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Obsession Addiction
Editor review:

With enough speed, camo options, and a quiet shot, this bow meets the standards of archers of all experience levels looking to head for the woods. However, with bright colors, customizable combinations, and features of a high end target bow, this compound can be the dream of archers simply looking to stack arrow upon arrow in targets around the country. For right around $800, this superior compound from Obsession Bows can be ordered fully to your liking and shipped to your door either by hunting season or by the date of your next tournament. The Addiction from Obsession Bows is a perfect example of their success and will continue to be one of their most appealing models for the future; with speed, shootability, and extreme quietness, there isn't much more to ask for in a modern high performance compound... read full review

User reviews:
  • Smooth, quiet,accurate and very forgiving. A total tack... by Greg Kurtz from Milwaukee

Obsession Addiction Specifications

4 versions

Manufactured: 2012 - 2015 (4 versions, specs changed)

Latest version: 2015 Obsession Addiction

Brace Height 7 "
Axle to Axle Length 34 "
Draw Length 28 " - 31.5 "
Draw Weight 30 lbs - 80 lbs
IBO Speed 337 fps
Weight 4.2 lbs
Let-Off 80%
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