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    Pink Parker SideKick XP Compound Bow Package RH 30-50 lb 18"-28" Draw Lady youth
    Seller: eBay
    Price: $169.00
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    Pink Parker SideKick XP Compound Bow Package RH 30-50 lb 18"-28" Draw Lady youth
    Seller: eBay
    Price: $169.99
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    Parker Side-Kick Extreme Compound Bow Package Right Hand Pink Camo Set Up!!
    Seller: eBay
    Price: $179.99
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  • Parker SideKick Review

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    Editor review:
    Parker has designed a bow specifically for youth and women that has the same quality and technologies as their best-selling adult bows... the Sidekick Extreme. This rig has a smooth draw with very little break-over at transition, and only a little vibration. The outfitted package with peep, rest, quiver, and string stop can be purchase for only $359. This is about $100 less than similar bows.With two weight ranges of limbs, and ten inches of draw length adjustment, this is a very good bow for the beginner and the youth. The lighter set of limbs can be adjusted to 40#, which is more than enough for younger archers. It offers the perfect combination of mechanics to learn proper technique and get the feel of the "bigger bow feel" for when they get older. Women will have to find what weight they shoot at and decide which limbs they will need, whether maxing out the lighter limbs, or turning the heavy set all the way back. It is also an excellent bow for women, or even men with smaller hands as a good bow. The versatility of this bow makes it a good choice... read full review
    User reviews:
    • it is a smooth quiet shooting bow, compact by Brendan Cummings from North Branch, Michigan
  • Parker SideKick Specifications

    7 versions
    Manufactured: 2008 - 2013 (7 versions, specs changed)
    Latest version: 2013 Parker SideKick Extreme
    Brace Height 7.625 "
    Axle to Axle Length 31 "
    Draw Length 18 " - 28 "
    Draw Weight 20 lbs - 60 lbs
    IBO Speed 270 fps
    Weight 3.25 lbs
    Let-Off 70%
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