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Bear Assault

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  • Lightweight bow
  • Holds easily
  • Smooth draw cycle
  • Modular-adjustable eccentric system
  • 1-inch draw length adjustments can be made without using a bow press


  • The grip is a little narrow for some shooters
  • Half-inch draw length adjustments can't be made without a bow press


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User Reviews

  • 6 reviews
  • ( out of 6 reviews for all versions)
Low price but high quality

Version: 2010 Bear Assault


Pros: Light weight (3.9 lbs), Can actually do a 31 inch DL, dual string stops, some of the best customer service I've ever dealt with out of a bow company, and thin grip.

Cons: The finish could have been a bit better quality. As with most bows out today the IBO rating is a bit overestimated. The string stoppers seem to wear quickly.

Full review:

Easy draw cycle ending with a solid back wall. The IBO was rated a bit higher but most companies seem to be doing that. I happened to like the thin grip but some people don't. I've owned one since they have came out and had yet to have any major problems with it. Some people complain the string stops wear but I shoot at least 4 days a week for 2-3 hours and over the year I still have the ones it came with.

Great bow at a great price.

Version: 2010 Bear Assault


Pros: Easy shooting, nice smooth draw, extremely quiet.

Cons: Not a huge fan of the narrow grip, but that's an easy fix.

Full review:

This bow is a really easy draw. once set up holds adjustments doesn't need alot of tuning. the dual string stops make extremely quiet with minimal if any vibrations. I dislike the narrow grip on the bow but that is an easy fix with some cloth camo tape.

First let me say that this was a very good bow and a Great bow for the price.

Version: 2010 Bear Assault


Pros: Smooth draw, Dead in the hand, Light, Quiet, Easy to set up and maintain!

Cons: Back wall was a little spongy, Finish could be a little better, String stops wear quickly. Speeds are slower then advertised. (I don't put a lot of weight on speed), Grip to narrow for my liking.

Full review:

This bow is a great bow for the price and it is hard to beat in today's economy for all that you get for the little out of pocket expense. For someone who is looking for the complete bow for hunting with the little out of pocket cost this is the way to go.

Low Price, Outstanding Quality.

Version: 2011 Bear Assault


Pros: Inexpensive, I prefer the thinner grip. The dual string stops make it whisper quiet and from 10-50 yards it is very accurate and hard hitting.

Cons: I will let you know when I find one, but so far so good.

Full review:

Been away from the sport for a little while. I cant believe this is a bear. Perfect bow for me.

Version: 2011 Bear Assault


Pros: 1/2" adjust Draw weight range Narrow Grip Nice let off

Cons: Soft Arrow stops that look the wear quicker than counter parts (but that is why it is quite so I don’t know if that is a con)

Full review:

I don’t have large hands so the narrow grip is a nice perk. If you star with a wide grip you can’t make it narrower so I think Bear is right in starting thin and allowing for each shooter to customize their bow as they go along. My last bow was a Hoyt, I bought in 1997 or 98 can’t remember anything else. I know that it is not a fair comparison however; this bow is so much quieter in comparison. My favorite is the let off once I draw back I could set there all day if I need to. The draw adjustment at 1/2" is sweet it ensure a nice set up yeah you need a bow press but most archery shops have one and can make that adjustment for you, Supper nice bow. Well because it is a review and I believe there has to be something that I can complain about it would have to be that the sting stops look to wear quickly. However they do perform amazingly so that is well worth the trade off. My wife has a PSE chaos and her sting stop work well but the Assault is much quieter than hers.

Great bow for the money with great accuracy and decent speed.

Version: 2011 Bear Assault


Pros: Quiet, accurate, smoothest draw yet, solid backwall.

Cons: String stops wear fast, get about 2-3 seasons out of them before they break. You can buy them online relatively inexpensive about $10

Full review:

Always being a long time PSE guy I wanted to venture out to see what the other companies had in comparison. Before I bought this bow I tested G5, Hoyt, Matthews, PSE, and of course the Bear. Out of all the bows this seemed to be in the middle of the pact as far as speed goes but that not really important to me. I like to be able to see the arrow hit my target so I know what type of shot I got on the animal before the track job begins. Anyway the Bear Assault was by far the smoothest draw out of any of the bows and possibly the quietest. The bow felt best to me and that's why I bought it, money didn't really make a difference but it was an added bonus it was about $300 cheaper than the others I was testing.

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