, this bow provides a shot that is smooth from start to finish of the draw cycle.This bow also has an extended draw length, up to 34 inches. The bow offers a 70 percent let-off, making it easy to hold the bow at full draw. When coupling all the components that make this bow the Tribute - the long, heavy riser, the split limbs, the 8" brace height, and the "cam and a half" - Hoyt has provided a very shootable piece of gear for the avid archer.

Silencing Package

The design of the longer riser, coupled with the Parallel Split Limb technology do a good job in reducing noise. With the addition of the Stealth Shot String Suppression System and the Alpha Shox Limbsavers, this bow is virtually vibration free with very little sound being produced. Although not required, a quality stabilizer and string stop will reduce any vibration that may be left.


BowHoyt TributeBowtech Allegiance
Version 20172008
PictureHoyt TributeBowtech Allegiance
Brace Height8 "7.25 "
AtA Length45 "33.25 "
Draw Length26 " - 34 "26.5 " - 30.5 "
Draw Weight30 lbs - 70 lbs50 lbs - 70 lbs
IBO Speed274 fps317 fps - 335 fps
Weight4.8 lbs3.8 lbs
Let-Off65% 65% - 80%
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There are many bows on the market designed with the finger shooter in mind. The Hoyt Tribute is one of these bows. The Tribute is very similar in shootability as the Bowtech Allegiance. These bows shoot so close that it is hard to tell the difference in the feel. Various shooters say that the only difference is the Hoyt has a little less vibration than the Bowtech. But, the design differences are huge.The Tribute has a 45" axle-to-axle where the Allegiance is only 33.25" The Tribute has a little longer brace height, longer draw length capability, and weighs in about a full pound more. The Tribute also gives more flexibility in limb weights as well. The Allegiance come in 60# and 70# while the Tribute goes from 40# - 70#. The Allegiance is also not designed with the finger shooter in mind. This means the Tribute keeps a whole other group of shooters on the line.The Tribute sales for an average price of $850 where the Allegiance can be found on the used markets for as little as $289 depending on the model year selected. While both are good shooting bows, anyone that is looking to purchase the Tribute just keep in mind that it is a longer bow than the average hunting bow, as well as heavier, and most of all slower. If you are looking for a good shooting quality bow, this is one you can count on. If you are looking for something that shoots at the speed of light, look somewhere else.

Usage Scenarios

This bow was designed primarily for the finger shooters. With a 45" axle-to-axle and an 8 inch brace height, it provides a very forgiving shot for finger shooters and release shooters alike. The rig can easily be used as a hunting bow or a 3D or target bow. Most shooters stick to the 3D range with this bow because of the long axle-to-axle, draw length (if used by bigger shooters), and the weight. If used by a larger shooter with the 34" draw length, this bow will not work very well in a hunting blind, or in a tree stand that has a shooting rail. The rig boasts a hefty 4.8 pounds which offers the shooter a near "dead in the hand" feel. At nearly five pounds, this bow can get heavy fast.


The Hoyt Tribute sales in the middle of the hunting bow price ranges at $899 (sales tax included) or $817 without sales tax, with some going as high as $940. This price is very comparable to similar style bows designed specifically for the finger shooter.


The Hoyt Tribute is a throwback from days gone by with its longer than normal riser and the 45" axle-to-axle designed primarily for the finger shooter. This bow has the feel of a traditional bow and the technology of a compound bow. It can also be shot with a release, so almost anyone can shoot this bow. It can be adjusted as low as 30# all the way up to 70# and can be shot in any situation although most shooters prefer to keep in mainly on the 3D course or just as a target bow.The added weight of this bow aids in the vibration dampening and allows it to be held on target with less movement most get when trying to hold a lighter bow on the "x ring." There is nothing that says this bow is only for targets though. It is very effective as a hunting bow also. The shooter just needs to know his surroundings to make sure there are no low hanging limbs or maybe even a shooting rail on the stand, as each can hit the limbs of the bow affecting your hunting situation. If you are one of those that likes the feel of the traditional bows, but you like the compounds too, this could be the bow for you as it melds the feel of each in a quality piece of workmanship for all to enjoy.

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Great bow purchased new 2016.

Version: 2014 Hoyt Tribute


Pros: Great shooting bow

Cons: Nil

Full review:

If you like shooting recurve, but don't like holding the full poundage and like shooting with fingers this is the bow for you, the Hoyt Tribute compound. I shoot bare bow recurve 36lbs, not into sights. I fitted the Tribute with a AAE Cavalier free flyte arrow rest. WOW, first 6 shots at 20 meters, 6 in the gold, bare bow. The bow is heavier compared with other compounds however the extra weight makes it stable, balanced and vibration free. The bow is long and shoots very similar to recurve, that's why I love it. Good luck finding a case for it! I'm in my 50's now still lifting weight and keeping fit. I chose the 40-50 pound option as I shoot target and 3D. This poundage is great for continuous shooting. If I chose the 50-60 option, I would have been disappointed, too heavy for my application. The draw cycle is extremely smooth, let off is quoted as 65% and feels just right for target shooting. Is the bow accurate? It will be as good as you can shoot! The colour I chose was blackout, the texture is rough to touch, I'm not into fancy colours, I just like black! Do I like this bow, you bet ya!, you can always tell if it puts a smile on your face after the first shot. 5 stars plus Cheers 20/10/2016

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