Mission Voyager XT Review

Mission Voyager XT

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  • Fastest Mission bow made with a smooth draw
  • 34-inch axel-to-axel measurement means more stability
  • Offer upgrades to the popular Voyager
  • 80% let off
  • Affordable price


  • Draw length is cam specific
  • Grip tends to be a little thick more some shooters preference
  • May be a bit too expensive for a "budget bow"

Editors' review

The Voyager XT is very similar to the popular Voyager of last year with a few modifications. With an axel-to-axel measurement of 34 inches and a brace height of 7 inches, this bow offers a lot of stability and speed from a smooth drawing single cam capable of IBO speeds up to 330 feet per second. Mission offers all of this at an affordable price. With a few higher end features added to this year's model, shooters will have some high-end options on a lower budget bow.


Mission has designed a new camo pattern unique to the Mission series of bows on some of this year's models. The Mission Voyager XT comes finished in Mission's new Lost Camo AT pattern. The finish option is completed through a dipping process with the end result being a unique, blemish-free look only available on Mission series bows. Designer, Matt McPherson, took the Mathews Lost Camo pattern and tweaked it just a bit by adding a few more layers and colors to the original Lost Camo pattern. The new design uses a variety of colors and backgrounds in an attempt to blend in with its surroundings in all types of settings across North America. The result is a cool looking design not offered by anyone else. Although Mission does carry matching accessories, those looking to purchase after market accessories to match the pattern will have a hard time doing so.


Many of the Mission series bows offer shorter risers. However, the Voyager XT is an exception to this trend. The fully machined aluminum riser is a bit longer than others offered by Mission. With a slightly more aggressive look than the Voyager, the Voyager XT has a few more cutouts making it about a 1/4 of a pound lighter than the previous model. The Voyager XT comes standard with the rear mounting Dead End String Stop System. On the front of the riser, the Voyager comes equipped with a front mounting stabilizer hole directly in line with the string stop system. This helps transfer vibration away from the shooters hand. At the bottom of the riser, shooters will notice a harmonic stabilizer system, used by Mathews, designed to eliminate the majority of residual vibration after the shot. These stabilizers are available in a variety of color options as well. Also new to Voyager XT is the addition of a roller guard instead of the cable guard found on the original Voyager. The roller guard typically aides in energy transfer and a potentially smoother draw cycle for some shooters.


The Voyager XT, like many of the other Mission series bows, comes with a walnut grip. The grip looks very nice with the Lost Camo AT camo pattern. Although the grip may feel bulky to some shooters, those hunting in cold weather conditions will appreciate the added warmth a wooden grip has to offer. The look of the wooden grip positively effects the appearance of the bow making it look like a much more expensive rig.

Limbs and Limb Pockets

The Voyager limb pockets and limbs are put through very rigorous testing to make sure their quality is top notch. Shooters can be comfortable knowing the limbs are going to last a very long time. The limbs are made of a composite fiberglass material designed for strength and durability. The black limb pockets are a composite material as well and break up the camo pattern a bit. Some shooters feel the bow would look nicer, and less cheap, if the limb pockets were dipped as well. Each limb sports the Mission logo, which stands out and looks nice. The limbs have a little more adjustability in terms of poundage on the Voyager XT model this year as well. The maximum weights available for the Voyager XT limbs are 50, 60, and 70 pounds. However, each has a little bit longer range of minimum adjustability than the typical ten-pound increments on the previous models. The 70-pound limbs will adjust down to a minimum weight of 50 pounds, the 60-pound limbs will adjust down to 42 pounds, and the 50-pound limbs will go down to 35 pounds. With the extra adjustability, more shooters will be able to find a draw weight matching their shooting style.

Eccentric System

The Voyager XT shoots a bit faster than the Voyager from last year. The XT advertises IBO speeds up to 330 feet per second, which is decently quick for a smooth single perimeter-weighted cam bow. The draw length is adjustable in half-inch increments from 26-31.5 inches. Very few budget bows are designed for long draw shooters, so those with a little longer draw will be happy for an additional option to choose from. Mission does not have a module draw length system. This means draw length for the Voyager XT is cam specific. While at the pro shop, owners will set the bow up to directly fit your shooting form. However, if for some reason this needs to be changed, new cams will have to be purchased. The good news is relatively speaking; these cams are cheaper than other cam specific draw length bows.

Draw Cycle/Shootability

The Voyager XT is a single cam speed bow using a perimeter weighted cam system. It is a somewhat aggressive draw cycle, although still very smooth and easy on the shoulders. There is not a characteristic hump associated with many of today's speed bows either. With let off up to 80%, shooters will only be holding a fraction of the weight at full draw. The back wall is very solid without any creep forward. Those using the Voyager XT as a hunting bow will be comfortable holding the bow at full draw without the string wanting to move forward. The draw cycle is not the smoothest the Mission line has to offer, but it is also the fastest cam Mission offers. In order to get the speed, it has to come from somewhere and in this case it is a slightly aggressive draw cycle. With that being said, Voyager XT shooters rave about the smooth draw and quiet release.

