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  • Good speed and accuracy
  • Very forgiving brace height
  • Aesthetically pleasing; the pink accents are a nice touch


  • Expensive
  • Spongy back wall
  • Slow


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The Bear Rumor is high-end, high-performance bow introduced to the Bear lineup for 2014. It is specifically for the female archer. With a 30 1/4" ATA, 6.5" brace height, and 3.6 pounds mass weight, this rig is marketed as offering the shooter with 300 fps. The Rumor is accurate and will perform very well in any shooting situation. Whether experienced or just starting out, this is a good bow for any female or young shooter.


This rig comes in either Realtree Max1 or Shadow (black).


This rig is built around a forged precision-machined aircraft-grade aluminum riser for strength while reducing the overall mass of the bow. The milling process removes the weight from less critical areas of the riser, while maintaining all the strength needed to give the shooter the utmost confidence in their equipment. This bow has a total mass weight of only 3.6 pounds. The bow mixes pink accents with the look of a serious hunting bow that appeal to the woman archer. This bow comes with a pair of Max-Preloaded Bear Quad Limbs in 40#, 50#, or 60# max draw weights. This split-limb design provides proven power to maximize every shot. These limbs are made from a high-tensile strength composite with precision Zero-Tolerance Limb Pockets that mate the limbs and riser exceptionally well. This fit gives the bow a solid vibration-dampening character. Add in the FH2 cams, and you have an incredibly smooth drawing bow that is shock-free and offers good speed.The limbs are held in place by a pair of Zero-Tolerance two-piece pockets. This system provides a high-precision locked-in fit and are the tightest pockets available. They also ensure no unnecessary movement within the pocket further enhancing the total power of the bow.

Other Components

This bow is usually found in a bare bow configuration. It does, however, have a few additional components, such as a 4x4 Roller Guard, and Dual Offset Adjustable String Suppressors. This rig can be purchased in a Ready to Hunt package, for about $125 more than retail, but for the price of this bow, it is recommended to spend the extra money and fit it with exactly what you want.

Eccentric System

This rig comes with Bear's all new FH2 dual cam system. The FH2 is a Synchronized Hybrid Cam system that was designed specifically for the female archer. It is designed to optimize the power of the Rumor and provide the efficiency to make the most of every shot. This cam system, paired with the Quad Limbs produce a very respectable 300 fps with 75 percent let-off.The FH2 contains a rotating module and offers easy draw length adjustment without a bow press. This rig can be adjusted from 23.5" - 27" in half-inch increments, simply by removing the screws securing the module and rotating it into position, the re-securing the screws. This can be done in a matter of minutes and requires the use of a single hex wrench. This cam system also provides a very smooth draw cycle that makes it a very easy shooting bow.

Draw Cycle/Shootability

This bow has a silky smooth draw cycle. Test shooters were very impressed with the draw cycle, but did have some reservations with the spongy back wall. Regardless of the draw weight, this rig starts smooth, and finishes smooth, and transitions easily into a very good valley. At 75 percent let-off, it is also easy to hold on target. The bow limbs come in peak draw weights of 40#, 50#, or 60#. Each pair of limbs can be adjusted approximately ten pounds by simply adjusting the limb bolt. The draw weight is also dependent on the draw length. The advertised speed is said to be 300 fps at max weight and length. When tested, the shooters bows were set to around 26" and 45# and were only able to get 198 fps from the test bows. This rig was designed for the female archer, and it is easy to adjust to fit her. When it is adjusted to the shooter's specs, it is a very smooth draw, accurate, and noise and vibration is almost non-existent.

Silencing Package

The Rumor in a bare bow package is built to minimize noise and vibration out of the box, and does a good job of it. The bow also comes with dual adjustable string stops and a 4x4 Cable guard had helps with the noise and vibration reduction as well. If the purchaser does opt for a RTH package, the stabilizer will only enhance an already quiet bow.


The grip on this bow is customizable for the female archer. It comes with a removable over-mold that is black with hot pink accents. If the shooter does not want the over-mold grip, it can be easily removed with a hex wrench, in about a minute. There, the shooter will find a standard side-panel grip. This non-slip grip is designed a little smaller than normal to better fit the female hand.


BowBear RumorG5 Quest Bliss
Version 20152013
PictureBear RumorG5 Quest Bliss
Brace Height6.5 "7 "
AtA Length30.25 "31 "
Draw Length23.5 " - 27 "23 " - 27 "
Draw Weight30 lbs - 60 lbs30 lbs - 60 lbs
IBO Speed300 fps290 fps
Weight3.6 lbs4.05 lbs
Let-Off75% 80%
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The Bear Rumor is new to the 2014 lineup, and is designed with the female archer in mind. It is lightweight, compact, and offers everything the female archer would want in a bow. As with any other bow purchase, it is always recommended to compare multiple bows and choose the one that suits the shooter best. As an example, compare the Rumor to the G5 Quest Bliss.Both of these bows are specifically designed with the woman archer in mind. The Bliss is 3/4" longer with an ATA of 31". It also gives the shooter an additional half inch of brace height and a little more forgiveness. The Bliss also offers 1/2" more draw length adjustment on the bottom end. At 40# and 27" draw, the Bliss is said to provide 290 fps. The Bliss only comes in two peak weight limb sets (30# - 45# and 45# - 60#), and weights a half pound more total.Both of these rigs have a super smooth draw cycle, accurate, and easy for the female archer to shoot. Both are forgiving, and have virtually no noise or vibration. The Bliss retails for $399 where the Bear is classed as a high-end bow and is prices as such at $899 for the bare bow package.

Usage Scenarios

This rig was designed for the female archer. It will easily fit into any shooting scenario the archer desires to go into. It will work well on the 3D course, target range, or hunting situations. With a 30 1/4" ATA and a 6.5" brace height, this rig is a perfect fit for a ground blind too. At only 3.6 pounds, this rig will also carry well when she is hiking to her favorite hunting spot without weighing her down.


This bow is new to the Bear lineup for 2014. It is a high-end, high performance bow and has a healthy price tag of $899. Bear has become synonymous with big box stores in recent years and are usually prices as such. This is a very good bow, but there are other bows on the market that offer the same shootability, accuracy, and comfort for much less.


The Bear Rumor is the new in the Bear lineup for 2014. It is marketed as a high-end, high-performance rig specifically for the ladies. It is smooth, quiet, and accurate, and will please all the lady archers. With a 30 1/4" ATA, 6.5" brace height, and a mere 3.6 pounds, this rig will follow the female archer anywhere she wishes to take it. The rig comes in a Realtree Max1 or Shadow finish and is a very nice looking bow. The pink accents set it apart from the rest. The bow is very strong and offers the shooter a choice of three peak weight limb sets and a dual cam system that is easily adjustable to fit her perfectly. It offers decent speed, based on test shots, but is not going to move at lightning speed. The rig is priced in the middle of the compound bow market, and is about average for pricing of all compound bows, but a little high for bows designed for women.

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