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Parker SideKick

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Parker SideKick Review5.051 out of 1 user review


  • Comes in right and left hand models
  • Two sets of limb choices; 20# - 40# and 40# - 60#
  • Very smooth draw
  • Draw length adjustable from 18" - 28"
  • Versatile
  • Easily adjustable draw weight and length
  • Good speed for a youth bow at 270 fps when maxed out


  • Only available in two camo schemes
  • Bow does have some vibration; requires stabilizer with vibration dampening, limb dampeners, string silencers
  • Since designed for youth and women, segregates a larger population of archers

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Editors' review

The Parker Sidekick Extreme was designed for the young shooter and women archers. It is versatile and has room to grow with the shooter. It comes with Parker's lifetime warranty. Parker also offers a "Grow Up with Parker Program" allowing the shooter to start off at the lower poundages of the 20# - 40# limbs and learn the proper techniques without the bad habits that normally come with shooting "too much bow." When the shooter grows out of it, the bow can be shipped back to Parker for a new set of limbs for a mere $50, eliminating the need to purchase a complete new bow. There is little this rig is lacking considering in a youth bow.


This bow comes in either Next G-1 camo and pink camo. The finish is a basic film dipped finish. It is not uncommon to find blemishes on the riser, and even find marks left from the machining process show through the finish. The string and cable set are perfectly matched to this bow, and both are well served and the serving does not separate.


This rig comes with a machined aluminum riser with 12 large cut-out vents helping reduce the weight. The riser also holds the string suppressor which reduces most residual vibration the bow may carry. With a pair of XP Extreme solid parallel limbs, this bow has a 31" axle-to-axle. The limbs are designed just like the Parker line of larger-framed bows, and allows for ten inches of draw length adjustments without a bow press. The bow also can be ordered with one of two limb sets, either 20# - 40# or 40# - 60. The draw length can be adjusted with only the use of an allen wrench, and can be adjusted from 18" to 28" in half-inch increments. Simply loosen the module and rotate it to the same mark on each cam and tighten down. The draw weight is set at the peak weight of the limb set at the factory and can easily be adjusted downward by using a 3/16" allen wrench. The draw weight is adjusted without a bow press simply by turning the limb bolts. It is important to turn each limb bolt an equal number of turns to ensure cam timing is unaffected. As stated above, each set of limbs offers 20 pounds of draw weight adjustments.

Other Components

This rig can be ordered from the standard out-of-the-box configuration, to the complete ready-to-hunt package depending on the company used for the purchase. Out-of-the-box, this bow usually comes only with a string suppressor and a wrist sling, but the outfitter package also comes with either a Hostage Capture Rest or a Whisker Biscuit, 3-pin sight, peep sight, and a Parker 4-arrow quiver. The site and quiver are not of very high quality, but are functional.The riser is built with a two-piece walnut wood grain grip. This grip is perfectly finished and enhances the appearance of the bow. The grip has very nice contours that make it very comfortable while virtually eliminating bow torque. The grip is slimmer than most and is designed to fit women and youth shooters very well.

Eccentric System

This bow comes with a dual cam system that is a crucial component in the creation of the 270 fps IBO from this rig. The cams also house the adjustable module to provide the ten inches of draw length adjustments. The draw length of this bow can be adjusted from 18" to 28."

Draw Cycle/Shootability

The Sidekick Extreme can be purchased with two sets of limbs that will be the determining factor for draw weight. Whatever limb set ordered for the bow will provide the same shootability for the archer. The dual cam system is not aggressive and allows for a smooth draw from start to finish. With an 80 percent let-off, the bow can be held steady regardless of the level of experience of the shooter. Although the shooter can feel the draw weight increase slightly as they pull the bow back. The draw never gets hard, and does not have a harsh transition point This ensures it is very shootable for the intended shooting population. The solid riser, capped with the non-pivoting limb pockets, the solid-piece limbs, and the dual cam system are the right combination of parts to make shooting this bow enjoyable for those who choose to shoot it. Many archers recommend this bow as a solid youth bow. Most women that have shot it, love it. Some have even traded their high-end bows for the Sidekick Extreme.

