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  • Great bow for shooters with growing to do
  • Draw length adjusts from 12-30-inches with a rotating module
  • 5-70-pounds of draw weight
  • Comes decked out with an accessory package


  • Accessory package does not offer the top of the line items
  • Perhaps too much adjustability


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Editors' review

Bear is advertising this bow as a bow to man or girl to women bow, and they are absolutely correct in saying this could be the only bow a shooter ever owns. The draw weight has 65-pounds of adjustability ranging from 5-70-pounds, and the draw length will go from 12-30-inches. A father could shoot this bow, readjust the draw length and poundage, and his son just starting in the archery world could shoot the bow. The Bear Cruzer is also tricked out with an accessory package straight from the factory, only missing arrows, a release, and broad heads if the bow will be used for hunting. Still not sold on the greatness that is the Cruzer, all this comes in for an MSRP of $399. For those looking to nitpick such a great value, the Cruzer accessories may not be the preference for everyone, and with so much adjustability, the bow may be a bit too adjustable, but the Cruzer is a great shooter for someone looking to start shooting, or for those with a lot of growing left to do.


Bear understands the Cruzer is more than likely the first bow a shooter is going to own. With that being said, the more Bear can do to add a bit of flair or coolness to a bow, the more interested a younger shooter will be to stick with shooting. Because of this, Bear Archery is offering the Cruzer is some really great color options, sure to peak the interest of first time bow owners. Those shooters wanting more unique options will be able to choose from purple, blue, orange, or pink with matching strings to boot. These finish options have some black mixed in to make it look a bit more like a camouflage pattern, which may help break up the silhouette of the bow from a stand. These options look amazing, and may be more enticing to young shooters than the traditional camo patterns on many youth bows. However, for older shooters wanting a Cruzer, the Shadow and Realtree Xtra Green patterns are also available. It was smart for Bear to offer such a great variety, and it should help them sell a few more bows. The finish is well done, and should also be able to withstand the punishment younger shooters can put on equipment.


The reflexed riser design has around a dozen cutouts from limb pocket to limb pocket, which help keep the overall bow mass to a reasonable 3.6-pounds. Remember, this bow is designed for just about everyone, so the overall weight of the bow is an important factor, especially for younger shooters that may not be as strong as teenagers also interested in the Cruzer. The cutouts are rounded out and look nice, but the bow does not look like the flagship models at least in riser design. It would be cool if the overall geometry looked like a smaller version of the flagship model, but with the adjustability of the Cruzer, it makes sense for the geometry to be different. There is a traditional cable slide used to contain the Cruzer cables while the bow is drawn. There are fancier designs for a cable slide in the Bear lineup, but with the adjustability and price point of the Cruzer, they were left off this particular model. This cable slide is going to do a wonderful job, but it is not the most recent technology Bear has to offer. The Cruzer also gets a rear mounted string suppressor. This will serve two main purposes: the first is keeping the string off the shooters arm and clothing, and the second will be to help deaden the aftershock of the bow strings after firing an arrow. The offset string suppressor will function well, and makes the bow look like a larger model.


The grip featured on the Bear Cruzer is simply designed into the riser with an added Bear nameplate on both sides of the riser. The name plate does little to add to the overall feel of the grip, mainly displays the Bear logo. The grip itself has a slim design, which will be comfortable for the large range of shooters the Cruzer is designed to accommodate. It would be nice for the Cruzer to be set up with a removable rubber grip like other models in the Bear lineup, but the design and repeatability of this one will be fine for shooters just learning how to properly place a grip in hand. The grip does lack contour, so anyone wanting more of a grip type feel, will not get it with this design. However, the slim handle does a great job remaining repeatable as well.


The Cruzer limbs are massively adjustable offering a full 65-pounds of range. Shooters just starting out can back the limbs off to 5-pounds, and as they grow the limbs can be cranked all the way down to 70-pounds. This type of draw weight range is pretty much unheard of, but that really speaks to the mission of the Cruzer being the only bow a shooter could ever own. The max preloaded quad limbs are just like the rest of the Bear lineup, and are designed for storing the maximum amount of energy while remaining extremely durable. Clearly durability is important for any set of archery limbs, but with the adjustability of the Cruzer, and the need for these limbs to last from a beginning archer into adulthood, the Cruzer limbs truly need to withstand a lot. The limbs are held to the riser with the zero tolerance limb pockets for a snug fit. The limbs are securely fixed to the riser, and the black pocket looks nice on any of the finish patterns available.

Eccentric System

The MV cam system offers an 18-inch adjustment range from 12-30-inches, a 75% let off, and speeds up to 310 feet per second. Again, the Cruzer should be a bow anyone can shoot, but with it being designed to grow along with shooters, the best feature of the MV cam is its ability to grow as the shooter does. Changing the draw length is easy with the rotating module.

Draw Cycle/Shootability

The draw cycle of the MV cam varies depending on the shooters specific draw length. Those at the longer end of the draw length range will experience a different feel than those at the shortest end. It is wonderful to have a bow so diverse, but at the same time it would be nice to have something with less adjustment possibly making it a better fit for more shooters. However, the draw cycle is great feeling on the long and short sides. The roll over into the back wall is nice, and the shot goes off without any major noise or vibration. The axel to axel measurement makes the bow steady on target, and the light weight design is great for all shooters as well. The arrow is not too fast when set at the longest draw length and the heaviest draw weight, but the Cruzer is clearly not designed with industry leading performance and speed in mind. For its designed purpose, the Cruzer hits the mark without a doubt. The bow's experience throughout all 18-inches and 65-pounds of adjustment works and is greatly appreciated.

Usage Scenarios

The Cruzer is designed for shooters just getting started in archery, or those wanting a bow with the ability to change as the shooter matures. This bow can be used for hunting and 3D, but its primary audience would be a newer archer or one with growing left to do. Those shooters that do not have much growing left may benefit more from a bow designed for their specific size rather than a bow designed to fit virtually everyone. For parents wanting to purchase a bow for their children during the upper elementary grades or early middle school years, the Bear Cruzer has the ability to eliminate a lot of headache with its ability to grow as fast as the shooter does.

Ready to Hunt Package

The Ready to Hunt Package is a really nice option to offer on the Cruzer, especially for those picking one up as a starter bow. The accessories are decent, and will perform well, but as shooters mature, they may want to upgrade their accessories as well. The package will include everything except arrows, a release, and broad heads if the bow will be used for hunting. Included in the accessory package is a Trophy Ridge Whisker Biscuit rest, Trophy Ridge four pin sight, a Trophy Ridge stabilizer and sight, a Trophy Ridge quiver, a peep sight, and a nock. Each of these accessories perform well, but they lack micro-adjustability some higher end accessories include. However, for $399, it is tough to beat the value, especially with a fully loaded ready to shoot package.


Those looking for the adjustment of the Bear Cruzer elsewhere will have difficulty finding it. The draw length range is a massive 18-inches, and the limbs can be adjusted for 65-pounds. This bow will fit just about anyone, and coming in with a ready to hunt package for a low price of $399 makes the Cruzer a looker for anyone wanting to get started in the archery world. Shooters that are done growing may benefit from a bow that is designed with a smaller adjustability range. However, those with growing left to do will benefit a great deal from having a bow that can grow with them. The Bear Cruzer has the potential to be the only bow a shooter ever owns.

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