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Bear Agenda 7

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  • Fast, accurate, and quiet
  • Solid shooting platform
  • Easily adjustable


  • Does not grab much attention because not one of the "popular" brands
  • Can be easily assumed to be "just another speed bow"; don't make this mistake


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Editors' review

The Agenda 7 is part of the 2014 lineup of Bear bows. Sporting the new H13 hybrid cam system with a rotating module. Not only is this bow easily adjustable, but it is fast too, providing 340 fps. With a silky smooth draw, and unexpectedly quiet from a speed bow, this rig is deadly and a surprisingly easy bow to shoot. This rig is a 32" ATA, 7" brace height, lightweight piece of awesomeness.


This rig comes in Realtree APG and Shadow series, but can also be ordered in green, red, black, and Realtree AP Snow.


The riser for this rig uses a lightweight aircraft grade aluminum as the foundation of this riser. This block of forged aluminum is then machined to exacting specifications that makes it lighter, yet stronger and reduces vibration to almost zero. This riser is designed to reduce vibration by evenly distributing limb loads and maximizing the energy throughout the riser instead of at the limbs. The ends of the riser hold the Zero-Tolerance Limb Pockets that tout the most precise fit to date. These limb pockets absorb vibration and hand shock better than any other limb pocket on the market. The limbs are the high-tensile composite Max-Preloaded Quad limbs. This limb set is designed to work in conjunction with the Zero-Tolerance Limb Pockets to provide proven power and performance. These limb pockets are designed to withstand the pressure of full draw without any limb movement or slippage, holding the limb securely in place throughout the shot. The limbs can be ordered in 50#, 60#, or 70# peak weights.

Other Components

To complement the H13 Cam system, Pre-loaded Quad Limbs, and the light-weight riser, the Agenda 7 also offers a pair of Dual Arc offset string suppressors, pre-stretched Contra-band HP strings, cable slide, Bear hinge guard, and a removable grip. The string suppressors are integrated into the riser and are adjustable and eliminate any residual string noise.

Eccentric System

This bow is setup with a pair of H13 Cams - the Bear Synchronized Hybrid Cam System. This cam system, added to the pre-loaded limb set produces a very fast 340 fps. This cam system rides on a pair of dual stainless steel sealed bearings that reduce friction and give the cam a smoother rotation. This technology maintains the same efficiency at any draw weight or length. The cam system also offers a rotating module for quick and easy length adjustments and a solid draw stop that can be easily adjusted for fine tuning the draw length in 1/16" increments.Draw length can also be easily adjusted on the cams. Simply by loosening and rotating the module to the appropriate spot, the draw length can be adjusted through a range of 26.5" - 31" in 1/2" increments. These adjustments can be made quickly and easily without a bow press or the need to change modules. This cam system is designed to be efficient and smooth at any draw length while providing excellent speed.

Draw Cycle/Shootability

Like its sister bow, the Agenda 6, this bow offers the shooter with an extremely smooth draw for a speed bow. Most bows that offer an IBO of 340 fps have harsh draw cycles and are difficult to transition to let-off. The Agenda 7 is not like that. It is extremely smooth and efficient throughout the draw cycle regardless of draw weight or length. There is a very slight hump at let-off, but not difficult to get through. The draw cycle for this rig has been found to be very smooth, even comfortable for the shooter.

Silencing Package

The Bear Agenda 7's machined aluminum riser not only reduced mass, but absorbs vibration as well. The riser also has rubber vibration dampeners integrated in strategic locations to absorb even more vibration. Bear also added a pair of bi-dimensionally adjustable string suppressors, and built-in string dampeners, this rig is quiet out of the box. When adding a stabilizer, this bow is virtually vibration-free. This is one of the quietest speed bows on the market.


The grip on this rig is basically a dual grip. The primary grip is a removable grip that can be removed to fit the shooter's style. This removable grip is a plastic over-molded grip that is fitted over the typical side-plate grip. Since there are many variables that affect the point of impact of your shot, the ability to change the grip on this rig makes this a more shootable rig.


BowBear Agenda 7Bowtech Experience
Version 20142016
PictureBear Agenda 7Bowtech Experience
Brace Height7 " "
AtA Length32 " "
Draw Length26.5 " - 31 " "
Draw Weight40 lbs - 70 lbs lbs
IBO Speed340 fps fps
Weight4.0 lbs lbs
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The Bear Agenda 7 can be compared to the Bowtech Experience. Both offer the shooter a 32" ATA shooting platform and a 7" brace height. Both also can be ordered in 50#, 60#, and 70# peak draw weight configurations. If that isn't enough similarity, they both are adjustable from 26.5" - 31" of draw length. The Bear Agenda 7 is rated to offer an extra 5 fps at 340 fps IBO, but does that really matter?Both bows are fast, accurate, and quiet, while each are very smooth on the draw. Each bow is easy to adjust and can be done so without a bow press. These bows are almost identical in every aspect and will fit the shooter well. When choosing a new rig, either of these will be a very good choice. It will only depend on the shooter's preference. The Bowtech will cost an additional $100 though. Regardless which bow is chosen, the shooter will not be disappointed.

