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Bear Done Deal

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  • Smooth single cam bow
  • Modular-adjustable eccentric system
  • Good value for money


  • Could be a bit faster
  • Factory string could be of better quality


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Editors' review

The Bear Done Deal is a smooth single cam bow with a solid back wall. While this bow is very similar to another Bear rig (the Truth 2), many shooters agree the Done Deal is a better value for money. It is said that the Done Deal is a budget version of the Truth 2. The major difference between the 2 bows is that the Done Deal does not have Winner's Choice strings.

Riser and Grip

The new Minimum Reflex Riser is engineered to deliver more accurate and more forgiving shots. This machined aluminum riser is firmly connected to the limbs through the Aluminum Pivoting Limb cups. The Done Deal is equipped with a one piece synthetic grip. Many archers say the grip is slim, comfortable, and reduces the possibility of hand torque. Therefore, if you like slim grips this rig should feel right in your hand.


The Done Deal is equipped with durable Flare Quad Limbs designed to reduce noise, vibration, and shock. The limbs go to past parallel angles at full draw and act in opposition to each other at the shot to reduce vibration and shock. They are built using Bear's compression-molded technology that delivers equal stress distribution and smooth energy release.

Eccentric system

Bear's Perimeter-Weighted Modular Single Cam eccentric system is the driving force behind advertised IBO speeds reaching 307 to 311 fps. This modular-adjustable eccentric system features a set of interchangeable modules used for changing the draw length. The draw length is adjustable over a 24"-30" range in 1 inch increments. A segment of 27 to 30 inch draw lengths is adjustable without using a bow press. In addition, each module has a string post that is used for making half-inch adjustments without changing out the module.

Draw cycle / Shootability

Having analyzed a lot of opinions about the Done Deal, we can confirm this is a good shooting rig with a smooth draw cycle, good wall, and solid silencing system. Overall, this is a solid bow for the money.

Overall quality

While many shooters say that the Done Deal is a good quality rig, they very often say the factory strings could be of better quality. While some archers are happy to shoot this bow without any tweaks, others prefer to replace the strings with a quality set. Apart from the factory strings, all other components appear to be solid. Overall, this is a good shooting rig for the money.

Value for money

BowBear Done DealBear Truth 2
Version 20092009
PictureBear Done DealBear Truth 2
Brace Height7.25 "7 "
AtA Length32.25 "33 "
Draw Length24 " - 30 "24 " - 30 "
Draw Weight50 lbs - 70 lbs40 lbs - 70 lbs
IBO Speed307 fps - 311 fps314 fps - 318 fps
Weight3.8 lbs3,9 lbs
Let-Off80% 80%
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While the Done Deal is very similar to the Bear Truth 2, the former is considered to be a better value for the money. Some archers believe that the Truth 2 is a bit overpriced and prefer to buy the Done Deal, shoot it until the string are worn, and then replace them with a better set.


To conclude, the Bear Done Deal is a smooth-drawing single cam bow with a solid back wall. While this rig is very similar to another Bear bow (the Truth 2), many archers believe the Done Deal is a better value for money. While factory strings and cables could be of better quality, this is a good quality bow as reported by many shooters. Overall, the Done Deal is a good all around bow for average shooters who prefer shooting smooth bows and who want to save money.

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awesome bow for money

Version: 2009 Bear Done Deal


Pros: value

Cons: speed( lack of)

Full review:

great looking bow,fun to shoot,great all round bow, 3-d,spots,indoor archery,hunting,bowfishing awesome camo strings ok could be better. super smooth draw and no noise afte rthe shot. awsome bow. fun fun fun fun fun

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