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Martin Alien Nitro

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  • Quiet, Fast, Accurate
  • Very smooth and quiet
  • Easy to tune
  • Very forgiving brace height


  • It is recommended to make sure hardware for cams is tight; possibly remove and add Loctite


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Editors' review

The Martin Alien Nitro is designed for the hunter, and is part of the 2014 lineup, but is basically the same bow as the Nitro from 2013, but with a couple of minor cosmetic alterations. The bow is fast, forgiving, accurate, and very quiet. With a 32" ATA, 7" brace height, and a very respectable 335 fps, this rig will not disappoint. It is priced toward the mid to high end of the retail spectrum, but don't let this keep you from giving this bow a try. It is unbelievably quiet out of the box, easy to tune, and can be in the field quickly.


This rig only comes in the Mossy Oak Breakup Infinity or Carbon Black.


This rig is built around a light-weight CNC machined 6061T6 aircraft-grade aluminum riser. The milling process trims excess mass, yet provides the shooter with a very strong and solid platform. At 3.5 pounds, this riser is very reliable. The riser also has a pair of Vibration Vortex VEMs to aid in reducing vibration and noise, as well as a VEM silencing arrow shelf that eliminates any noise from a drop away rest hitting it. Each end of the riser is capped with a high-precision limb cup that keeps the limbs secure with no movement and providing the best possible shot performance. The limbs are Martin's X4 Twin split limbs. These limbs are a 5-layer composite and they come in 50#, 60#, and 70# peak weights with each set of limbs being adjustable by 15#. These limbs are the same limbs used in the 2012 and 2013 lineups and have been proven time-and-time again. These limbs are very strong and durable.

Other Components

The Martin Alien Nitro is designed to be quiet, and comes with many features that only enhance the silencing characteristics. This bow comes with the 5-layer X4 limbs, Nitro 4 cams, machined aluminum riser, the Saddleback Thermal grip, carbon STS, VEM Vibration dampeners, and a roller cable guide. This rig can also be purchased with a Ready-To-Hunt package that includes D-loop, site, stabilizer, and a whisker biscuit capture arrow rest.

Eccentric System

Just like its predecessor, this rig comes with a pair of Nitro 3 Hybrid cams. This cam system makes this bow easily tunable with no nock travel. The rotating modules provide the ability to adjust the draw length within a matter of minutes without a bow press. Adjustable from 25.5" to 30.5" in half inch increments, there is minimal downtime making this adjustment. It is done simply by removing two screws securing the module, sliding the module to the appropriate position, and inserting the screws back into the cam. This is done for each cam. This cam system, coupled with the X4 limbs give this rig an IBO of 335 fps. Test shooters have found that this bow is very close to IBO, while being very smooth to draw. It also settles nicely into the valley without being forced over a hump at the transition point.

Draw Cycle/Shootability

This bow has a super-smooth draw cycle, is exceptionally quiet, and is relatively lightweight. The bow only weighs 3.5 pounds, has a 7" brace height, and a 32" ATA. The draw cycle is not overbearing and has no harsh hump at transition to the 80% let-off, making it easy to hold, for a very forgiving shot. With limbs that come in 50#, 60#, and 70# weights, and each weight is adjustable by 15#, this bow will easily fit most shooters. Most shooters that have tried this Martin have been pleasantly surprised. It is smooth, accurate, and exceptionally quiet.

Silencing Package

This bow is very quiet straight from the box. The lightweight aluminum riser and the split limbs have inherent qualities that help reduce noise in the bow. The riser also has Vibration Vortex VEM modules built in to reduce vibration and noise. Add this to the carbon STS, the VEM arrow shelf, Roto Cup pivoting limb cup, and the roller guard, this is a very quiet bow to shoot. One shooter has even stated that after shooting this rig, his old rig sounded like he dry-fired it.


The grip on this rig is a Saddleback Thermal grip with a slim design. The ergonomic design is key to eliminating torque while enhancing accuracy. The thermal dynamics of the grip also keep the shooter comfortable when shooting during any weather condition.


BowMartin Alien NitroElite Energy 35
Version 20142018 (Energy Cam)
PictureMartin Alien NitroElite Energy 35
Brace Height7 "7 "
AtA Length32 "34.75 "
Draw Length25.5 " - 30.5 "27 " - 31 "
Draw Weight40 lbs - 70 lbs30 lbs - 70 lbs
IBO Speed335 fps297 fps - 334 fps
Weight3.5 lbs4.5 lbs
Let-Off80% 75% - 90%
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The Martin Alien Nitro was designed specifically for the serious hunter. This rig is very similar to the Elite Energy 35 in its specs. Both bow offer a very forgiving 7" brace height, and an impressive 335 fps. The Martin is a full pound lighter, which means it will be easier to carry through your event, whether a hunting trip or a cruise through a 3D course. The Elite is also three inches longer ATA, meaning there will be more inadvertent bumps and dings. Both of these bows are also smooth and accurate, and just as importantly both have virtually no vibration and are extremely quiet. Each rig is also similar in prices. Where the Elite lists for $899, the Martin lists slightly lower at $849. Although the bow is toward the upper end of the price range for compound bows, this is not a reason to dismiss this shooting experience.

Usage Scenarios

This rig was designed with the hunter in mind, but will fit nicely in any archery scenario. This bow is not too heavy to be uncomfortable while carrying around the woods. At only 32" ATA and 7" brace height, it will also fit well in a tree stand or a hunting blind too. Archers should expect to see this rig where ever they go to shoot.


Although the Martin Alien Nitro is listed as new to the 2014 lineup, it is the same as the Martin Alien from 2013. The primary differences in the two are some very minor cosmetic characteristics. The basic bow retails for $849. It can also be purchased with a Ready-To-Hunt package that will run approximately $150 more, but when purchasing a rig at this price, the shooter would be better off outfitting the rig with the exact components desired.


The Martin Alien Nitro is one of the quietest bows out of the box on the market today. For a rig the offers 335 fps, this is quite a feat. This bow was designed specifically with the hunter in mind and will easily fit into any archery scenario. The bow can be purchased with 50#, 60#, or 70# peak weight limbs that can be adjusted up to 15# from peak. This is a very smooth shooting platform that has excited many shooters. This rig is priced at just under $1000 which is about $200 more than the average compound bow, but it will certainly perform. It is comfortable to shoot, and is dead in the hand. This bow should not be dismissed because of the price.

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