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Parker Wildfire

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  • One of the lightest adult bows available at 3.65 pounds.
  • Forgiving brace height of 7.75-inches
  • Bare bow suggested price is $399.95


  • The 310 feet per second velocity could be faster


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Editors' review

Parker has taken one of their most popular bow models and made it lighter and faster producing the Wildfire Extreme. This bow tips the scales at a mere 3.65 making it one of the lightest adult bows on the market. Although the 310 feet per second velocity is a little slow by today's standards, the $399 price tag makes the Wildfire Extreme super affordable and a very good value. Those just getting in to archery or not looking to spend tons of money on a new bow should give this bow a test shot.


Parker offers one finish option on the Wildfire Extreme and that is Next G-1 camo. This pattern gives the bow a unique look with the colors sure to blend in to most hunters' surroundings. The bow does not have many cutouts, but the dipping process seems to get to all areas visible to shooters. With no flaws, and a hardwood grip, the bow looks like it belongs in the woods.


At first glance, the riser has minimal cutouts suggestion a heavier overall mass. However, with the Wildfire Extreme, that is not the case. This bow is light. Most bows on the market today have riser designs that add to the overall appeal of the bow. The Wildfire Extreme has three larger cutouts and a few circle cutouts, but overall it looks much different than most on the market. The bow has a mounting hole on the front of the riser for shooters interested in adding a stabilizer. Directly behind this hole is a rear mounting string stop system. This string suppressor is adjustable, so it can be set at different lengths to match the shooters style. The cable slide is traditional cable slide as opposed to the roller guard some other Parker models feature. Also attached to the riser is an integrated wrist sling. Those wanting to feel more comfortable with an open grip will have the confidence of the bow staying after the shot.


Parker chose to use the 2-piece Walnut finish grip on the Wildfire Extreme. This dark stained grip looks really great next to the Next G-1 Camo pattern. The grip does not feel to bad sitting in the shooters hand, but there are more comfortable grips on the market. Most shooters will appreciate how the grip is a nice mix between thick and thin making it an easy adjustment from another style grip with a slightly different size. With the Wildfire Extreme being designed as a hunting bow, the wooden grip will be a little warmer than some other grips available, which will be nice sitting in a treestand in November.


Parker uses Extreme Parallel limb technology giving the bow an aggressive look at full draw. Limbs are available in 50-60 pounds and 60-70 pounds. With red decals sporting the Wildfire Extreme logo, the bow does look fairly appealing as well.

Eccentric System

The simplistically designed Wildfire cam powers the bow at a speed of 310 feet per second. This is not a very fast speed using today's standards, but it is enough to hunt most North American big game species. The single cam is fully adjustable between 26-31-inches with an included module system. The 80% let off helps aid shooters holding the bow for a longer period of time. Shooters are also able to adjust the draw stop giving a more personal feel to the draw cycle being able to adjust the valley of the bow a bit. The Wildfire single cam has some really nice features only expected on higher end models. This adjustability is a nice addition for such an inexpensive model.

Draw Cycle/Shootability

The Wildfire Extreme is a super shooter offering a 7.75-inch brace height. The bow is not too fast, but shooters will appreciate the longer brace height offered as a trade off for speed. The Wildfire Cam is almost completely circular in looks creating a smooth draw cycle. The valley can be tweaked for a longer or a shorter feel by moving the draw stop post. This feature is a really nice addition for such an inexpensive bow. The back wall is pretty solid, and the 80% let off makes it easy to hold at full draw for extended periods of time. After the shot, there is a little hand vibration and string noise. Adding string silencers and a stabilizer will take care of most vibrations making it a little quieter to shoot as well. Although adding string silencers to the string will slow the bow down a little bit, eliminating some of the vibration will be worth it for many shooters. The vibration is not a deal breaker, and can be fixed relatively inexpensively.

