Mission Voyager Review

Mission Voyager

Average user rating

Mission Voyager Review5.053 out of 3 user reviews


  • Fastest Mission bow made with a smooth draw
  • A longer axel-to-axel bow with a 7 inch brace height means a forgivable shot
  • A great multi-purpose bow that can be used for hunting or competition
  • 80% let off
  • Affordable price


  • Cam specific draw length
  • Walnut grip is a little thick for some shooters

Editors' review

The Voyager takes the Mission line of primarily compact bows and stretches the axel-to-axel measurement to 34 inches. Keeping a forgiving brace height of 7 inches combined with Mission's fastest cam ever producing up to 323 feet per second results in an exceptional hunting bow. With higher end features like a walnut grip, string grubs, and dual string suppressors, the Mission Voyager proves to be a great hunting bow with a decent price tag.


The Mission Voyager sports a few blemish free finish options depending on how the shooter plans to use the rig. The first finish option is the Mission standard Realtree Max4 HD camo pattern for those using the bow for hunting purposes. Those interested in blind hunting or target shooting may be interested in the black option as well. For those shooters interested in using the Voyager as a target bow, Mission offers Blueberry or Black Cherry finishes similar to those of the Mathews target bow finishes as well.


The Voyager offers the longest riser available in the Mission bow series. The reflexed aluminum riser is CNC machined to eliminate unneeded weight while maintaining strength and stability. A patented harmonic dampener comes standard at the bottom of the riser to reduce after the shot vibration. Also standard is a front and rear mounting stabilizer hole for a counter weight stabilizer in the front and a string suppressor in the rear. It would be nice if the Voyager came with the Mathews Dead End String Stop, but it is an optional upgrade.


Similar to the rest of the Mission line, the Voyager comes with a somewhat blocky grip. Although it fits nice in most shooters hands, the feel of the bulky grip may be hard for some shooters to get used to. However, the grip is a nicely finished walnut grip adding a high-end look typically reserved for bows with a much larger price tag.

Limbs and Limb Pockets

The Voyager limbs are available in ten-pound increments ranging from 40-70 pounds. The limbs are made of a composite fiberglass material sporting the Mission logo. The limb pockets are made of a composite material that forms the pivoting pocket. Some shooters note the black limb pocket breaks up the look of the camo and gives a cheap look to the overall design of the bow. Although this has no impact on functionality of the bow, some shooters do not like the overall look. Mission, like Mathews rigorously tests their limbs and limb pockets to withstand the most extreme strength test. Shooters can be comfortable knowing the product they are using is sure to last a very long time.

Eccentric System

The Voyager is equipped with the fastest single cam ever put on a Mission bow. With a maximum IBO speed of 323 feet per second, this cam proves to be a smooth shooting speed cam. Although the Voyager bow is cam specific, it does offer a wide range of adjustability. Draw length can be adjusted in half-inch increments from 26-31.5 inches. The good news is that shooters will leave the dealer with a perfect fitting draw length, the draw specific cam only becomes an issue if a shooter wishes to change draw length after purchasing. The only way to change the draw length is to purchase a new cam, which is not super expensive; but it is an added expense to keep in mind.

Draw Cycle/Shootability

The Mission Voyager is a relatively fast perimeter weighted single cam speed bow, and with that comes a slightly more aggressive draw cycle. Although the draw cycle is a bit more aggressive than the rest of the Mission line, the draw is very smooth and offers a great valley and an 80% let-off. The back wall is extremely solid, and there will be absolutely no creep or fighting this bow to stay at full draw. Many speed bows are plagued with the infamous "creep" forward making it hard to remain at full draw. The Voyager does not have this typical characteristic of speed bows. Although the bow is a little top heavy in the hand, at full draw it comes to rest in a balanced position. Shooters willing to pull a little more aggressive drawing cam will more than likely be impressed with the improved speed as a trade off.

