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  • Smooth
  • Good value
  • Reliable
  • Quick and simple draw length adjustment


  • One color option
  • Slide type cable guard


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Editors' review

The 2013 Bear Domain is a great money saver for any archer looking for a deal. Your money goes a long ways with the speed, comfort, and quality of this bow. The engineers at Bear continue to climb the ladder with their products in the top end of their line up and it also shows in the lower end of it, as in the Domain. This is an all new one for 2013. This company is focusing a lot on consumers' wants and suggestions on bow building. The majority of the marketing from Bear is focused on the new Motives, however, the rest of their bows deserve a look themselves. This bow is real smooth along with being quick and forgiving which is perfect for any hunter.


There are no color choices available for the Domain. It comes in Realtree APG which is most popular for the average hunter. It seems semi-glossy in finish and without any shine it is still durable. Although the finish is not glossy it is not considered matte either. It has not had any problems with chipping or cracking. This bow is still impressive regardless of there only being one color option.


The Domain measures 33" axel to axel. Although it isn't real compact for a hunting bow it is a decent length. This all new riser has similarities to the new Motive risers for 2013. It has a good look with somewhat rounded edges. As normal for Bear, it has dual offset string suppressers integrated into the riser. The riser also has a stainless steel stabilizer bushing.Zero Tolerance Limb Pockets are what connect the limbs to the riser. Although these pockets are connectors the limbs can still move and pivot independently. The freedom to move plays a large part in eliminating vibration. The riser and limbs combine to produce a 7" brace height. This bow has a smooth draw with a shock free shot. It is forgiving, however, slightly on the long side for some for a hunting bow.


There seems to be a thinner neck with wider sides on the grip of the Domain. As with the majority of Bear's line up the grip is available with a wrap around rubber mold grip that is removable. Underneath the rubber mold are the side panels for a thinner option on the grip. There is very little torque on the handle. The rubber mold option is much warmer for hunting in cold weather. It feels stable and balanced in the hand.

String Suppressers

The dual string suppressors on the Domain are extremely useful with quieting and dampening noise and vibration. Their look has become almost a trademark on Bear bows. The Dual Arc Offset String Suppressors have thick rubber boots at the ends where contact is made with the string. Not only do these string suppressors help to silent and cancel out vibration. They also have a sweet look that is unique to Bear and should catch the eye of many bow consumers.

Eccentric System

The E3 single cam has a rotating module that allows for a perfect draw length for each individual with .5" increments from 26" to 31". Adjusting the draw length is very simple and convenient by not requiring the use of a bow press or any additional modules or cams. There are dual stainless steal bearings on the idler wheel. Contra-Band strings and cables are what come standard on the bow. The Domain is available in 50, 60, and 70 lb. draw weights and has 80% let off. This E3 cam has an ultra smooth draw cycle and produces good speed with an IBO of 322 fps. The IBO rating seems to be fairly accurate to reality. It has good speed for a single cam bow.

Draw Cycle/Shoot Ability

The entire draw is smooth on the bow with only a slight bump at the back end of the draw. It feels nicely balanced when at full draw and it is nearly shock free at the shot. The valley is generous on the Domain at 1/4" to 1/2". There is room for some slight movement without it jumping back forward. Balance could be improved even more on this bow with a stabilizer, however, it is already fairly quiet. Vibration is greatly reduced with the dual string suppressors. The slide type cable guard system is not as smooth as roller guard systems on higher end bows, but it does its job well. The cables stay out of the way as intended.

Silencing Package

The Domain is probably one of the quietest bows in its price range. Sound and vibration are really deadened with the dual string suppressors. There are no add-ons on the strings and they are not needed. The silence of this bow is also due in part to the limb pockets with their freedom to move along with allowing independent pivoting.


BowBear DomainBear Method
Version 20142014
PictureBear DomainBear Method
Brace Height7 "6.75 "
AtA Length33 "33 "
Draw Length26 " - 31 "26.5 " - 31 "
Draw Weight40 lbs - 70 lbs40 lbs - 70 lbs
IBO Speed322 fps340 fps
Weight4.0 lbs4.0 lbs
Let-Off80% 75%
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The Bear Domain is one bow below the Method in Bear's bow line up. Although the Method is only $50 more on its MSRP there are many differences. The Bear Method is a dual cam bow and is 18 fps faster on its IBO. The Domain, however, is a more comfortable and forgiving bow to shoot. It seems to be a little more of a "hunting" bow, although either would work fine for hunting. The Method has 5% less let off and .25" less brace height. Their weights are the same. Both of these bows have great value, however, for only $50 more it seems that the Method may have a little more to offer.

