Hoyt Vector Turbo Review

Hoyt Vector Turbo

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Hoyt Vector Turbo Review4.753 out of 3 user reviews


  • Balance
  • Silent shelf
  • Perfect draw cycle
  • Great range of draw length (24.5" 30")
  • Modular cam system
  • No bow press is required for changing draw length
  • Real speeds are close to advertised


  • Price

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Editors' review

Speed bow shooters listen up. Hoyt has produced yet another bow that will cause you to secretly buy another bow behind your wife's back. The Hoyt Vector Turbo is quite possibly the most forgiving and shooter friendly speed bow ever built. Hunters who need speed for longer shots will love the accuracy and rock solid hold of this bow.


Hoyt continues to use the tough textured coating that we are all familiar with. This offers protection from nicks and scratches that a smooth surface bow could not offer. This finish also eliminates any chance of shiny areas and greatly reduces wear on areas that experience a lot of contact, like the grip.


The TEC-LITE riser on the Vector Turbo brings strength and has low weight. The bow has weight reducing cutouts throughout the riser giving the Turbo a bare weight of 4.2 pounds along with a sharp look. The offset stabilizer attachment brings a heightened level of balance allowing for optimum accuracy on those longer shots. This addition to the 2012 lineup is something target archers have been doing for years with offset stabilizer bars. A variety of 13 finishes can be seen on Hoyt website ranging from camo to cobalt blue and pearl white! You're sure to find something you like


The stock grip on the Vector Turbo is top of the line. For a stock grip, it can accommodate a huge variety of shooters due to its narrow neck and wider mid/lower section. The narrow neck caters to the high wrist shooters and gives a no torque feel. The fatter mid and lower section is great for mid and low wrist shooters. Along with its great shape, the rubbery finish on the grip also aids in keep your hand warm on those late season hunts.


Hoyts Limbs now have a 5 Layer Lamination (5LL) system which is new for this year. As past Hoyt models, these bows have passed the dry-fire test and are also pre-stressed, which eliminates any reformation once you get shooting the bow. Other innovations are the Uniform Stress Distribution (USD) in the limbs which cause each part of the limb to have even strain. ARC technology in the limbs reduces vibration and increases speed. Pro-Lock Limb Pockets drastically strengthen the connection from limb to riser, which is the weakest point on any compound bow. With these innovations you can expect to feel a vibration reduction and see a speed increase when compared to last year's models.

Eccentric System

The new RKT Cams on the Turbo are linked by a control cable which means the top and bottom cams fire at the same exact time, every time. New design in the cams also promotes proper form while shooting, resulting in tighter groups. Adjustments are made via mods on the cams in half in increments and only an allen wrench is needed to make adjustments since no press is needed. Nearly every person out there can shoot the Vector Turbo due to its draw length range, 24.5-30". Draw weights also offer a great range, in ten pound increments from 30-80 pounds. There is also a 55-65 pound limb option to accommodate a majority of shooters. Since Hoyt uses the ATA rating system when listing their specs, you can expect to see exactly or very close to the advertised speeds. The ATA scale has strict guidelines, opposed to OBO which does not. The Turbo was shooting 330fps at 70 pounds, 28.5" and a 373gr arrow. That is right on their advertised speeds considering the arrow they use during testing is 350gr. Smoking fast!

Draw Cycle

The Vector Turbo has an amazing draw cycle, and not just for speed bows. The overall feel is solid, very smooth and has gradual build. Surprisingly, this bow has a better draw cycle than the Vector 32 and 35, quite surprising for a speed bow. The valley on the Turbo is noticeably larger than that of the 32 and 35 as well; furthermore, there is ZERO creep! You almost have to push this bow to let it down which is unlike most speed bows. Whatever Hoyt has done with this bow, other companies should take note of. As a side note, the tested bow was set at 63 pounds.Since there is no dual draw stops like other manufacturers bows, the back wall on the Turbo isn't "rock solid", although, it does have a very nice feel to it. The slight mushiness of the back wall allows you to settle into the valley, rather than the instant stop like dual draw stop bows have. That may benefit some shooters since someone with a fast draw movement experience a jolt when the dual draw stops kick in. Once drawn back shooters will notice the amazing balance of the bow due to Perfect Balance technology.

Other Components

Another great point on this bow is the included silencing options. A Stealth Shot string suppressor drastically reduces string vibrations and quiets the bow down. The Silent Shelf is a rubber pad that covers the arrow shelf, which is always a problem area during hunts. It's also a great cushion for drop away arrow rests, rather that hitting the riser. In addition to those accessories, Hoyts ever popular AlphaShox further reduce vibration on a nearly perfect limb setup.Hoyts new inline roller guard system is lighter and each roller has a shorter lip on the. This reduces the pinching effect on the string which brings faster speeds and less energy loss. The rollers don't have to be removed to change a string anymore either.


The tested bow was surprisingly quiet considering it's a speed bow and was completely stock. The only added piece of equipment was a whisker biscuit. This bow did have noticeable hand vibration for a second or so after the shot, but the String Stop was a bit too far from the string. If that had been adjusted correctly, vibration would have been slim to none. Keep in mind this bow was taken of the display and shot, not tuned.


The Vector Turbo can be found for around $975. That's more than a lot of guys want to spend, or are allowed to spend on "thing we don't need". For that price don't get anything less than an amazing bow though. Does the quality match the price tag? That depends on your wallets diet plan...

