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Mission X4 Review4.051 out of 1 user review


Mission X4 Review4.051

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  1. For the money it’s tough to beat the Mission Bows from Mathews.

    Version: 2007 Mission X4


    Pros: Butter Smooth Draw, Rock Solid Feel, Good speed for a single cam bow.

    Cons: Only 65% Letoff, A little on the heavy side.

    Full review:
    The Mission line of bows from Mathews have the same high standards as the $1000 bows for half the price. When Mathews is ready to retire a technology from their line and come out with something different a new Mission Bow is born.

    Basically a Mission is a 1-2 year old Mathews. All the quality craftsmanship that is in the Mathews line can be seen in the Mission X4. First look at the bow will show you a beautiful hardwood grip, flawless finish and the looks and lines of a top of the line Mathews.

    Drawing the bow is butter smooth, the transition from the max weight into the valley is hardly noticeable due to the bow’s 65% let off. The drawback to this ultra smooth pull is there is no room for creep at all. You let up just a little and the bow wants to go.

    When firing there is very little noise or hand shock and the bow appears to be very fast, I don’t have actual readings on it because I lack the equipment to do so. When at full draw the bow settles in very nice and seems rock steady.

    Overall I was extremely impressed with the quality bow I got for the money and would recommend the Mission line to anybody looking for a great lower cost hunting bow.

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