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  • Short AtA measurement of 30.25 inches with a forgiving 7.125 inch brace height
  • Limb pockets are designed for more poundage adjustability
  • Up to 80% let off
  • Great price


  • Draw length can only be changed by purchasing new cams
  • Composite rubber grip is a tad large
  • Some feel the bow has a 'cheap' look with the composite limb pockets and rubber grip


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Editors' review

Many hunters are leaning towards the short axel to axel bows for their convenience in hunting situations. The Mission Endeavor is a short axel-to-axel bow with a forgiving brace height of 7.125 inches and a respectable IBO speed of 316 feet per second. Combined with a smooth draw and a quiet release, the Mission Endeavor is a truly great hunting option at an extremely affordable price.


The Mission Endeavor, like the rest of the 2011 Mission archery line sports a new camo pattern designed by Mathews specifically for Mission. The pattern takes the popular Lost Camo pattern designed for Mathews bows and adds a few more details and layers creating a finished product designed to blend in with many different environments. The Lost Camo AT pattern is unique to Mission bows and is applied in a dipping process. There are several accessories offered by Mission in Lost Camo AT as well for those shooters who like the matching look. However, after market accessories sporting the Lost Camo AT look are very limited.RiserThe Endeavor riser is a fully machined deflexed riser designed to eliminate side to side twisting and torque after the arrow has been released. Instead, the riser is designed to flex front to back instead improving accuracy and shot performance consistency. The front of the riser comes equipped with a front mounting stabilizer hole for shooters wanting to add weight or a string dampener. Directly in line with the front mounting stabilizer-mounting hole is a rear mounting stabilizer hole. This hole is designed for a rear mounting string stop system (the Mathews Dead End String Stop), although one does not come standard on this bow. Unlike other Mission bows in the 2011 lineup, the Endeavor does not come with a riser dampener-mounting hole either. Some of the other Mission bows come equipped with a factory installed harmonic dampener, but the Endeavor does not come with this option. The cable guard is a carbon rod cable slide as well, which is different from a few of the Mission line that has a roller guard instead.


Throughout the entire line of Mission bows, the grips are very similar in shape and size. The Endeavor is a composite rubber material that is slightly textured. The grip does fit nicely in the shooters hand although it is a bit blocky feeling. Some feel the black composite material make the bow look a little cheap, but it does not affect the performance of the bow at all. The grip is positioned in a balanced spot on the bow making it sit in the shooters hand in a comfortable position.

Limbs and Limb Pockets

The limb pockets are a slightly different design this year for the Mission line with the ability to adjust the draw weight of the limbs by a few more pounds than the usual ten-pound increments. Although the make-up of the black composite material is the same as last year's models, the ability to adjust the limb bolt is slightly easier due to the new pockets. For the same reason as the grip, many people feel the black limb pockets add a cheap look to the Endeavor. However, this does not affect the performance of the bow at all. The parallel limbs are made of a fiberglass composite material and sport the Mission logo, which looks very nice on the Lost Camo AT pattern underneath it. The limbs are available in maximum weights of 50, 60, and 70 pounds. With further minimum adjustability, the Endeavor is sure to offer something to match the needs of most shooters in terms of a comfortable draw weight.

Eccentric System

The Mission Endeavor is powered by the Mission EL Single Cam system. With the ability to shoot IBO speeds of 316 feet per second, the Mission Endeavor produces more than enough energy and speed for the majority of big game hunting available in North America. The draw length is adjustable from 24-30 inches as well. However, the only way to change the draw length is to switch the cam. Mission does not have a module draw length system. This means after leaving the shop, if a shooter is interested in adjusting their draw length, they will have to purchase a new cam in order to do so. The cams are not too pricey, but it is the only option for changing the draw length.

Draw Cycle/Shootability

The first thing you notice about the cam is how it is almost perfectly circular. This is a very smooth drawing bow with no humps or difficult transitions to get through. With an adjustable let off of up to 80%, shooters will have no problem holding the bow at full draw. The Endeavor's back wall is very solid and has no desire to creep forward. Hunters will be able to move around quite a bit while at full draw without the string wanting to go forward. After the shot, the bow is very quite and mostly shock-free. Shooters will notice a little vibration, but a string stop system and stabilizer would go a very long way in eliminating this feeling all together.

