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Mission Riot

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  • MSRP of $399
  • Compact 31-inch axel to axel bow
  • Adjustable draw length from 19-30 inches
  • Adjustable draw weight from 15-70 pounds


  • A little hand shock
  • A bit heavy at 4.3 pounds


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Editors' review

The Mission Riot is one of the most adjustable bows on the market offering 55 pounds of draw weight adjustability and 11 inches of draw weight adjustability. All of this comes at a reasonable price of $399, and accompanied with the Mathews name, that's not too shabby. For budget conscious shooters, or those with some growing left to do, the Mission Riot is a wonderful rig worthy of test shot.

Package Options

Some shooters like to spend time researching different accessory options and choosing the best options available to them based on what they need. Other shooters like being able to purchase a bow and start shooting right away. For those shooters, Mission offers three factory package options available directly from the factory. Basic Package: The basic package includes just that, the basics. Shooters buy the Riot equipped with a Trophy Ridge Whisker Biscuit Quick Shot rest, a Bohning Lynx quiver, and a 3-pin Copper John Saxon sight with wrapped fibers. This package offers everything shooters need to get started.Bow Hunter Package: This package is designed, as the ultimate hunting package for shooters interested in a little more than the basic package has to offer. This package includes a QAD ultra rest hunter or whisker biscuit, an Alpine Bear Claw quiver, an Axion MA4 sight, and a 3-inch Axion stabilizer. This package really has everything shooters need with some higher end options as compared to the basic options.Pro Hunter: Finally, the pro hunter package option offers the highest end accessories available from the Mission factory. This package comes with a QAD ultra rest LD, a Mission M5 quiver, a Copper John Mark III 5 pin sight, and a 3-inch Axion stabilizer.


Past years left Mission shooters limited to finish options available on their rigs. The Riot offers some really great options, and should have something everyone would be interested in having. The dipping process used for the Riot is done very well. The bows will not have any noticeable blemishes and it is sure to withstand the wear and tear a bow hunter's rig goes through on a regular basis. Finish options include: Mission very own design of Lost Camo AT, all black, White Marble, White Zebra, Green Marble, Green Tiger, Pink Marble, Pink Zebra, and Pink Camo. With all these options available, most shooters should find something to match their needs.


The Riot riser sports a compact design that helps keep the overall axel-to-axel measurement small. The reflexed riser really does nothing too fancy, but does a nice job remaining strong during the shot. The cutouts give the bow a rather plain design, but it does not impact the performance in anyway. Mounting to the back of the riser is a Dead End String Stop. This string stop is adjustable enough for shooters to set it how they want. It also does a nice job transferring the strings energy and vibrations away from the shooters hand. The Riot utilizes a traditional cable slide as well.


The rubber composite grip featured on the Mission Riot is a welcomed addition for cold weather hunters. The grip is a little on the blocky side for some shooters. Although after spending time shooting the bow, the grip becomes a little more comfortable, at first it feels big in the shooters hand. Sliming the grip down could make it easier to be placed in the proper hand placement for improved accuracy. However, the Riot bow is designed with hunters in mind, so with gloves on, it may be more comfortable for some shooters to hold a little bigger grip. Overall, it is not a deal breaker, but it will take some adjustment time to feel completely comfortable.


The limbs available on the Mission Riot are extremely adjustable ranging for 15-70 pounds. This means shooters just getting started at a young age will have a bow able to grow with them through the years as they get stronger and become able to pull more weight. The limb pockets have a bulky look to them, but they do a great job keeping the limbs locked down no matter what their draw weight is set at. Mission chose to use parallel solid limbs for the Riot, and they do a nice job with helping to cancel out vibration and sound after the arrow has left the string. The limb graphics also add a little flair to the overall looks of the bow as well.

Eccentric System

The Mission Riot cam system is truly amazing. Without having to purchase modules or expensive cams, the Riot is adjustable from 19-30 inches. An added bonus allows the 11 inches of adjustability to be done without using a press. Simply moving the bolt to the properly marked hole in the included module will allow the bow to be drawn to the correct length. With 80% let off, and an IBO rating of up to 310 feet per second, the Riot cam produces decent speed for offering so much adjustability.