Vector Turbo vs. Vector 32/35

Bow Hoyt Vector Turbo Hoyt Vector 32 Hoyt Vector 35
Version 2012 2013 2012
Picture Hoyt Vector Turbo Hoyt Vector 32 Hoyt Vector 35
Brace Height 6 " 6.75 " 6.75 "
AtA Length 35 " 32 " 35 "
Draw Length 24.5 " - 30 " 24.5 " - 30 " 25.5 " - 31 "
Draw Weight 30 lbs - 80 lbs 30 lbs - 80 lbs 30 lbs - 80 lbs
IBO Speed 340 fps 330 fps 325 fps
Weight 4.2 lbs 4.0 lbs 4.2 lbs
Let-Off 75% 75% 75%
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As said earlier, you might find that the Turbo's draw cycle is better than the Vector 32 and 35. The Turbo is smoother, has a larger valley and is faster. Although the brace height is shorter on the Turbo when compared to the Vector 32 and 35, the forgiving feel of this speed bow is amazing. So, ff you like speed bows, there is no reason to get a slower bow, like the Hoyt Vector 32 / Hoyt Vector 35, when you can have a faster bow that is just as forgiving. The Turbo is a bit more expensive than the 32 and 35, but that price difference is due to the speed difference.


The Vector Turbo was a huge surprise. Some speed bows are known for nasty draw cycles, unforgiving brace heights and creep as bad as Freddy Kruger. Forget about those expectations, the Turbo is perfect. Hunters who previously avoided speed bows because they worried of holding back an aggressive bow for long periods, stop, things have changes. The speed capabilities of the Vector Turbo will allow you to extend your range and put the smack down on the buck that in years passed would have lived another day. Get to your Hoyt dealer and shoot this bow for yourself, you'll be very surprised to see what this speed bow can do.
Hoyt Vector Turbo Review4.753

User Reviews

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  1. This is by far the best bow i have ever shot

    Version: 2012 Hoyt Vector Turbo


    Pros: this bow is super easy to draw, the 6 inch brace height made me a bit nervous at first, but I don’t even notice it anymore. the cam is silky smooth to draw, not to mention extremely fast.

    Cons: The only bad thing i can think of is the fact it’s really expensive

    Full review:
    since i am a target archer half the year and 3D the other half, I really appreciate the fact that hoyt made this bow smooth to draw and easy to hold, because of the target portion of shooting that i do. it has loads of creep, so when i am using my backtension for FITA shooting i am able to hold it and anchor it very well, and the 35 Inch Axle to Axle helps because my neck dosent bend down so much to see through my peep. And for the 3D portion, it is nice because of the speed that i can get from it. I only shoot at 49 pounds and 26.5 inch draw, but it is still around the 250-280ish range. And again, the creep helps because at my club we have a moving target, so i can hold it much easier when i have to wait for the animal to come around again. I came in 26th in my age group in a national competition with an old 2007 entry level PSE bow, and i am already seeing a difference in my shooting with this bow. Hopefully i can place in the top 20 and mabye even top 10!

  2. This bow is the ultimate combination of speed, ease of draw, forgiveness and balance.

    Version: 2012 Hoyt Vector Turbo


    Pros: – Quiet
    - Extremely Fast
    - RKT Cams are smooth as silk
    - Very comfortable grip
    - Dead in hand after shot

    Cons: – Would like to see draw length up to 31"
    - Price is high
    - Red anodizing isn’t for everyone

    Full review:
    This bow is incredible. I have shot just about everything the other top companies have to offer and this bow is as good or better than any of them. The RKT cams are truly wonderful as they produce an extremely smooth draw cycle. The back wall is not rock solid, but it isn’t mushy either. I like the way this feels. The attention to detail is very high on this bow, there are too many small things that make it a joy to shoot.

    The balance of the bow at full draw is unparalleled. I can hold mine back forever and can stay on target for just as long. There is no hand shock when properly tuned, and the stock bow is as quiet as anything on the market. This bow is an all-around winner doing many things at an extremely high level.

    Do not be scared away by the 6" brace height. This bow is extremely forgiving. The 35" ATA is also very nice for holding on target. Would recommend to anyone from novice to ultra experienced pro. There is no real downside to this bow other than the price tag.

    Shoot one and you’ll be a believer too.

  3. Whisper quiet bow. Not the fastest for me due to my 26.5 draw….

    Version: 2012 Hoyt Vector Turbo


    Pros: Smooth
    Easy to draw
    Rubber grip feels great
    RKT cams
    Off set stablizer
    Roller guards

    Cons: Longer then most bows
    Red accents not a fan of red

    Full review:
    I took about a 2 4 month break off of archery due to other sports, Before i took a break i was shooting a Hoyt rukus then i grew incredible strength and bought my self a Hoyt VT in 62lbs and all i can say is wow…. The bow is very quiet, whisper in the woods that is for sure. Has a nice feeling to it when you shoot the bow, Rubber grip will help during the cold days of shooting or hunts. I have tried a lot of top line bows of 2013 and still decided to buy the VT over the Carbon element13, New prime and the spyder. I would like to buy the wood grip though just for the looks. TBH I never cared for the bow when i first shot it but after shooting the bows i mentioned before they had no big changes, decides risers. The only thing i dislike about the VT is the red accents… Would of been better with black or green but that does not do any thing to the performance what so ever! i rate this a solid 9, Worth every penny if it were new

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