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Version2014 PSE Prophecy2013 PSE Bow Madness 3G
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PSE ProphecyPSE Bow Madness 3G
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2014 PSE Prophecy2013 PSE Bow Madness 3G
Brace Height6 "7 "
AtA Length32 "33.125 "
Draw Length25 " - 30 "25 " - 30 "
Draw Weight40 lbs - 70 lbs40 lbs - 70 lbs
IBO Speed332 fps - 340 fps322 fps - 330 fps
Weight4.1 lbs4.5 lbs
Let-Off75% 75%
Editor reviews
PSE ProphecyPSE Bow Madness 3G
Summary review written by our editors.

A single cam producing 340 feet per second is worth a test shot even if speed is not the most desirable thing. The Prophecy features some great technology for a mainline bow and should appeal to those interested in a new hunting bow for 2013. The ease of adjustability without a press or needing to buy parts makes the bow user friendly and easy to work on for those who like to tweak. The draw is a little more aggressive than other single cams, and it may take some time to get used to the 75% let off as compared with the 80% most bows come with. However, hunters owe it to themselves to give this bow a shot, especially for the $699 price tag. Read full review...

The Bowmadness 3g is very appealing on paper and shoots just as well. The shock free release and IBO speeds of 330 feet per second have a lot to offer all archery shooters. With a long riser and forgiving brace height, the Bowmadness holds very well at full draw and is one of the most shock free bows available in 2012. There may be a few single cam bows with an easier draw cycle, but those interested in speed will be willing to make the trade off. With an MSRP price of $599, it will be hard to find a better shooting bow at a lower price. The 3g performs as well as bows priced much higher. For shooters interested in a truly multipurpose bow that can be used as a target bow as well as a hunting bow may not need to look any further than the Bowmadness 3g. Read full review...

PSE ProphecyPSE Bow Madness 3G
  • One of the fastest single cam bows ever at 340 feet per second
  • Draw length adjustable in half inch increments from 25-30 inches without swapping cams or buying modules
  • MSRP price of $699
  • Forgiving 7-inch brace height
  • Fast single cam speed of over 330
  • One of the most shock free bows of 2012
  • Inner lock cam system for easy, bow press free draw length adjustability with no extra parts or price required
  • Can be used as a hunting bow and a target bow
PSE ProphecyPSE Bow Madness 3G
  • Draw cycle may be a little aggressive for some
  • May be a little heavy at 4.3 pounds
  • Draw cycle may be a little aggressive for some
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PSE Prophecy
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PSE Bow Madness 3G
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  • It's quiet, has a smooth draw for the speed, and is stable at full draw.
    by Derek Honaas from Swampeast Missouri
  • By far the best PSE ever!
    by Tim Bambulas from Central Illinois
  • Vibration free smooth shooter with one little hill to climb
    by Robert J. Teuel from Philadelphia, PA
  • Fast and forgiving. Target or hunting this bow gets it done, really a balanced package.
    by Ken Waddill from Arizona
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PSE ProphecyPSE Bow Madness 3G
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