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Bear Charge

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Bear Charge Review4.756 out of 6 user reviews


  • Forgiving bow with a smooth draw cycle
  • Good entry level bow - no bells & whistles
  • Draw length can be adjusted very easily - no new cams or modules are needed
  • 1-inch draw length adjustments can be made without using a bow press
  • Great value for money


  • A bare bow could be a bit quieter (silencing package is required to make this bow much quieter)
  • Not ideal fit & finish

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Bear Charge Review4.756

User Reviews

  • 6 reviews
  • ( out of 6 reviews for all versions)
  1. Great value with full package at $399 with Trophy Ride accessories.

    Version: 2010 Bear Charge


    Pros: Smooth draw, tons of let off, easy cam system, nice looks, light weight, fast

    Cons: Needs limb savers to quiet down

    Full review:
    This bow is great for middle level hunters and beginners. Fred Bear bows have stepped it up even more in the past couple of years.

    The charge has specs of:

    Right/Left-Handed RH
    Draw Length 26" – 30"
    Draw Weight 70 lbs.
    Brace Height 7-3/4"
    Axle-to-Axle 30"
    Let-off (%) 80%
    IBO speed (fps) 300 – 305

  2. Smooth and good looking

    Version: 2010 Bear Charge


    Pros: The price was good and the bow shoots great at 304 fps you cant beat this bow for the price.

    Cons: A little loud

  3. Pro’s out weigh the con’s by far.

    Version: 2010 Bear Charge


    Pros: Inexpensive

    Cons: A little noisy as is
    The solid green paint chips very easy

    Full review:
    Great bow!!! I bought mine a year and a half ago and killed two deer with it last year. I was teaching a kid to shoot and he accidently dry fired it the other day. I am putting a new cable and string on it. While I’m at it, I am adding a string decelerator, and a Trophy Ridge Revolution rest. Can’t wait to see what it will do now.

  4. Verry accurite, quiet, smooth draw and light weight

    Version: 2011 Bear Charge


    Pros: How easy to draw and hold back it is with 80 precent letoff.

    Cons: Love everything about it.

    Full review:
    I took this bow to a 3d bow shoot and it preformed just like all the high end expencive bows the other guys were useing. its extremely accurite if you do ur part in shooting it right. Its allso verry easy to adjust the draw length and the poundage with just an allen key.

  5. Extremely good bow for the cost. Fast and easy to get the feel of.

    Version: 2011 Bear Charge


    Pros: Smooth draw
    light weight
    solid feel
    fast (for the price)

    Cons: Finish could be more durable
    a bit of noise until putting a set of dampeners on it

    Full review:
    I purchased this bow about a month or so ago and have had it out at the range quite a few times. It is balanced, has a nice feel to the back wall, and the narrow grip helps with over torquing the bow when firing. The overall package when purchased as the "RTH" package contains everything you will need to target shoot or hunt without dropping a couple of hundred of extra bucks to get sights, whisker biscuit, peep, etc…… Now, don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a thousand dollar bow, but for the money spent you will be more than happy with its value and features. It is solid and pretty fast as well.

    The only recommendations are a string and limb vibration dampening package. Also, the finish on it, though it looks good out of the box, isn’t as durable as some I have seen. Other than that, you will be delighted with this purchase…I know I was.

  6. Best bow for the money

    Version: 2011 Bear Charge


    Pros: very smooth draw. Great for adjustments. Good looks. Light weight. Very easy to handle while hiking through the woods.

    Cons: haven’t found one yet!!

    Full review:
    I bought my bow used and rth….ready to hunt. I am left handed so it was part of the only choice I had. I’m glad I got it. I took it to a pro as I am not. And had it set up just for me. The next day took it to a 3-d shoot and it was dead on every time! Shot straight and smooth every time. And on top of that it was a thirty target. Walk through the woods kinda deal…. My arm didn’t get tired once from carrying it.

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