Silencing Package

Most Mission line bows come equipped with a similar silencing package and the Endeavor is no exception to this. The Mission has two rubber string stops coming off from the top and bottom limb next to the cams. This system works as a string stop system that eliminates string vibration after the arrow is released. The rubber dampeners ultimately cut down on noise as well absorbing the vibration that takes place while the string comes to rest after the shot. The strings come equipped with rubber string silencers as well. Again, their function is to help eliminate noise-causing vibration after the arrow has been shot. This silencing package does a great job eliminating vibration. However, shooters will notice a slight amount of hand shock. The Endeavor also has the option to attach a rear mounting string stop system as well. Although this string stop system is not a factory-installed option, it would help with the minimal vibration still noticeable after the shot with this rig.

Mission Endeavor vs. Mission Eliminator II

BowMission EndeavorMission Eliminator II
Version 20122010
PictureMission EndeavorMission Eliminator II
Brace Height7.125 "7.125 "
AtA Length30.25 "30.25 "
Draw Length24 " - 30 "24 " - 30 "
Draw Weight40 lbs - 70 lbs40 lbs - 70 lbs
IBO Speed316 fps319 fps
Weight3.96 lbs3.96 lbs
Let-Off80% 80%
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When looking at the specifications of these two models, you will notice it appears to be the same bow. The two are identical in axel-to-axel length and brace height and so similar in speed shooters will not be able to tell the difference. However, despite the similar characteristics, the Endeavor is not exactly the same. The Endeavor is missing a few of the factory upgrades given to the Eliminator II from the factory. The Eliminator II comes standard with a stock walnut grip, a dead end sting stop, and a harmonic dampener with the option to switch to a harmonic stabilizer. Although the Endeavor is the replacement of the Mission Eliminator II, those already owning the Eliminator II will find no real reason to make the switch considering the Endeavor is the same bow without as many features. However, those who liked the Eliminator II last year, but thought it was a little expensive will be happy to know the bow has lost some factory options and has a smaller price tag this year. The new Lost Camo AT pattern along with a smaller price tag may make the Endeavor very appealing to those shooters who did not quite pull the trigger on the Eliminator II.

Usage Scenarios

The Mission Endeavor is designed to be a hunting rig. The short axel-to-axel measurement of 30.25 inches gives hunters the short compact bow many archery hunters crave. With a smooth draw cycle and a solid back wall with no creep, hunters are sure to love most aspects of the Endeavor. Shooters will not have a problem with accuracy, and for those shooting 3-d's in preparation of the upcoming hunting season, they will not be disappointed. However, for serious tournament and 3-d shooters, there are several options that may be better suited to match your needs.

Great Value for the Money

The Mission Endeavor is one of the best values for the money in the entre "budget bow" category. With a suggested MSRP retail price of $399, it may be difficult to find another bow with the technology found on the Endeavor with such an inexpensive price tag. Although some shooters feel the plastic grip and black limb pockets make the bow somewhat cheap looking, it is still a great shooter. With such an inexpensive bare bow price, shooters will be able to completely set up their new rig with high quality accessories for the price of a high-end bare bow.


The Endeavor is a wonderful bow with an even better price. Sporting a popular short axel-to-axel measurement of 30.25 inches and a brace height of 7.125 inches, the Endeavor has a lot to offer potential shooters. With IBO speeds reaching 316 feet per second, the Endeavor is not the fastest single cam bow on the market. However, for those looking for a smooth shooting hunting rig, this is a great option. With draw length adjustability from 24-30 inches, and new limb pockets allowing for larger draw weight ranges, the shooting needs and styles of most shooters can be addressed with the Mission Endeavor. For those shooters on a tight budget, the Endeavor is hard to overlook. Although it may attract entry-level hunters due to such a low price, experienced shooters will also benefit from the large range of adjustability offered by the Endeavor.

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Great starting bow

Version: 2012 Mission Endeavor


Pros: Fits comfortably in my hand, very smooth draw, Feel like I could hold at full draw all day

Cons: Only drawback is having to buy a new cam to adjust draw length

Full review:

I'm just getting into bowhunting and did some research via shooting a couple other bows owned by friends before deciding and I'm very glad I bought my Endeavor. Its got a very smooth draw, grip fits my hand great, and overall a very comfortable bow. I've had days at a local range that I've put over 200 arrows through it and felt like I could keep going all day long. The only drawback I've found so far is that you have to buy a new cam to adjust the draw length. Luckily, despite this bow being 5 years old, cams remain readily available and fairly cheap. I live in NW Washington, and for a total of $90 (including installation at local shop) I was able to get this bow fully adjusted from the previous owner's settings to my 28" draw length with a 60# draw. I've got multiple friends with higher priced bows who all agree that this bow could easily sell for much more than the original price and is overall a great bow.

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