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Bear Finesse Review5.051 out of 1 user review


  • Affordable
  • Good speed and accuracy
  • Very forgiving brace height
  • Solid back wall


  • Some vibration (addition of stabilizer will eliminate)

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Editors' review

The Bear Finesse is an affordable and solid bow introduced to the Bear lineup for 2014 to replace the Home Wrecker and designed specifically for the female archer. With a 28 5/8" ATA, 7" brace height, and 3 pounds mass weight, this rig provides the shooter with 285 fps. The Finesse is accurate and will perform very well in any shooting situation. Whether experienced or just starting out, this is a good bow for any female or young shooter.


This rig only comes in the Realtree APG finish. It is a film-dipped finish that is durable and gives the bow a very nice appeal.


This rig is built around a forged precision-machined aircraft-grade aluminum riser. The milling process trims mass where it is not needed, while keeping the mass in critical areas. This riser is reliable, solid, and light-weight at only three pounds. The riser is capped with a pair of high-precision limb pockets. These limb pockets are designed with very exacting specs to securely hold the limbs in place whether shooting at the absolute minimum poundage, to the absolute maximum poundage this rig produces.The Bear Flared Quad Limbs are a split-limb set-up that provides a very controlled and powerful shot. These limbs are very light and very strong. These high-tensile strength limbs work together with the FH1 cam, riser, and limb pocket to give this bow a smooth draw, respectable speed, and almost no vibration.

Other Components

The bare bow package come with offset string suppressor, Bear Contraband HP strings, and a standard cable slide. The Ready to Hunt package includes a whisker biscuit, Trophy Ridge 4-pin sight, Trophy Ridge stabilizer, Trophy Ridge quiver, peep sight, and D-loop.

Eccentric System

This rig comes with Bear's all new FH1 solo cam system. It was designed for the woman shooter who wants a smooth draw cycle, speed, and the efficiency and accuracy one would expect from a high-end bow. This system puts the energy into the arrow at release giving the archer the best accuracy possible. This cam system also has a rotating module for draw length adjustments. The draw length can be adjusted between 23" and 28" in half-inch increments without a bow press. The draw length can be further adjusted by using the draw stop for fine-tuning adjustments.

Draw Cycle/Shootability

This bow has a smooth draw cycle. The bow starts smooth and build gradually throughout the shot sequence through let-off. The transition to let-off is not harsh and settles into a nice valley. When the bow is set up properly for the shooter, it has a solid back wall and is easy to hold on target. The bow limbs come in two peak draw weights of 40# or 50#. Each pair of limbs can be adjusted approximately ten pounds by simply adjusting the limb bolt. This rig was designed for the female archer, and it is easy to adjust to fit her. When it is adjusted to the shooter's specs, it is a very smooth draw, accurate, and noise and vibration is almost non-existent.

Silencing Package

The Finesse in a bare bow package is built to minimize noise and vibration out of the box, and does a decent job of it. The bow also comes with an adjustable string stop, cable slide, and a film-dipped coating that aid in noise dampening. To maximize the bows silencing, adding a stabilizer, limb dampeners, and possibly string leeches will make this bow very silent with no noticeable vibration.


The grip on this bow consists of a pair of side panel inserts. The grip is also an advanced design placing the hands in a neutral position that eliminates hand torque for improved accuracy. Comparisons[VS]bear-finesse,bear-home-wreckerThe Bear Home Wrecker was a very popular rig for the female archer. How does the Bear Finesse match up to its predecessor? Since both bows are Bear product, and both geared toward the female archer, it is only natural the find they are quite similar. The Home Wrecker has one inch more ATA and one additional inch of draw length. It also has one inch shorter brace height. The Finesse is marketed as having an additional 5 fps more than the Home Wrecker.While the Finesse is a new rig in the Bear lineup, the Home Wrecker hit the field in 2011. The Home Wrecker uses a Zero-Tolerance limb pocket while the Finesse uses a High Precision limb pocket. The finishes are also slightly different as the Finesse comes in the Realtree APG and the Home Wrecker had the Realtree Max-1. Both bows came in a bare bow package and a Ready to Hunt package and retailed for $399 for the bare bow.Since the Finesse is a newer bow, technological advances in bow design help make this bow inherently smoother and quieter than the Home Wrecker out of the box. The Home Wrecker can easily be found online today in a Ready to Hunt state for $400 and up, while the Finesse starts at $399 for a bare bow package.

Usage Scenarios

This rig was designed for the female archer. It will easily fit into any shooting scenario the archer desires to go into. It will work well on the 3D course, target range, or hunting situations. With a 28 5/8" ATA and a 7" brace height, this rig is a perfect fit for a ground blind too. At only three pounds, this rig will also carry well when she is hiking to her favorite hunting spot without weighing her down.


This bow is new to the Bear lineup for 2014. It has an affordable price tag of $399 for the bare bow package. It can also be purchased in a Ready to Hunt package for an additional $100 - $150. For the woman looking for a solid shooter at a reasonable price, this bow is definitely one to look at


The Bear Finesse is the new replacement for the Home Wrecker. It is designed with the female archer in mind and offers her an excellent and affordable option to shoot. The rig comes in a Realtree APG camo finish with pink accents. This rig is built on a strong machined aluminum riser with Bear's Flared Quad limb and an FH1 solo cam system. With a 28 5/8" ATA and a 7" brace height, this bow pumps out an arrow at an IBO of 285 fps. The Finesse also comes in two max draw weights: 40# and 50#.The rig is priced in the lower end of compound bows, making it an affordable option, especially for the beginner or the archer on a budget. The grip for this bow has been slightly redesigned so that it puts the hand in a more natural position to prevent torque. With the addition of a stabilizer, this bow will have no noticeable vibration for the shooter and will shoot well for years to come.
Bear Finesse Review5.051

User Reviews

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  1. It’s really light, quiet and fun to shoot.

    Version: 2014 Bear Finesse


    Pros: A very light bow. Compact and easy to carry around. The vibrations are extremely minimal.The right price.

    Cons: I just purchased it so I haven’t noticed any cons so far.

    Full review:
    I really like it! It’s a very light bow even with all the equipment on. After I draw it back I can hold it for a very long time which I really like. I like the the size of it, it feels compact and easy to carry around. The grip is a great size for a woman’s smaller hands. It should be easy to carry around in the bush. The vibrations are extremely minimal without putting any dampeners on it. It’s a great bow for smaller women, I’m only about 5′3 so it feels good to shoot and just my size. It’s the the right price for the package. I haven’t really found a con for it yet. I do need to do more field testing with it. All around a great women’s bow.

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