Draw Cycle/Shootability

Mission bows are known for being smooth drawing bows, and the Riot continues the trend. The Riot is extremely smooth and feels great while being drawn. With the weight stacking up toward the beginning of the draw cycle, there are not humps before reaching the decently solid back wall. The bow holds well on target for only measuring 31-inches axel to axel. After the bow is released, shooters will feel a bit of hand shock, but nothing a few accessories cannot fix. The forgiving 7-inch brace height adds a lot to the forgiveness of shooting the compact Riot. For a bow priced at under $400, it is going to be extremely difficult to find a bow that shoots and feels better. It would be nice for the speed to be a little faster, but shooters love how smooth this bow is.

Usage Scenarios

The Mission Riot is a hunting bow. With a compact 31-inch axel-to-axel measurement, and a 7-inch brace height, the Riot has some favorable specifications. This bow also has great appeal for shooters still growing because of the range and ease of adjustability.


BowMission RiotMission Craze
Version 20142014
PictureMission RiotMission Craze
Brace Height7 "7.5 "
AtA Length31 "28 "
Draw Length19 " - 30 "19 " - 30 "
Draw Weight15 lbs - 70 lbs15 lbs - 70 lbs
IBO Speed310 fps306 fps
Weight3.85 lbs3.6 lbs
Let-Off80% 80%
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The Mission Riot and the Mission Craze has some wonderful adjustability. There are many similarities between the two bows, and they should appeal to the same type of shooter. The Riot features a half-inch shorter brace height and a couple inches longer axel-to-axel measurement. However, the Riot only shoots 2 feet per second faster according to their ratings. Like any archery decision, the final choice will come down to what feels the best in the shooters hand.


For under $400, it is hard to find a compact hunting bow that feels better than the Mission Riot. Along with the great feel, the Riot also offers adjustability giving those archers still growing a chance to shoot the same bow through the entire transition. Aside from new archers, shooters on a budget will be happy to see what the Riot offers in this price range. There will be some noticeable hand shock, and for a 31-inch axel-to-axel bow, many feel it should be less than 4.3 pounds. However, after shooting the Riot, shooters will be impressed with its performance. It deserves a test shot for anyone interested in a wonderful bow option with an MSRP of $399.

User Reviews

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Smooth as silk draw, 70lbs draw feels like 55lbs draw. Respectable +300fps speed

Version: 2013 Mission Riot


Pros: SMOOTH, Amazing draw feel, Great strings (Zebra Hybrid), Whisper quiet, Price, Quality components, String stop, Adjustability, Short ATA, Made by Mathews, Feels like a much more expensive bow

Cons: Slightly overweight

Full review:

I am new to archery and was looking for a good starter bow. I took a trip to the Kittery Trading Post in Kittery, ME to test a couple of bows before I made my purchase. I went to the Trading Post with every intention of buying a PSE Brute X that I had been researching for weeks. I am tall...6'5 and have a 30 inch draw. A lot of the bows they had in stock would not fit me. They had three bows for me to try. The archery tech at the Trading Post was top notch. He took his time and adjusted both the draw and the weight on all three bows so I could compare them all on equal footing. First up was the PSE Brute X, the bow I had every intention of buying that day. They only had the 50lbs. model in stock and I was kind of bummed out. I fired six arrows which felt pretty good. The tech gave me a little advice on my form... I've been a handgun shooter for years and I just got bitten by the archery bug. I was stacking arrows at 20 yards in no time. He then handed me the Bear Domain, another bow I was researching. This bow was set at 70lbs and the draw feel was much heavier than the PSE due to the increased weight but the Bear seemed ALOT smoother with a much better stop or back wall or stop at the end of the draw cycle. The tech then handed me the Mission Riot set @ 70lbs. I drew the bow back and asked the poundage because it was far easier to draw back than the Bear...Heck it even had a smoother, lighter draw than the 50lbs Brute X. I was simply amazed at the feel of this bow. It drew back with butter smoothness and I was able to hold it a full draw for as long as I liked. The Riot felt like a higher quality bow. I guess I don't know how to properly explain it but the draw cycle felt so much smoother and lighter. I got a solid stop when my draw was complete and the bow would just hold there all day long if I wanted it to . It didn't want to jump out of my hand, it just felt "right". I fired a dozen more arrows and told the tech I would take it. I ended up getting it on sale brand new for $320. Now that's a BARGIN by any stretch of the imagination. I guess they had a sale on them and their regular price is 389.99. The archery tech at the Kittery Trading Post also helped me pick out all the accessories I would need for it. He found me a very expensive, very nice drop away rest that was $120 marked down to $40. He set me up with some Tru glo sights, set in the peep, kiss button, loop, adjusted the drop away rest, and a bunch of other things to get the bow field ready. I ended spending under $500 for a completely set up and sighted in Mission Riot. All my accessories were top notch, a lot nicer than the "ready to shoot packages". I was extremely pleased with the bow and the service I received. I now regularly shoot @ 40 yards with this bow and can hit a 24inx24in target at that distance on demand. I've only been shooting bows for a month or so now. I cant wait to find some local 3D shoots to use this bow in. I urge anyone thinking of purchasing a bow to go and try them out first at their local shops. I had every intention on buying another brand until I shot this bow. The Mission Riot is by far the best value on the market.

