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Bear Anarchy

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Bear Anarchy Review5.055 out of 5 user reviews


  • smooth draw
  • zero hand shock
  • steady and well balanced
  • light weight


  • pricey
  • IBO seems higher that it shoots

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Editors' review

The 2012 Bear Anarchy is an amazing bow that is receiving a lot of attention from consumers. Bear engineering has been very impressive the past few years and making a huge come back in the high end archery market. With the Anarchy they have continued to impress. The company claims and puts a lot of stress on how they are really listening to customers' requests and recommendations for bow engineering. This bow is long, light, well balanced, and dead in the hand. It has nearly everything the archery public is requesting.


The color options for this bow are Realtree APG and Shadow (black). It looks slightly semi-glossy and seems to be durable. It isn't glossy enough to glare, but it isn't completely flat in texture either. There have been no complaints about flaking or chipping of this finish. Both of these color options look great on this bow.


The Anarchy has an all new riser and it measures 35.25" axel to axel. It is 3.5" longer than last years Carnage yet .2 lbs. lighter weighing only 3.8 lbs. The riser has a smooth and rounded look without any sharp edges and it has some cool shaped cutouts. The dual offset string suppressers are integrated into the riser. It has a stainless steel stabilizer bushing.

The long riser on this bow allows for shorter limbs that create less reflex. The limbs are connected with a Zero Tolerance Cup. These pockets lock the limbs to the riser yet they can move and pivot independently. This helps to eliminate vibration. The riser and limbs on the Anarchy create a 7.25" brace height. The long ATA produces a smooth shot and is more forgiving when it comes to any torque. Although it seems lengthy for a hunting bow the Anarchy more than makes up for it with the quality shot it produces. It is dead in the hand.


The grip on the Anarchy has a skinny neck that comes with the new rubber mold over design or with side panels. The mold over grip has a better feel and the large Bear trademark emblem on it is an eye catcher. It has a thicker feel and is warmer in cold weather. It feels steady in hand, well balanced, and has virtually no torque. With the side panels the brace height decreases to 7.125".

String Suppressers

The dual string suppressers on several of Bear's bows have a look of their own and seem to be very effective. The Dual Arc Offset String Suppressers that are present on the Anarchy, have an added set of rubber vibration dampening boots where they attach to the riser. These not only help to silent and eliminate vibration, but they have mean look.

Eccentric System

The Bear Anarchy is not cam specific and allows for an adjustable draw length with modules in .5" increments from 25" to 31.5". It has 80% let off and is available in 50, 60, 70, and 80 lb. draw weights. The Flat Top Cam and lightweight Skeleton Idler Wheel help in shaving weight on this bow. The advertised IBO speed is 340 fps. This seems a little higher than the actual speed, but very close. It has excellent speed for a single cam bow.

Draw Cycle/Shoot Ability

The draw on this bow is extremely smooth with little stiffness and no torque. It feels very well balanced at full draw with no recoil at the shot. The Anarchy has a long valley at full draw, probably 1/4" to 1/2", and there is quite a bit of room to creep without it catching you off guard. The back wall is solid and comfortable. A stabilizer is not required on this bow for balance or sound although they never hurt on any bow. The dual string suppressers do a great job of reducing vibration. This bow uses the 4x4 Roller Guard system which helps to increase the smoothness of the draw. It also keeps the cables separated and out of the way.

Silencing Package

Although this is far from a loud bow it is not completely silent either. The dual string suppressers do a great job of deadening the sound and vibration. There is nothing added to the string for silencing which also won't slow it down. The limb pockets that allow independent pivoting also aid in silencing this bow.


Bow Bear Anarchy Bear Carnage
Version 2014 2012
Picture Bear Anarchy Bear Carnage
Brace Height 7.25 " 7.25 "
AtA Length 35.5 " 32 "
Draw Length 26.5 " - 31.5 " 25.5 " - 30.5 "
Draw Weight 40 lbs - 70 lbs 40 lbs - 70 lbs
IBO Speed 330 fps 345 fps
Weight 4.0 lbs 4.0 lbs
Let-Off 75% 80%
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The Bear Anarchy is the best bow made by Bear in years and maybe ever. It is definitely their top of the line bow. Everyone thought this about last year's Carnage and they have again out done themselves. It is 3.5" longer axle to axle than the Carnage and yet .2 lbs. lighter. It is a little better balanced and more forgiving. Although the advertised IBO of the Carnage is 5fps faster it could be debated. The MSRP of the Anarchy is $50 more than the Bear Carnage, but probably well worth it. The Anarchy is pricey with a $900 MSRP and many think it is too high for Bear while they are still rebuilding their reputation compared to other manufacturers with similar or even lower prices.

Perfect Usage

This is the perfect all around bow and could be used for top shooters, 3D competition, or hunting. With its ease to shoot and speed combined it is the perfect package for either. Some may think that it is a little too long for the ideal hunting bow, however, that is all mostly subjective to the hunter and dependant on stand location.


