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  • $399 Price tag
  • Quality product
  • A great starter bow


  • Is not a leader in anything
  • 310 feet per second is pretty slow

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Editors' review

The Bear archery line up has something for everyone. The Attitude is a quality bow with pretty desirable specifications aside from the slow 310 feet per second rating all for under $400. With a rotating single cam modules allow for draw length adjustments between 25-32-inches, which means this bow is going to adjust for almost every shooter in the market for a new bow. The compact 31-inch axel to axel Attitude also has a forgiving 7.25-inch brace height and a nice looking Realtree camo riser. For $399 the bow has a lot to offer. For others wanting the latest and greatest technology, the Attitude may not be the best option on the market.


Bear has outfitted their bows with Realtree for a few years, and the Attitude is no different. For the Attitude, Realtree Xtra Green is the only finish option, which is paired with solid black split limbs. The dipping process is done the same way on the Attitude as the flagship models for Bear, so buyers can be confident they are getting a nice looking product with the Attitude.


The riser is perhaps the largest difference between the flagship models and the Attitude. The riser is pretty simplistic with the designed cutouts and only features one offset string suppressor instead of two like some of the top of the line Bear bows feature. The Attitude tips the scales at only 3.7-pounds, which is pretty well balanced at rest and at full draw. For a hunting bow, the lightweight compact Attitude will be great in longer spot and stalk situations. Archers will also like appreciate the ability to add a stabilizer off the front of the bow as well. Whether it is to dampening vibration, or help balance how the bow feels, the option is up to the shooter. Before adding accessories, the bow is well balanced, so shooters will have to keep that in mind when choosing the correct stabilizer.The brace height debate is one many shooters have a strong feeling about. Regardless where shooters stand on the issue, the 7.25-inch brace height on the Bear Attitude will add to the forgivability of the bow. The cable guard system is the traditional cable slide system, which will place a little torque on the riser without the ability to flex as the bow is drawn. In the under $400 range, bows are going to feature a traditional cable guard though.


The Bear Attitude has a slim integrated grip into the aluminum riser. The Bear name badge is added to the side of the grip. The name plates do not add or take away from the overall feel of the grip, and are really just there to add the brand name in a different location. The grip feels great as part of the riser for those that prefer a skinny. For those used a thicker handle, the Bear Attitude may take a while to adjust to. With that being said, a thinner grip is generally a more consistent grip in regards to repeatability and overall accuracy.


The Bear Flared Quad Limbs are designed to store the cam energy powering the arrows down range. The high precision limb pockets keep the limbs in place with relatively tight tolerances. The Attitude has a draw weight range of 30-pounds with maximum weights of 50, 60, and 70-pounds, which can each be reduced by ten-pounds off that maximum weight. Anyone shooting in the 40-70-pound range will be able to shoot the Attitude.

Eccentric System

Bear chose to outfit the Attitude with EZ3 single cam featuring a rotating cam module. The EZ3 cam shoots up 310 feet per second with an 80% let off. One of the strongest selling points of the EZ3 cam is the ability to adjust 7 full inches without swapping out cams or modules. The EZ3 cam adjusts from 25-32-inches simply by rotating the included cam module. The single cam system allows all the adjustment to be made to the bottom cam while the top idler wheel simply allows the string to track over it. Theoretically, there will be less issues with tuning, but proper maintenance should still be followed to make sure the Attitude is performing the best it can.

Draw Cycle/Shootability

The Bear Attitude is a compact design with a lightweight frame many will love for hunting purposes. The grip has a wonderful feeling, even for those not entirely used to a slim design like the one the Attitude has. The bow balances very well for such a light short model. Even after adding accessories, the bow feel great at full draw and the shooter will not spend much time having to fight the sight bubble to align the bow on target. The EZ3 cam is basically circular, which means it draw very smoothly from start to finish. It has a single draw stop post on the bottom cam, which can be adjusted to different positions based on the desired draw length shooters are wanting. The outside edge of the cam also has a circular cam weight for helping provide some added speed as the arrow leaves the string toward the target. For a shorter axel to axel bow, it holds pretty well on target, even for some of the longer draw shooters.After shooting the arrow, there is a little vibration felt in the riser, but it cam be tamed with a nice stabilizer and the added weight of accessories. The Attitude is not too fast, but it does shoot 310 feet per second, which is not setting any records, but is still preforming well enough for hunting situations.

Usage Scenarios

The Bear Attitude is a designed hunting bow that should attract many shooters just starting out in bow hunting or getting back into it after a long break. The adjustability of the bow is nice for younger shooters with a little bit of growing left, but it should also fit just about anyone on the market for a new hunting bow as well.


The Bear Attitude is a well designed bow that has some nice specifications. For shooters just getting back into archery, or those not wanting to make a huge investment, the Bear Attitude is a great option. For those shooters wanting a high end model with the latest archery technology, the Bear Attitude will be a bit of a let down. For a shorter bow, the Attitude holds well on target, draws great, and shoots a bit over 300 feet per second all for under $400. The value is great on the Bear and the bow will preform for a long time. However, this is an entry level bow, and may not meet the needs of everyone wanting a short, lightweight hunting bow. Those on a budget will be able to purchase the Attitude and set it up with top of the line accessories and have less money in the entire set up than if they were to purchase a flagship model. The Bear Attitude does everything well, but it does not lead any category.

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