Silencing Package

The Mission Voyager XT comes equipped with three rubber string stop systems. Two of the string stops are located on each of the limbs near the cam. These rubber stops halt the string from traveling forward and help eliminate noise-causing vibration from the string coming to an abrupt stop. The third string stop system is the Dead End String Stop. This system is mounted in line with the front mounting stabilizer allowing all vibration to be transferred away from the shooters hand and out to the front stabilizer. Aside from this, the Zebra Hybrid strings have string grubbs attached to them to help with noise and vibration as well. The final silencing option available on the Voyager XT is the Harmonic Stabilizer at the bottom of the riser. This dampener is tested to reduce post-release vibration up to 75%. Overall, the Voyager has a shock-free, silent release thanks to all of these added features.

Mission Voyager XT vs. Mission Voyager

BowMission Voyager XTMission Voyager
Version 20132011
PictureMission Voyager XTMission Voyager
Brace Height7 "7 "
AtA Length34 "34 "
Draw Length26 " - 31.5 "26 " - 31.5 "
Draw Weight40 lbs - 70 lbs40 lbs - 70 lbs
IBO Speed330 fps324 fps
Weight4.23 lbs4.23 lbs
Let-Off80% 80%
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The Mission Voyager XT and Voyager are strikingly similar in looks, design, and specifications. The Voyager XT is about a quarter of a pound lighter, and shoots about 7 feet per second quicker. With the exception of the new camo (Lost Camo AT), roller guard, and a factory installed Dead End String Stop; the two bows are virtually identical. Shooters who already own a Mission Voyager may have no reason to purchase the Voyager XT. For those who could not bring themselves to buy the Voyager from last year, the new additions may be a little added incentive to purchase the Voyager XT. However, the Voyager XT's price tag is $50 higher. Ironically, the Dead End String Stop retails for about that. Those looking at a Voyager of a Voyager XT will have to decide if the roller guard, string stop, and new camo pattern is worth the extra $50.

Usage Scenarios

The Voyager XT is a bow that can be used in several different situations. Although somewhat long by today's standards of what a hunting bow looks like, the Voyager XT makes a great hunting bow. The speed and energy produced by this bow combined with a smooth draw and solid back wall make this a great hunting bow option. The 7-inch brace height and 34-inch axel-to-axel measurement is sure to add the stability target shooters crave as well. Although for serious competition shooters a better option may be available, the Voyager XT does have a lot to offer in this area as well.

Price considerations

The Mission Voyager XT is the most expensive bow offered in the Mission line to date. Although the bow comes standard with lots of high-end features like: a walnut grip, a unique camo pattern designed for Mission by Mathews, a string stop system, and a harmonic dampener shooters will have to determine if they are willing to pay the $699 MSRP price. For roughly another $100 shooters may be more interested in purchasing a high-end bow instead. For many shooters on a budget, the Mission Voyager XT is a bit overpriced. There are many great options available with a lower price tag. However, for those wanting a bow with high-end features and a smaller price tag, the Voyager XT truly has a lot to offer its shooters.


The Voyager XT is the most expensive bow made by Mission to date. With that being said, it has a lot of high-end features not available on many of today's budget bows. With Mission's longest available axel-to-axel measurement, a forgiving brace height, more adjustable limbs, and draw lengths ranging from 26- 31.5 inches, the Voyager has a lot to offer a lot of people. The biggest downfall seems to be the price, which is stuck between the most expensive budget bow and the least inexpensive high-end bow. The Voyager was designed with all types of shooting in mind. Those who want a dual purpose bow for hunting in the fall and competition in the winter and summer may have a great option available to them in the Mission Voyager XT.

User Reviews

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Excellent mix for hunting and 3D for us taller guys who are 6'4" to 6'8".

Version: 2013 Mission Voyager XT


Pros: Stable, smooth, quiet and priced reasonable for all you get.

Cons: Adjustablity would be better if not cam specific

Full review:

After conducting two months of research by speaking with hunters, 3D shooters, shop staff and reading online reviews and blogs; the VXT was sellected to be a canidate for consideration. Stability, smoothness, noise, size, speed and long draw length were the parameters. Price was also a factor, as I was not willing to break the bank for what I was going to consider a tool for mostly hunting. After a hands on test, the VXT was purchased. The only regrets are from the deer in my area and the center of my target.

Absolutely love my VXT

Version: 2013 Mission Voyager XT


Pros: Very smooth draw for a speed bow
Incredibly quiet
Dead in hand
With the right style it is deadly accurate
Incredibly quick
Comfortable to shoot

Cons: Gets heavy after a day of walking after impala

Full review:

With the current exchange rate things can get expensive here and I wanted a bow that could hang with all the big boys without that major price tag only the big boys can afford, so I purchased a mission voyager XT. WOW!! I absolutely fell in love with the bow. It's my go to bow for a day at the range or for a weekend hunt, and for good reason. It's a good quality bow and you can feel it from the moment you first pick it up, it doesn't feel flimsy or rushed. No it feels durable and very comfortable. Shooting it is a dream, smooth draw cycle for such a fast bow, solid wall and a wicked let-off set the stage for one of the best mid class bows to date. The bow does produce some noise but it's so little that at 50 yards an impala doesn't even think of string jumping and combined with the speed this bow shoots at Makes for a deadly package. The bow has virtually no recoil whatsoever and even less vibration thanx to it's string stops and harmonic stabilizer. One drawback for the bow must be it's size, it's large axle to axle length make it tricky to find comfortable shots when cramped in thick brush or a small hide and its slightly heavier weight ads up after time, especially when tracking through thick bushveld when it's a blistering 32*.
All in all it's a great bow for the price, it's fast, smooth and quiet and it doesn't just hang with the big boys it gives them a run for their money

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