Silencing Package

Mission offers a great rubber string suppressor on the top and bottom cams of their bows, which stops the string from continuing its travel too far forward, and eliminates string vibration. Along with the string suppressors, the Voyage also incorporates string grubs that can be seen on higher end Mathews bows as well. The riser also sports a harmonic dampener hole at the bottom of the riser designed to eliminate post string vibration up to 75%. As an added option to the already effective silencing package featured on the Mission Voyager comes the Dead End String Stop. The Dead End string suppressor is an optional sting stop system that adds to the string suppressors to eliminate any hand shock left from the other dampening devices.

Mission Voyager vs. Mathews Reezen 7.0

The Mission Voyager has some similar characteristics to the Mathews Reezen 7.0. Both bows come with the optional target or hunting finishes, which speaks for the versatility of these two models. Both bows are factory equipped with the same vibration dampeners: string grubs, string suppressor on the top and bottom cam, a harmonic dampener, and a mounting hole for a rear mounting string stop system. The Voyager is two inches longer axel-to-axel and slightly heavier, although the extra weight is barely noticeable. The Reezen has a little more adjustability in terms of draw weight and draw length ranges as compared to the Voyager, with the Reezen being able to get limbs from 40-70 pounds and having the ability to adjust the draw length from 24.5-30.5.

The Voyager, although it is the fastest bow in the Mission line is just a touch slower than the Mathews Reezen 7.0, which reports an IBO speed of 335 feet per second as compared to the Voyager's 323 IBO rating. Both bows offer a silky smooth draw for an aggressive single cam speed system. Shooters who have shot both bows will notice less vibration with the Voyager after the shot as well. With the Reezen being more than $250 more expensive, some shooters may be tempted for the better value in the Mission Voyager.
Bow Mission Voyager Mathews Reezen 7.0
Version 2011 2010
Picture Mission Voyager Mathews Reezen 7.0
Brace Height 7 " 7 "
AtA Length 34 " 32 "
Draw Length 26 " - 31.5 " 24.5 " - 30.5 "
Draw Weight 40 lbs - 70 lbs 40 lbs - 70 lbs
IBO Speed 324 fps 335 fps
Weight 4.23 lbs 4.1 lbs
Let-Off 80% 80%
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Usage Scenarios

The Voyager is a multipurpose bow that can be used as a hunting bow or a target/3d bow. The longer 34 inch axel-to-axel measurement offers the stability target shooters look for. Combined with a 7-inch brace height and speeds reaching 323 feet per second, shooters will find this bow to be a great one for various reasons. Although the Voyager offers some potential to be a target bow, serious competitive shooters may find a better option available. As a hunting bow, the Voyager is very appealing. The forgiving 7-inch brace height and respectable speeds are great options for a hunting bow. Some shooters feel the 34-inch axel-to-axel measurement may be a bit long for the avid blind hunter, but the added stability may be what some shooters are looking for.

Value for the Money

The Mission Voyager is an affordable bow although it is the most expensive bow in the Mission line. The MSRP price of $649 puts the Voyager as one of the highest priced "budget bows" available. Although the Voyager offers a bunch of high-end features, and is still cheaper than higher end bows, potential buyers will have to decide if the value is worth the added frills that come standard on this bow. The bottom line is this bow shoots like a bow that is priced hundreds of dollars higher, however those looking for a great valued bow may find a better alternative.


The Voyager is the fastest Mission bow ever produced. The higher end features are a great addition to this budget bow although the price is a bit higher than some other budget bows available. For shooters willing to trade a slightly aggressive draw for some added feet per second, they will find this to be an appealing option. The fit and finish options, including some target colors, combined with a walnut grip make the bow look like a higher end bow. With a forgiving 7-inch brace height, a 34-inch axel-to-axel measurement, and speeds up to 323 feet per second the Voyager is designed with all uses in mind. Although the Voyager feels a bit top heavy at 4.45 pounds, at full draw it feels balanced and comfortable. Despite these minor negatives, shooters looking for a smooth drawing single cam speed bow at a decent price should be impressed with the Mission Voyager.
Mission Voyager Review5.053

User Reviews

  • 3 reviews
  • ( out of 3 reviews for all versions)
  1. A great bow for the money

    Version: 2010 Mission Voyager


    Pros: Just an excellent bow for the money. Shoots great, smooth, easy to use, any accesory fits on it and light. It’s also very very quiet when shooting and easy to carry.

