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Bear Home Wrecker

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  • Great shootability
  • Lightweight
  • 80% let off
  • Pink graphics and string that will appeal to the lady archer


  • The grip has very small side plates that might give a cold feel when the temp drops.


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Editors' review

For their 2011 line up Bear hasn't forgotten the ladies in archery with the introduction of the Homewrecker. It has eye catching features like pink graphics and strings but is no slouch when it comes to performance and shootabilty either. With a value price tag of $399 msrp this bow will be a very viable choice for the female archer this year.


The Home Wrecker's finish is a durable and high definition coating. It comes in Realtree Max-1 camouflage with pink graphics. The limb pockets and cams have an olive colored finish also.


The riser on this rig is a rigid one piece machined aluminum riser. The riser has 9 cut outs along its length that contributes to the bows light 3.2 pound mass weight.

Limb/Limb Pockets

The Homewrecker comes equipped with flared quad limbs that rest in the beyond parallel position. These limbs are compression molded and are designed to distribute stress evenly over the limbs. The limb pockets are pivoting limb cups that encapsulate the ends of the limbs and produce a tight limb to riser fit.


Outfitted on the Home Wrecker is a grip that is slim in design with side plates. With the side plates on this grip being rather small, it could have a rather cold feel when using this bow in cold weather situations.

Eccentric System

This rig has a single cam and idler wheel system with a perimeter weight and is very smooth and efficient. The draw weight range on this system is 30 to 50 pounds with 280 fps IBO and a comfortable 80% let off. The draw length range is 22 to 28" that is adjustable without the aid of a bow press and has an axle to axle length of 29 3/4".

RTH system and other components

RTH stands for "ready to hunt" which basically means with that package it includes everything you need to grab your arrows & release and start shooting the bow. The components included in this package are a Trophy Ridge sight, whisker biscuit rest, quiver, stabilizer and wrist sling with a string loop and peep sight included as well. This package is a value at around an additional $100. Also equipped on every Home Wrecker are dual arc string suppressors. These greatly reduce noise and vibration at the shot.


The draw cycle of the Home Wrecker is very smooth all the way through to full draw. Once at full draw it has a decently solid back wall and with 80 % let off it can be held for a good amount of time without your arm getting tired. When shot this bow has very little shock or vibration and its very quiet as well.


The Home Wrecker is very comparable to the other bows designed for women out on the market. It has similar performance and draw weight & length ranges but at the same time has one of the most economical price tags of women's bows out on the market.


This bow could be used as a precision hunting rig or for recreational use. It would be great for beginners as well due to its smoothness, shootability and economical price tag. With its light weight and short axle to axle frame this would be great from a tree stand or ground blind.


To summarize, the Bear Home Wrecker would be a viable option for the lady archer in 2011. With having attributes like smoothness, light mass weight and a very comfortable 80% let off this could be just the rig for anyone from a beginner to someone not looking to break the bank on a weapon. It has eye catching features like pink graphics and strings that will appeal to many women as well.

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It was the first one I shot and after shooting multiple others its the one I kept coming back to.

Version: 2012 Bear Home Wrecker


Pros: It's light easy to take into the field and get in and out of a tree stand and its very quite. when shooting with buddies my is very often quieter than theirs.

Cons: It comes with pink on it. I may be female and almost didn't even want to try and shoot it just because it had pink on it. I wish that there would be more hunting items for women that didn't have pink on them.

Full review:

Perfect for the lady hunter.

Version: 2012 Bear Home Wrecker




Full review:

Lightweight, easy to shoot, quiet, and aesthetically pleasing. (If you don't like the pink - change the string, cable, and the plates on your grip. Problem solved.) the let-off at 80% makes it easy to hold at full draw for a long period of time without feeling fatigued. This bow felt the best in my hands, it has a smooth draw and no noise or vibration. The only con is the draw weight can only go up to 50 lbs, and shoots rather slow at 280 fps. The plates on the grip get cold in cold weather, but its nothing gloves can't fix. Overall, I love this bow and definitely recommend it to lady hunters.

I love this bow. Its perfect for lady bowhunters like myself, and there isn't too much pink!

Version: 2013 Bear Home Wrecker


Pros: Lightweight, very quiet, smooth draw, comfortable 80% letoff, no vibration after the shot, economically and aesthetically pleasing. I LOVE this bow.

Cons: The plates on the grip get cold in cold weather, relatively slow at 280 fps IBO.

Full review:

I absoultely love this bow. It was the first one I picked up and it felt great in my hand. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, but it shoots great! I have my bow set at 45 lbs with a 27" draw length. Coming to full draw is smooth, and the letoff at 80% makes it easy to hold for a long period of time. It is very quiet, and after the shot there is no vibration. The overall weight of the bow, including the sight, stabilizer, and arrow rest, is very light and easy to carry. Its smaller size is perfect for when I hunt in a ground blind. The only downside is the slower IBO speed at only 280 fps and the draw weight maxes out at 50lbs. I want to eventually pull back 55-60lbs. Overall - this bow is perfect for lady hunters, it's easy to shoot and doesn't have too much pink. :)

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