Parker Wildfire Extreme vs. Parker Velocity

BowParker WildfireParker Velocity
Version 2012 Extreme2013
PictureParker WildfireParker Velocity
Brace Height7.75 "7.25 "
AtA Length32 "30.125 "
Draw Length26 " - 31 "26 " - 31 "
Draw Weight50 lbs - 70 lbs50 lbs - 70 lbs
IBO Speed310 fps315 fps
Weight3.65 lbs4.15 lbs
Let-Off80% 80%
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The Wildfire Extreme and the Velocity are very close in terms of specifications. The Extreme is a little longer axel-to axel, lighter, and sports a longer brace height. However, the split-limb Velocity has some higher end upgrades and has a more modern appearance. Although the models are priced the same, shooters will have to choose between the looks of the Parker Velocity of the forgiveness of the Wildfire Extreme.

Parker Outfitter Package

Parker offers the Wildfire Extreme fully rigged with the Outfitter Package for those interested in a fully set-up bow. Shooters have the option between a Hostage rest or a Whisker biscuit, a four arrow quick detach quiver, a nock point, an angled peep sight, and a three pin fiber optic sight all for only $100. For those wanting the accessory selection process simplified, the Outfitter Package gives shooters everything they need to get started.

Usage Scenarios

This bow is designed as a hunting bow. At 32-inches axel-to-axel and a 7.75-inch brace height, the Wildfire Extreme is a really nice shooting bow at an even better price. Archers just getting in to hunting or on a strict budget will love the customization options available on the Wildfire Extreme. Shooters wanting a target bow have better options available to them. As a budget minded hunting bow, the Parker Wildfire Extreme has some high end options making it a really great option.


For those or a strict budget or just getting in to archery, the Wildfire Extreme is a super bow. Although there are faster single cam bows, the 7.75-inch brace height combined with an 80% let off makes this bow easy to shoot and very forgiving. For $399 bare bow or $499 fully set up, the Extreme is one of the best values available and will not disappoint in accuracy or performance. The Wildfire Extreme is also one of the lightest adult bows produced. Archers in the market for a bow under $500 should give the Wildfire Extreme a chance and see if it right for them.

User Reviews

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The best The best buy for the money.

Version: 2012 Parker Wildfire Extreme


Pros: Good overall quality reasonably priced. Great Bow for the novice OR pro Bow Hunter.

Cons: No cons to be found.

Full review:

Overall good feeling right out of the box. A little fine tuning, and some practice, and you are ready to target shoot or hunt. Light weight ,great feel.A better Bow for the money and having these features and quality, would be hard to find.

pretty good bow for the money

Version: 2012 Parker Wildfire Extreme


Pros: quality made, durable, quiet, cheap

Cons: hard to sight in, and is picky towards what kind of arrows it likes to shoot

Full review:

it is a pretty good bow, even though it is hard to sight in and it likes to be picky as to what kind of arrows it likes, it stays sighted in well even after it rode in the bed of a truck without a case on it.

Nice draw easy to change mods. Perfect for the shooting lane or a tree stand.

Version: 2009 Parker Wildfire XP


Pros: Quick change mods allow the adjustments of draw lengths and the shootability is top notch I love this bow.Forgiving riser makes the average hunter shine you will not be let down.

Cons: Slower than most but with the right set up to fit your style this bow is GREAT!!!

Full review:

50-60 Lbs ***63Lbs 29" Draw Tubed Peep ( I know just for added FPS ) 9" Stabilizer Custom Strings and sling (Neo Green/Flo Orange) Limb savers and BowJax knuckle saver (Neon Green) Beaman 28"1/4 (center of riser) Bone Collector SHWACKER broadheads 100g 2" Vanes

Great bow for the price.

Version: 2009 Parker Wildfire XP


Pros: Light and compact. Pretty forgiving for an affordable bow. Powerful enough to get the job done.

Cons: Could be faster.

Full review:

This was my first compound bow and still my bow after 6 years of steady use. I've killed many big and small game animals with it. The somewhat low IBO speed has not been an issue. It shoots accurate out to 50 yards. Light and compact which works great in a blind or in a tree stand. My Parker Wildfire Extreme was a great purchase and very affordable. If it aint broke...don't fixi it!

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