This is an amazingly smooth and fast bow combined. The single cam technology and engineering from Bear is continuing to climb the ladder over the past few years. It has excellent speed for a single cam bow and has very comfortable brace height creating a nice package. The Anarchy is dead in the hand at the shot and fun to shoot. The sweet new riser combined with Bear's unique dual string suppresser style is attractive. This bow can handle a wide range of shooters with all of the available weights and an adjustable draw length with ease. There are many that claim Bear/Trophy Ridge customer is outstanding. The new Bear Anarchy is ideal for anyone who doesn't mind a longer bow and can afford the price tag.
Bear Anarchy Review5.055

User Reviews

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  1. Excellent, precise hunting bow. This is my fourth hunting bow,…and it is the best.

    Version: 2012 Bear Anarchy


    Pros: accuracy, silent shot, extreme forgivness, easy set up and tuning

    Cons: This bow destroy arrows,… when you shoot <45m to the same target.

    Full review:
    My bowhunting setup: 30", 65# (arrow 29"/12gpi, spine 300, broadhead: 100grs, vanes: 3x 2" helical)
    My 3D setup: 30", 65# (arrow 29"/8.9gpi, spine 300, point: bullet 100grs, vanes: 3x 1,5" straight)

  2. Easily the best shooting bow of the five I own

    Version: 2012 Bear Anarchy


    Pros: Perfect balance, silent and dead in hand on the shot-Smooth even draw to an easy to hold valley with firm wall, w/80% LO it’s easy to hold longer and steady-Single cam, speed rivals dual cams w/o the challenge to keep it in sync

    Cons: A bit of a stiff draw the first 4" then smooth on through-Quite minor really.
    Draw is adjustable with $21 mod from Bear, but they shot me two quick in April 2015
    I was a little disappointed it didn’t come with a sack of $100 bills.

    Full review:
    I was reluctant to buy another 7" brace bow after buying and shooting my PSE Prophecy. It’s a 6" brace and with my 26.5" draw, I can use that extra inch, especially with it being a 60# draw max. The I bought the PSE Prophecy new and set it up with a Ripcord Code Red drop away rest. It tuned easily and shoots sweet. Well, to make a short story long, I got a great deal on a used, but not used up 2012 Bear Anarchy with all the fixins’. I took ‘em all off and set up with the same rest. It was easier to tune than the new PSE shot faster at 63# and as accurately, too. Basic nock point, paper tune to bullet hole, bare shaft planing, and French tune took about ten ends a two hours of la-di-da. To get my PSE Prophecy to shoot as quiet and dead in hand I have to ad a 6" or 8" stabilizer. When I added the 8" to the Bear Anarchy it felt less balanced, a vibe and the bow made a little jump forward at shot. It seemed to like Gold Tip 5575 27.5" 100 gr point, PSE Radial X-weave 200 26.5" 125 gr. point, and PSE 300s 28" 175 gr point. All of these shot very tight groups with a slightly lower impact for the 300s w/175. The Anarchy has become my favored shooter and I won’t hesitate to hunt with it. Now it’s time to fine tune and micro tune 25 to 65 yards for target, then broadheads to 50. I’m 63 years young and for seven months have been learning archery for the first time; a living dream meditation of masters; I SEE.

  3. Accurate Accurate Accurate

    Version: 2014 Bear Anarchy HC


    Pros: Accurate, powerful, dead in hand

    Cons: 60 # is tough on a beginner i went to lessons at archery club and the champions were all shooting 50#
    but it is shooting great best score i have is 294 out of 300 considering the basic gear i have on it that is crazy accurate.

  4. Never has a bow exceeded my expectations like the Bear Anarchy

    Version: 2014 Bear Anarchy HC


    Pros: Longer ATA makes it forgiving, stable, and incredibly accurate. Smooth draw, solid back wall, fast, and quiet.

    Cons: It makes me want another one in camo.

    Full review:
    I was looking to get a new bow that would be good for hunting and 3D. Something with a longer ATA length. I had it narrowed down to a few bows with very reputable names, along with price tags I just couldn’t justify. I was at a cookout wearing an archery T shirt, when a guy walked up, introduced himself, and we started talking bow hunting. At one point he said " you wat to see my bow, it’s in the car?" Of course I did. After seeing his Anarchy, and drawing it back a few times, I bought one the next day.

  5. Downgraded from an HC to the single cam version. Well, the SC simply out shoots the HC/

    Version: 2013 Bear Anarchy


    Pros: Just as fast as the HC and smoother, This is my 2nd favorite Bear bow, just slightly behind my Arena 34.
    Bow is smooth, no kick, holds well on target.

    Cons: Hard bow to find in new condition.
    Bear factory strings still stretch to much.

    Full review:
    Great bow, if you can find one get it as it is one of the all time sleeper bows. I will have no problems taking it into the field or to a 3d shoot. this bow does it all. 35 1/2 in ata makes this bow very stable and despite its length it is reasonably light.

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