    Cons: None that I can think of.

    Full review:
    2010 Mission Voyager. 28" draw, 60 lb limbs (rolls over @56lbs right now,goes up to 63 lbs). I have an STS string stop on it, Alpine quiver,TruGlo 4 pin sights, Trophy Taker drop away rest, peep sight of unknown brand,release loop and an Allen wirst strap. For arrows I’m shooting 29" Gold Tip Trophy Hunter HP 8.6gpi 400 spine with 100 grain tips. I use a Tru-Fire Bulldog release. I’m told by a couple bow shops the real world speed of my bow is in the high 280/low 290’s fps range.

    I was getting back into archery after a long time away from it and a first time bow hunter. I still have my old Pearson from the early 80’s. I bought an older Bear compound (circa 1990) and started shooting with it. My father in law came across this bare Mission Voyager on clearance at the begining of 2011. He got me an unbeatable price on the bow. I bought all the equipment for it and my brother in law used his many years of experiance and set it up.

    Right out of the box I knew it was light years ahead of my old Bear. It’s very smooth and quiet. My shooting ability went from having a hard time keeping my groups below 6" to shooting consistant 2" groups @20 yards and hitting the vital areas out to 40 yards. I’m not that great of a shot with a bow but I have an easier time shooting this bow than my old Bear. I shot it at many video shoots, a couple 3d courses and wore out a cube target. The 2nd week of archey season I managed to harvest a deer with it @25 yards.

    I would think that this would be a great bow for anyone who is done growing physically (since to change draw length, you’d need a different cam)that is a beginner or has been shooting a long time. It’s a good solid value in a bow that should last a long time with proper care.

  2. near perfection , for the money

    Version: 2010 Mission Voyager


    Pros: spot on accurate,quite,dead in had on the release,and fast enough for anything,back wall is solid,and the longer ATA holds solid,I shoot this bow well,( like 10 maxima hunters into 3-3.5" at 65 yards with slick trick brodheads well )

    Cons: the only thing I dont like about it is the draw cycle , it is hard ( all speed cams are ) cant really complain about it , I knew it before I got it

    Full review:
    if your looking for a hunting bow , at a good price , this is it . I was looking for a Mathews Reezen when I ran across this one at a deal , I have a Z7 extreme , never liked it , to short , boy was I glad I bought this bow. It is great , quiet , smooth , shock free , shoots like a million , Ive been bow hunting for over 30 years , and I have had them all , hoyt , bowtec, diamond , bear , pse , mathews , ross , yes ALL of them , and for the money the Mission cant be beat. It is a deer killing machine. ( and the occasional coyote , the last one was at 81 yards) try one and see , there is a big difference between a 34" ATA bow and the short bows everyone is making now. This bow holds like an extension of your body , and when u release an arrow its just a tiny shoop sound and smack when it hits the target. My set up is a slightly extended downforce rest ( shooting a 26 5/8" arrow and 29" draw) 100 grain slick tricks , a vibrocheck stabilizer , HHA 5519 sight, and a good old quickie quiver, ( I remove it when on stand ) the bow is shooting 313 through the chrony , that is blazing fast in the real world with hunting arrows , and if i do everything right on my end it will put target arrows into tiny clusters out to 85 yards ( practice at the long shots make the 40 yard hunting shot EASY ) give one a try , there right , and so is the price

  3. This is a very quiets bow.easy to handle and looks great.

    Version: 2011 Mission Voyager


    Pros: Everything about this bow really impressed me.lightweight and fun to shoot.the best thing I liked about this bow was the price and the quietness of it.I added the mathews dead end stop also.

    Cons: Nothing bad to say about this bow so far.

    Full review:
    Really love this bow.best one I’ve ever owned and I would recommend it for any one who loves to hunt or just for fun shooting or competition.great bow.love the quality of this bow.shoots easy and very fast.very accurate too.I also love the walnut grips on this bow they are really nice.great feel in the hand and levels out perfect.super bow for the money.

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