Perfect Usage

The Domain is what a hunting bow is. It will be more than able to harvest any big game that one could hunt. Recreational 3D shooting would also be fine for this bow and would probably satisfy the majority of shooters. It has great comfort, decent speed, and is very easy to adjust to fit a large range of shooters. Archers on a budget, entry level or experienced could find this bow just right for them.


The Bear Domain has good value and will fill the likes of many hunters. Although it is not the best possible value on the market it is a decent deal. It has a great look for a new addition to Bear's line up. It looks very similar to their top of the line bows. It has great comfort for the money. Customer service is second to none with Bear/Trophy Ridge and they are proud of their products.


This is a good hunter's bow for a decent price. It is smooth, quiet, comfortable, and shock free with decent speed. For a new bow it comes in strong for 2013. The development with single cam technology from Bear is improving along with everything else from the company. For a single cam it has decent speed and with the brace height comfort at 7" it is nice and forgiving. The lack of hand shock also contributes to its comfort. The riser style and string suppressers make this bow a great looker and on par with the rest of Bear's bows. The Domain will fit a large range of shooters with all of the adjustable draw lengths and available weights. It would even be perfect for some youth. It has a MSRP price of $599 and would save some money for those looking at higher end bows only to hunt with.

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Went in to buy a bow madness but after shooting both I took home the bear

Version: 2013 Bear Domain


Pros: Nice and quiet. Good grip.

Cons: Na

Full review:

You won't be disappointed. Fire this against any other bow in its class ad I guarantee you will do what I did. I had owned a bear before and swore I would never own another. I went in today fully expecting to leave with a pse. I shot a mission, a Matthews and the pse. Don't get me wrong the Mathews shot great, but was considerably more expensive. The sales guy started to tell me about the improvements and insisted I shoot the bear. I shot the pse and then the bear and was so surprised I had to shoot them both again cause I was thinking to myself there's no way this bow just showed up the bow madness.

Quick, solid reliable hunting bow

Version: 2014 Bear Domain


Pros: Smooth draw, great arrow speeds, durable and kills deer!

Cons: Little creeky when drawing back in 10 degrees or colder

Full review:

Shooting 3" groups at 40 yards the same day I bought it. After 1.5 hunting seasons, still chronos within .5 for of original velocity when purchased. As an experienced hunter yet new to archery, I couldn't be more pleased with my bow

Very impressive at the range.

Version: 2014 Bear Domain


Pros: The Bear rep was knowledgable helping me with my search for a new bow. I have been shooting archery since 1980 only bow for me was PSE. NOT ANYMORE,.

Cons: I used my old single pin adjustable sight, not sure I like multi pin sights.

Full review:

I shot a side by side comparison with the PSE and Bear. I told the rep it wasn't about dollars but on fit and performance. I have owned nothing but PSE since 1980. I urge anyone to compare with an open mind. It is like getting a suit fitted for you. While I was at the range over the weekend several comments were made about the speed and accuracy of my Domain. I bought the RTH package. I did replace the four pin sight with my single pin adjustable sight. Just a personal preference.

Excellent bow for the money

Version: 2014 Bear Domain


Pros: Bear RTH value is exceptional. Speed is adequate, and the bow is short enough for my hunting needs and draw length 31". I like the accessories from Trophy Ridge well enough & bow is reliable and accurate.

Cons: bow seems a bit noisy to me and the speed and arrow plane at 50yds begins to really drop off.

Full review:

Completely satisfied. May give this bow to my youngest son as he is in need of a step up and will definitely buy another Bear. Went looking for a new bow for the 2014 season when my old bows limbs gave out. Went expecting to buy a Hoyt or PSE but after looking at each and found the value of the Bear RTH package to be exceptional. Speed is adequate, and the bow is short enough for my hunting needs and draw length 31". I like the accessories from Trophy Ridge well enough. Not sure about the whisker biscuit but no issues to report. After 2 years of hunting with this bow I have killed several deer including my largest ever with a complete pass thru at 30yds. Really pleased with this bow.

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