Great bow for entry level or the expert.

Version: 2014 Mission Riot


Pros: smooth draw, very accurate, great price

Cons: slightly large grip, string silencers move on when shooting.

Full review:

Bought the 2014 Riot when they first came out, I also bought my Girlfriend the Craze, both are great bows. The Riot has a buttery smooth draw cycle with a great transition in the valley and the back wall is pretty solid. It is very accurate, I do recommend taking of the D string silencers and putting on something else, I choose monkey tails. The grip is not the best, but certainly not the worst, I do not mind it. fit and finish on the riot are superb, I would highly recommend this bow to anyone, It is a joy to shoot and most of my friends that draw it back want to switch from there brand to Mission/ Mathews on draw cycle alone.

A simple design yet handsome compound bow.

Version: 2014 Mission Riot


Pros: Accurate, moderate price and made by Mathews.

Cons: That I am to find out yet.

Full review:

When I shot my Riot in the dealers range a few days ago to test my purchase, the range instructor did not believe it was my first time to shoot a bow...because the three arrows I test shot grouped to an inch at 10 yards. I am impressed. Now, I am planning to get the ballistic.

Great bow for beginners aswell as experts.

Version: 2014 Mission Riot


Pros: Easy to draw back. Very accurate and deadly. Not over priced.

Cons: The string silencers like to move alot! A little heavier than I expected. The grip is a little bulky.

Full review:

Bought this bow in early 2014 definitely a great bow purchase. I wanted something a little on the cheaper side, but was still a good trusting, reliable, dependable bow. Shot hundreds and hundreds of arrows since I got it and everthings holding up great. It still has that new feeling to it.

Shooting the 2014 Riot for about 2 years and estimated 1500 arrows; all target and 3D

Version: 2014 Mission Riot


Pros: Silent, low handshock, easy to adapt weight and drawlenght, easy to handle in the woods for 3D-shooting. Durable string.

Cons: What cons ? No, just kidding. As mentioned by Stephen a few reviews before, the D-string silencers are moving with every shot. Make the control of it a fixed step in your shooting process or replace it by monkey tails (no movement anymore)

Full review:

Bought mine in Austria for a very good price (now more expensive than 2014 !) as a RTS set. As a beginner all the adjustments that can be done to an compoundbow was challenging. But I learned a lot, and the Riot is my favourite bow. Meanwhile I changed all the set-accessories to better stuff (stabi, sight, arrow-rest, peep, silencer). Now and adjusted well, it can measure up (in the field at low distances up to 30yards) with much more expensive FITA-target bows. Did you know that a standard Mathews harmonic stabilizer disc fits in the riser of the Riot ? (the 2014 model) And yes, you can feel the difference, even less vibrations. I like that bow.

Excellent quality, value for money bow. Can't be beat.

Version: 2014 Mission Riot


Pros: Backstop solid and has a great let off. Compact and great as one can adjust poundage from 15-70 pounds without using a bow press.

Cons: Nothing of note.

Full review:

Have mine set at 52.6 pounds and able to shoot 100+ arrows no problem. Grip feels good in hand. Good I.B.O. Specs for a compact bow. Excellent bow made by Matthews one can use for target or hunting purposes.

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