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Mission Buckmasters

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  • Smooth single cam draw
  • Forgivable 7.5 inch brace height
  • Draw weight available from 40 pounds all the way up to 80 pounds
  • 80% let off
  • Price


  • Draw length has to be changed by buying a different cam
  • Thicker grip can feel bulky to some shooters

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Editors' review

Mission archery teamed up with Jackie Bushman and Buckmasters to create a bow with hunting in mind. The Buckmasters bow features a relatively short axel-to-axel measurement at 31inches, combined with a forgiving 7.5-inch brace height and 80% let off. The roller guard and walnut grip give added features that are rarely seen on a bow this affordable. The Buckmasters bow continues the Mission Archery goal of providing quality hunting bows at an affordable price.


The Buckmaster is available in Advantage Max-4 camo only. The Mission line has offered this camo option on all of their bows since the start of their production. The pattern is added to the bow in a dipping process and the final product looks great. The wood grip with the laser imprinted buckmasters logo adds to the overall pleasing look of the bow. Mission has truly lived up to industry standards in terms of a flawless pattern showing no imperfections whatsoever.


The CNC machined riser has designed block-like cutouts and the Buckmasters logo giving the bow a distinct look. These cutouts are placed in strategic places to cut down on extra weight while leaving the riser sturdy and able to handle shot after shot. The front of the riser features a front mounting stabilizer hole for those shooters looking to add a counter weight or vibration-dampening stabilizer as well. The Buckmasters bow is the only bow in the 2009 Mission line with a roller guard (the other models sport a cable slide). Mission engineers feel the roller guard offers less friction ultimately allowing more energy to be transferred to the arrow instead of the cable guard.


The Buckmasters bow features a walnut grip with a laser engraved Buckmasters logo which really adds some great cosmetic features many other bow do not provide. For those shooters who prefer a larger grip, the buckmasters bow will be a perfect fit. Just like the rest of the Mission line, the grip is a bit on the bulky side for many shooters. However, those who prefer the thicker grip will find the walnut grip to be a great addition.

Limbs and Limb Pockets

The Buckmasters bow features a solid limb made of a fiberglass composite. Withstanding the test of durability and industry standards for strength, the Mission limbs are sure to stand up to any typical conditions a shooter can put them through. A great thing about the limbs is their large range of poundage options designed to fit almost every shooter. Buckmasters limbs can go as low as 40 pounds and are offered in 10-pound increments all the way up to 80-pound maximum limbs. The Buckmasters bow is one of the industries few bows that offer 80 pound max limbs. The Advantage Max-4 limbs connect to the riser in a plastic composite limb pocket. The limb pocket is black in color and operates in a way that allows only the limb to move while coming to full draw. At full draw, the bow limbs rest in a parallel position.

Eccentric System

Like other Mission and Mathews bows, a perimeter weighted single cam capable of reaching IBO speeds of 316 fps powers the buckmasters model. With half-inch draw increments from 25 inches to 30 inches, almost every shooter should be able to fit the Buckmasters bow. The worst part about this cam system comes with changing the draw length. If for some reason a shooter decides to change the draw length, a new cam needs to be purchased from an authorized Mission dealer. With that being said, the cams are relatively inexpensive in comparison to other bows equipped with a cam specific draw length.

Draw Cycle/Shootability

The draw force curve is very nice when drawing the Mission Buckmasters bow. Capped off with an 80% let off, shooters will be holding very little weight upon full draw. Much of the weight is at the beginning of the draw, meaning the initial start of the draw cycle is the toughest. The closer you get to full draw, the easier it is to pull. All changes in the draw cycle are characteristically smooth of a single cam bow with no noticeable humps in the draw cycle either. When holding the bow at full draw, the rig feels very stable and well balanced. The back wall is very solid with no creep forward. Most shooters find the buckmasters draw very shootable and smooth overall.
Adding to the Buckmasters shootability is its extremely forgiving 7.5-inch brace height. Combined with the more friction efficient roller guard and parallel limb design, the buckmasters is very user-friendly.

Silencing Package

All Mission bows come with string cushions and the buckmasters is no exception. The cushions are on both ends of the bow and stop the string after release from moving too far forward. The string immediately comes to rest after hitting the cushions eliminating vibration caused by the string coming to rest. Along with this comes a rubber cable dampener to help cancel out any extra string movement. The combination of the rubber cable dampeners and the string cushion results in a shock free release. Those shooters wishing to further eliminate vibration and minimal hand shock have the option to install a front mounted stabilizer as well.

Usage Scenarios

Jackie Bushman and Matt McPherson had bow hunting in mind when collaborating ideas for the buckmasters design. The relatively short axel-to-axel bow makes it very maneuverable in a tree stand. Combined with a very forgiving brace height of 7.5 inches the buckmasters bow is best suited for bow hunting. Target shooters predominately prefer longer axel-to-axel bows hoping to gain more stability. Although the buckmasters bow is very accurate, for the serious competition archer better models are available.

Value for the Money

The Mission Buckmasters bow is the most expensive of the 2009 Mission line (although it does come with an engraved wooden handle and a celebrity endorsement not seen on the other models). However, the price is still well below that of higher end models without sacrificing quality or workmanship. Shooters interested in a reasonably fast bow with a forgiving brace height should not overlook the buckmasters bow in fear of "lesser quality or technology."


The Buckmasters bow is the first celebrity endorsed bow available in the Mission line. Shooters looking for an extremely forgiving brace height of 7.5 inches combined with a smooth drawing perimeter weighted single cam capable of reaching 316 fps will be happy to try out the Mission Buckmasters bow. The Buckmasters model offers a large range of draw weight adjustability ranging from 40-80 pounds. Draw length is very adjustable as well, available in half-inch increments from 25 inches to 30 inches. On the downside, cams need to be switched out in order to adjust the draw length at an authorized Mission retailer. Despite the strategically placed CNC machined cut outs, the Buckmasters bow still weighs in a bit on the heavy side at 4.24 pounds. The price is the highest in the Mission line but still offers a great value for those interested in a hunting bow with a lot of high-end features. Shooters should not be nervous of the small price tag of the Mission Buckmasters bow. The only way to know for sure if the buckmasters bow is the one for you is to shoot it. However, many shooters agree this smooth drawing hunting bow is a great option at an even better price.

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