Bear Apprentice Review

Bear Apprentice

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Bear Apprentice Review5.052 out of 2 user reviews


  • Very universal and adjustable bow for the youth, women, and small-frame men
  • Will grow with a young shooter due to a lot of adjustability
  • Very lightweight bow - important aspect for smaller kids
  • Easily adjustable draw length - no bow press is required
  • Good value for money


  • Could be a bit faster

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Bear Apprentice Review5.052

User Reviews

  • 2 reviews
  • ( out of 2 reviews for all versions)
  1. Just bought this for my 11 yr old son…Great Bow

    Version: 2011 Bear Apprentice


    Pros: See below…

    Cons: 6" brace height is a little short….

    Full review:
    First of all it’s very light, he has no trouble handling it. Second, I like the adjustability and flexibility of the design. Third, I like that I don’t have to tear it down to adjust it as he grows. Fourth, it comes out of the box ready to hunt. Fifth, he was shooting 10" groups at 20 yards right out of the box. Sixth, it is very reasonably priced. But, most of all…He enjoys shooting it which means he will want to shoot it more and play video games less.

  2. Great bow for the money

    Version: 2011 Bear Apprentice


    Pros: Ready to use right out of the box, light weight, adjustable.

    Cons: Not crazy about whisker biscuit.

    Full review:
    Got the bow for my 8 yr old son. He loves shooting it and has no problem handling it. The bow is very adjustable and should last him for several years. Keep in mind that the 20 to 60 lb draw weight is misleading. The bow is adjustable 20-60 but it has a minimum draw weight. The 20lbs is only at 15" draw length. As you increase draw length the minum weight goes up. He is currently at a draw length of 20" with a minimum weight of 27lbs. He has not problem handling that but we had to start at 17" and 21lbs for the first few months. All that being said the bow shoots great and he loves it which means more time at the range for me and less time playing video games for him. Win win situation.

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