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Mission Eliminator

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  • Smooth drawing single cam
  • Parallel limb design for minimal hand shock and residual noise
  • Half inch draw length adjustability from 24 to 30 inches
  • Achievable IBO speeds
  • Draw weight available from 40-70 pounds
  • Affordable


  • Draw length can only be changed by completely changing the cams
  • At 310 fps IBO, this bow is not the fastest short axel to axel bow available

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Editors' review

At first glance, this bow seems to very closely resemble the Mathews DXT from the year before in terms of compact size and overall shape. The shorter axel-to-axel design and parallel limb technology combined with a perimeter weighted single cam system promises a maneuverable treestand or ground blind bow that minimizes hand shock and after-the-shot noise.


The Mission Eliminator is available in only one camo pattern that is applied using a film dipping process. The Advantage Max-4 camo looks great and is flawlessly done without any visible blemishes or imperfections. Mission also offers a 5 arrow Mission M-5 quiver in matching Max-4 camo that is identical in shape and design to the Mathews T-5 model quiver even sporting the same bow mounting system.

Mission Accessory Packages

The Mission bowline offers three factory accessory packages that are available in addition to any of their bow models. These three packages provide a variety of choices aiming to meet the needs of most shooters. Each package offers a rest, a quiver, a sight, a stabilizer, and a braided bow sling.

  • The first custom accessory package available is known as the basic package. This package comes with an APA Ultra-Lite rest, a black Grayling 4-arrow quiver, a three pin TruGlo Bright sight, a TruBlock Mini Stabilizer, and a Paradox Braided Sling.
  • The second custom accessory package available is known as the bowhunter package. This package comes with an Ultra-Rest Hunter rest, a camo Alpine Bear Claw quiver, a three pin TruGlo Bright Site X sight, a TruBlock Mini Stabilizer, and a Paradox Braided Sling.
  • The third custom accessory package available is known as the Pro-Hunter. The package comes with a Mathews HD II rest, a camo Mission M-5 quiver, a 5 pin TruGlo Tru Site X sight, a TruBlock Mini Stabilizer, and a Paradox Braided Sling.


The Eliminator offers a highly reflexed riser, meaning the hand position (throat of the grip) is behind (or closer to the shooter) the imaginary line connecting the center of the limb pockets. Reflexed risers primary advantage is speed although they are not quite as forgiving when compared to a deflexed riser. The riser is a highly CNC machined piece of high-grade aluminum. The machined cut outs are precisely done to eliminate extra bow weight while maintaining strength and durability. All of this is done in the Mathews factory where the Mathews bowline is machined and produced next to the Mission line making the models similar in quality and workmanship.


The Mission Eliminator comes with a rubber composite grip that is a good mix between smooth and textured. This combination makes it possible for shooters to repeat their hand placement on the grip without adding torque to the bow with an overly sticky feel. The hard piece of rubber is a bit blocky, but comfortable to most shooters.

Limbs and Limb Pockets

Eliminator limbs are primarily fiberglass in makeup and solid in construction. The limb pockets are made out of a black composite material using a system known as the "pivoting pocket." This means the limbs move while the pockets remain stationary improving the consistency and performance of the bow. Upon full draw, the limbs come to rest in a parallel position that allows for a greater transfer of energy to the arrow and less residual shock resulting in noise and vibration.

Eccentric System

The Eliminator cam uses a perimeter-weighted system designed to maximize speed and reduce vibration. Mission advertises an IBO speed of 310, which is very obtainable using the IBO specifications without any further modifications. The draw length is very adjustable offering half-inch increments from 24-30 inches. However, cams are draw length specific meaning in order to change draw length, a new cam must be installed with the use of a bow press. The good news is that these cams are relatively inexpensive in comparison to other draw length specific bows.

Draw Cycle/Shootability

The first thing most shooters notice about the Eliminator is the smooth draw cycle. The draw cycle for the Eliminator is classified by many to be aggressive because of the noticeable transitions (which produces the speed on a shorter axel to axel bow) while making it to the solid back wall. However, the smoothness of the draw makes the bow very shootable and easy on the shoulders. The 80% let off allows shooters to be very comfortable at full draw.

Silencing Package

The Eliminator has limb mounted string cushions on both the top and bottom limb. These rubber string stops help dampen vibration and limit noise after the arrow has been released. In addition to these suppressors come all new D-amplifiers, which are added to the strings to take away residual string vibration. The result of the factory-silencing package coordinating with the parallel limbs is a very quiet shock-free release. The Eliminator also comes with a front mount stabilizer hole to accommodate for a variety of counter weights and further stabilizer dampening accessories. Most Eliminator shooters agree the bow offers a virtually silent release.

Mission Eliminator vs. Mathews DXT

Upon first glance, the Mission Eliminator and the Mathews DXT seem to be very similar in sixe and shape. The Mathews DXT has a slightly shorter axel-to-axel measurement at 29.75 inches versus the 30.5-inch Mission Eliminator measurement. However, the brace height of the Eliminator is an eighth of an inch longer offering a little more forgiveability. The DXT is about a half of pound lighter possibly in part because of the slim limb technology used on the DXT and a little faster advertised IBO speeds. However, those who have shot both report a significant similarity between the feel and shootability of the two bows. Shooters who like the Mathews name and the DXT specifications, may be interested in the Mission Eliminator for $300 less.

Usage Scenarios

The Mission Eliminator was designed with treestand and ground blind hunting in mind. The short axel-to-axel measurement offers a good maneuverable size in most real life hunting conditions. The speed and kinectic energy produced by the perimeter weighted cam system is sufficient enough for most big game species as well. With a brace height of over 7 inches, the Eliminator proves to be very forgiving as well. Typically target shooters prefer a longer axel to axel bow for stability when tournament or 3d shooting. The Eliminator would do very well on weekend 3d shoots, but for serious tournament shooters, there may be a better option.
Bow Mission Eliminator Mathews DXT
Version 2009 2010
Picture Mission Eliminator Mathews DXT
Brace Height 7.125 " 7 "
AtA Length 30.25 " 29.75 "
Draw Length 24 " - 30 " 24 " - 30 "
Draw Weight 40 lbs - 70 lbs 40 lbs - 70 lbs
IBO Speed 310 fps 326 fps
Weight 4.20 lbs 3.75 lbs
Let-Off 80% 80%
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Great Value for the Money

Do not let the $479 MSRP price tag fool you into thinking the Eliminator is a cheaply made bow. The Eliminator is a wonderful value in terms of quality and price. Being made by Mathews in the same factory as Mathew's bows, Mission offers a sound piece of mind for many potential buyers. With similar specifications and feel to the Mathews DXT for $300 less, many shooters may be choosing the Mission Eliminator and its value as opposed to the more expensive DXT. The least a shooter can do is try them side by side in order to make an educated decision between the two models.


The Eliminator has a lot to offer treestand or ground blind hunters at a price that is very appealing. The short axel-to-axel parallel limb design bow offers enough speed and kinetic energy for a variety of big game species with a forgiving brace height and a wide range of adjustability. The Mission Eliminator offers a limited amount of hand shock and is virtually silent after the arrow has been shot making it a fun bow to shoot. With the availability of factory accessory packages, a completely accessorized Eliminator may be the same price as a higher end bare bow. It is not the fastest short axel-to-axel bow available, but for many shooters, the price will more than make up for the lack of speed. For those looking to purchase a new hunting bow, the Mission Eliminator may be a great option.

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