Usage Scenarios

This bow will not disappoint the shooter. It is light-weight, accurate, and quiet, and will surprise those looking at is strictly as a speed bow. This rig will fit right in regardless of the scenario it is put in. Not only will it impress the shooter, but also the other shooters around you. Coming to the archery market with 32" ATA, 7" brace height, and producing 340 fps, this bow is as adept on the 3D range as it is a ground blind or tree stand.


The MSRP for this rig is $899 for a bare bow package. This bow can also be all decked out and ready to hunt for a very reasonable price for only an additional $89. So, for a $1,200 package, this rig can be purchased Ready-to-Hunt for only $988. Some may feel this is overpriced, but for a bow that offers the accuracy and shootability offered by the Agenda 7, this is the average price for this bow. The shooter will be doing themselves an injustice if they overlook this bow.


The Agenda 7 is part of the 2014 Bear lineup. Offering a 32" ATA, 7" brace height, and an outstanding 340 fps IBO, this rig will fit in any archery situation, and perform extremely well. Weighing in at 4 lbs, this bow is easy to hold on target for a solid shot. It is also not so heavy that it will be a chore to carry around on those long hikes to your favorite hunting destination.This bow can be ordered in five color schemes, is easily adjustable, and can be ordered with 50#, 60#, and 70# peak weight limbs. All adjustments can be done quickly with a hex wrench and without a press. This is a solid shooting platform that will please all those who shoot it.

User Reviews

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Awesome for someone that has had rotator cuff surgery

Version: 2014 Bear Agenda 7


Pros: Light , quiet and fast.

Cons: That I didn't purchase one sooner. I started hunting with a Jennings whitetail hunter years ago and now I am Back. I would urge any one looking for a bow to try an Angenda 7

Full review:

I have shot a hoyt for years and when I compared the Factor to the agenda 7 , it was easier for me to pull and hold for a shot. Price is very reasonable. I'll shoot my compound for as long as I can. It will be Bear Agenda seven

Best bow on the market for the money!!!

Version: 2014 Bear Agenda 7


Pros: It is lightweight, very accurate as well as quiet. You will not find a nicer bow for the money.

Cons: The only thing I didn't like about this bow was I didn't find it sooner!!

Full review:

I bought this bow in Realtree AP Snow Camo. I decked my Agenda 7 with a Trophy Ridge React One sight, QAD Ultrarest HDX, Trophy Ridge Stabilizer, Ultra-Nok XL D-Loop and a custom made ParaCord sling. I have shot Bowtech, PSE, Martin and Hoyt. I bought a Bear Anarchy HC And fell in love with Fred Bear!! After shooting the Anarchy HC (35.5" ATA), I wanted a more compact and lighter bow. So I bought the Agenda 7. What more can I say, the Agenda 7 is awesome!!!

Great bow for the money

Version: 2014 Bear Agenda 7


Pros: Ease of draw very accurate wll balanced grip feels good in hand

Cons: Could be lighter?

Full review:

This is great bow considering my first bow is a 2012 bear encounter . I like bear products and they have excellent customer service. I bought this bow bare thru ebay and got a good deal . I had it set up by a local pro shop and was done correctly which is very important i don't have any negative things to say.

Great bow for the price, easy set-up, and shooting ability.

Version: 2014 Bear Agenda 7


Pros: Light weight, super quiet, quick, easily adjustable, great look in all colors/camo.

Cons: There is nothing bad to say about this bow but a lot of companies are doing tactical editions and I think Bear should should do the same.

Full review:

Bought mine with "ready to hunt package" and no other bow manufacture could beat the price of Bear. Smooth draw, quiet, fast IBO, very light bow and feels good in the hand. Little to no hand shock. H13 cam is amazing for quick adjustments and easy set-ups. Couldn't be happier with price, easy set-up, smooth draw and shot process. To compliment the Agenda 7, the IQ 5-Pin Micro Pro with Retina Lock sight, a Dead Center-Dead Silent series stabilizer, and a Vapor Trail Limb Driver Pro V Arrow Rest or Trophy Ridge Revolution 2.0 Drop Away Rest. Perfect set-up for a perfect bow.

Not Disappointed Quality Bow

Version: 2014 Bear Agenda 7


Pros: Snow Camo and smooth draw with a sturdy backwall. Very quiet and holds a tune.

Cons: There is not much I don't like about this bow but a good review requires something. I wish I would have gone with the Agenda 6 for the faster IBO speed. But will use this bow until Bear makes something better.

Full review:

This bow was was my first Bear bow I have ever shot. After shooting Martins and Hoyts I settled on the Agenda 7. I shot a Holt Carbon Spider and liked the balance and feel of the Bear better. IMO the Bear was a quieter bow also. You will not be disappointed with this bow.

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