Silencing Package

This rig comes with an adjustable string suppressor and some limb silencing technologies, but that is pretty much it. Using a heavier arrow will provide some dampening, but will also cost the shooter in the form of speed. With a couple of string spiders, the addition of a pair of limb dampeners, and a stabilizer with vibration dampening qualities this bow will be ready to hunt. Out of the box, it is mediocre as far as quietness goes.


Bow Parker SideKick Diamond Infinite Edge
Version 2013 Extreme 2014
Picture Parker SideKick Diamond Infinite Edge
Brace Height 7.625 " 7 "
AtA Length 31 " 31 "
Draw Length 18 " - 28 " 13 " - 30 "
Draw Weight 20 lbs - 60 lbs 5 lbs - 70 lbs
IBO Speed 270 fps 310 fps
Weight 3.25 lbs 3.1 lbs
Let-Off 70% 75%
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The Parker Sidekick Extreme is fairly similar to the Diamond Infinite Edge, but those similarities are slight. Where the Diamond offers 13" - 30" draw length, the Parker only offers 18" - 28." The Diamond also offers a draw weight of five to 70# with a single set of limbs, and the Parker goes from 20# - 40# or 40# - 60# and requires a change of limbs to get there. The Parker is designed for women and youth archers. Both bows are very good bows. Each grow with the shooter and can go from target/3D shooting to the stand with no problems. The Parker is designed for women and youth archers, while the Diamond is designed to grow with the archer regardless whether man, woman, or child. The Parker is a very accurate bow with a smooth draw and is very easy to shoot. The Parker is also between $50 and $100 cheaper, depending on which package is ordered, which makes it a very good bow for the beginning shooter or the woman that wants to shoot but doesn't want one of the high priced bows. Parker also offers the "Grow Up with Parker Program" which allows the shooter to have the heavier set of limbs installed for only $50 instead of having to spend $300 or more for a new bow .

Usage Scenarios

Although this rig was designed for women and youth archers, it is versatile. It is a very good entry level bow and can enhance the shooters ability on the 3D course or in the back yard hitting a bag. It is also more than capable of moving from field tips to broadheads and moving into the ground blind or tree stand. With a 31" axle-to-axle and a 7 5/8" brace height, it is a perfect fit for either.


The Parker Sidekick Extreme retails between $300 and $350. The bow is very shootable and does grow with the shooter, so they would not be required to buy a new bow every other year to keep shooting. It is a middle of the road priced bow, but because it is designed for women and youth it segregates itself from a large portion of the marketplace.


Parker has designed a bow specifically for youth and women that has the same quality and technologies as their best-selling adult bows... the Sidekick Extreme. This rig has a smooth draw with very little break-over at transition, and only a little vibration. The outfitted package with peep, rest, quiver, and string stop can be purchase for only $359. This is about $100 less than similar bows.With two weight ranges of limbs, and ten inches of draw length adjustment, this is a very good bow for the beginner and the youth. The lighter set of limbs can be adjusted to 40#, which is more than enough for younger archers. It offers the perfect combination of mechanics to learn proper technique and get the feel of the "bigger bow feel" for when they get older. Women will have to find what weight they shoot at and decide which limbs they will need, whether maxing out the lighter limbs, or turning the heavy set all the way back. It is also an excellent bow for women, or even men with smaller hands as a good bow. The versatility of this bow makes it a good choice.
Parker SideKick Review5.051

User Reviews

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  1. it is a smooth quiet shooting bow, compact

    Version: 2008 Parker SideKick XP


    Pros: interchangeable limbs and the limbs go from 20-40 and 40-60, compact bow

    Cons: no cons at all

    Full review:
    Ive had this bow since i was ten years old and im fifteen now, i have shot three or four deer with it so far, i have had no complaints, just got new limbs for it the 40-60 package and was told that i am going to need new cables and strings, but after 5 years that is to be expected, i think this is a great bow that will last a young boy into his teen years, shoots quiet, we put it on a chronograph at 55 pounds with a 340 grain arrow with 100 grain field point and it shot 200 fps not to bad had a heavy arrwow, i have no complaints for this bow, and i think it is a great long term investment i am going to wack a big buck this year.

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