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  • Lightweight 3.2-pound machined aluminum riser
  • 5-45-pound draw weight with the same limbs
  • 15-inches of draw length adjustment (12-27-inches)
  • Lots of finish options
  • $399 MSRP for a full set-up bow


  • The great deal of adjustment can cause a spongy draw cycle


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Editors' review

The Cruzer Lite is a great starter bow option for shooters either just getting started, or needing something that will be able to grow along with them. The bow has a string stop system, a highly adjustable cam able to vary 15-inches, and a 40-pound draw weight variance limb system. The Cruzer Lite is also offered in one camo finish and 5 bright colored choices for shooters just starting out to be able to have a cool looking bow to help with their interest. All of this comes with accessories and fully rigged out for an MSRP of only $399. The downside to so much adjustment has a negative impact on crispness and the feel of the draw cycle. The wall and the feel during the draw cycle has a slightly spongy feel when compared to a model with less adjustment. However, for a bow marketed towards younger shooters still growing, the adjustment is great because it grows with shooters instead of needing a new bow every time the shooter has a growth spurt.

Package Accessories

The $399 price tag allows the Cruzer Lite to be fully decked out with Trophy Ridge Accessories. The add-ons are not top of the line equipment, but they will work well with a starter bow, and will be much cheaper than purchasing everything separately. The Trophy ridge whisker biscuit is the rest of choice, and works very well as a first rest based on being so simple to set up and operate. The whisker biscuit does not need adjustments if the draw length or draw weight is changed, which makes it a nice choice for a bow like the Cruzer Lite that has a major selling point of being able to adjust a great deal. The sight is a Trophy Ridge 3-pin sight, a four-arrow quiver, a peep sight, and a nocking loop.


For shooters just starting out with archery, it is often the little things that get shooters initially excited about taking on the sport. Bear understands this and offers a few unique finish options to those interested in the Cruzer Lite to help peak the interest of younger shooters. For shooters wanting a more traditional hunting model, Realtree X-tra Green will remain the camo pattern finish of choice. For those wanting the louder, cooler looking color choices, Bear offers gloss green, gloss orange, gloss pink, gloss purple, and gloss yellow. Each of the finish choices will be finished off with solid black limbs. Each of these patterns look great, and help give the bow a nice look. The finish is applied well during the dipping process, and should live up to the tests younger shooters will put on the durability of the finish.


The Bear Cruzer Lite features a lightweight machined aluminum riser tipping the scales at only 3.2-pounds. Since the bow is designed for younger shooters, it makes a lot of sense for the riser to be more lightweight than other models in the Bear lineup. The cutouts are minimal, and fairly simple looking as well, but the overall bow has a cool design and looks really great. The overall axel-to-axel measurement of only 27 1/8-inches is also a nice compact measurement for smaller shooters, which are going to be guaranteed with a maximum draw length of 27-inches.The riser itself is pretty simple in regards to technology used. There is a string stop system, which is often missing on youth models, which is a nice addition to help keep the string off newer shooter's arms. The cable slide system is an older design with a carbon rod and simple cable slide system. This system will work well with the maximum draw weight only being 45-pounds.


The grip is very simple in looks and design as well. It is a side-plated grip, but the grip itself is simply integrated into the riser area. The thin neck also works well for shooters with smaller hands, and helps promote proper form and a repeatable hand position.


The limbs outfitting the Cruzer Lite stay with the flagship model designs having split limbs. There is only one limb configuration offered with draw weights ranging between 5-45-pounds. Again, keeping with the theme of having a bow that grows with shooters, the 40-pound limb adjustment allows shooters to work their way up in poundage until they reach a high enough poundage to transition over to a less adjustable, more permanent model. However, the Cruzer Lite meets a unique niche in being able to cover a wide range of sizes. The limb pockets are functional, and are also designed to maintain tight tolerances throughout the entire 40-pound draw weight range. They are finished black, and match the limbs very well as well.

Eccentric System

The MVL cam is the powerhouse for the Cruzer Lite, and it is a pretty impressive design as well. First and foremost, sticking with the theme of adjustability, the MVL cam offers 15-inches of adjustment ranging between 12-27-inches with an easily adjustable module system. The rotating module moves easily, and does not need a bow press in order to do so. The let-off in the cams is 70%, and the speed rating is 290 feet per second. With the MVL cams offered in such a wide draw length range, it can make for a bit of a sloppy draw cycle, especially in the back wall. However, shooters just beginning will more than likely not have a reference point to make that comparison.

Draw Cycle/Shootability

The draw cycle of the Cruzer Lite is hard to describe simply because the draw cycle is significantly different at 12-inches and at 27-inches. At the shorter draw lengths, and draw weights, the string has quiet a bit of slack and it takes a while before any of the weight is felt. As the draw length lengthens and the draw weight increases, the draw cycle becomes a bit more definite. The bow shoots well, and the string stop system works well for keeping the string off the shooter's arm and wrist. The adjustment available is for sure one of the best selling points of the Cruzer Lite.

Usage Scenarios

The Bear Cruzer Lite is a starter bow designed to do everything younger shooters will participate in including spots, 3D, and potentially hunting for those at the higher end of the draw weight range. Youngsters just getting started are usually growing in spurts, so it is nice to have a bow able to adjust with the shooter rather than needing a new bow each time the shooter grows.


The Bear Cruzer Lite really shines with the ability to be adjusted basically from a starter bow all the way to a flagship model. This could be the only bow a shooter needs from early on all they way through being a teenager. With a fully setup bow for only $399, parents will be thrilled with the ability for the bow to adjust so much as shooters are getting bigger. Instead of buying a new bow each time, draw length can be easily adjusted, and the draw weight can be cranked a few turns to adjust the draw weight very easily. For those looking into a bow that can last through the growing years, the Bear Cruzer Lite is a really great choice. Throwing in the finish options and the cool look, the Cruzer Lite is worth a look.

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