Hoyt Vector Turbo Compound Bow

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    hoyt compound bow right hand vector turbo 60lber. 
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    Price: $500.00
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  • Hoyt Vector Turbo Review

    1 editor review + 3 user reviews
    Editor review:
    The Vector Turbo was a huge surprise. Some speed bows are known for nasty draw cycles, unforgiving brace heights and creep as bad as Freddy Kruger. Forget about those expectations, the Turbo is perfect. Hunters who previously avoided speed bows because they worried of holding back an aggressive bow for long periods, stop, things have changes. The speed capabilities of the Vector Turbo will allow you to extend your range and put the smack down on the buck that in years passed would have lived another day. Get to your Hoyt dealer and shoot this bow for yourself, you'll be very surprised to see what this speed bow can do... read full review
    User reviews:
    • This is by far the best bow i have ever shot by C. White from Alberta, Canada
    • This bow is the ultimate combination of speed, ease of... by Robert Poster from Madison, WI
  • Hoyt Vector Turbo Specifications

    1 version
    Manufactured: 2012 (1 version)
    Latest version: 2012 Hoyt Vector Turbo
    Brace Height 6 "
    Axle to Axle Length 35 "
    Draw Length 24.5 " - 30 "
    Draw Weight 30 lbs - 80 lbs
    IBO Speed 340 fps
    Weight 4.2 lbs
    Let-Off 75%