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  • Easy to adjust draw length
  • Dead in the hand
  • Smooth
  • Good speed


  • A little loud


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Editors' review

The 2013 Bear Siren is a bow that should be well known by any female archer. This is a bow designed for serious female archers and Bear has taken designing this bow serious themselves. With their top end bows continuing to improve so is the rest of their line up including the Siren. Bear claims to be putting a lot of effort toward consumer requests and their desires for bow engineering. This bow is Bear's top end "female" bow. This single cam bow has good speed and it feels good to shoot. It is ideal for hunting and is the Official Bow of Realtree Girl.


The color options available for the Siren include Realtree APG, and Shadow Series (black). The Realtree APG is not glossy in any way and the Shadow Series have some what of a semi-gloss finish. Both colors have seemed to be durable without any complaints of peeling or flaking. The colors both have a great appearance and it all depends on the archer's taste as to which she will choose.


The riser on this bow has a good look that is consistent with the looks of the majority of Bear's line up. The Siren measures 31" axel to axel. It is 2.375" longer than its sister female bow by Bear, the Home Wrecker and .6lbs. heavier. There are dual string suppressors integrated into the riser that Bear is known for. It comes standard with a stabilizer bushing as most bows. This bow has split limbs as does Bear's entire compound line up now. These Max Pre-Load Quad Limbs are on all of their high end bows. Zero Tolerance Limb Pockets are used to connect the limbs to the riser. An interference fit between the limb, the boot, and the pocket is created with these connecters. It eliminates any movement between the limbs and the riser.


The grip on the Siren is basically the bare riser with sideplates. It has a pretty narrow neck and balances out well in the hand with no torque. The side plates have "Bear" engraved on them in pink. They have a good look and a good feel, but might get a little cold on hands in cold hunting conditions.

String Suppressors

Bear sticks to their well know dual offset string suppressors on the Siren. They have a great look and are also great at what their meant to do. With the adjustability they offer they can be fitted to anyone's style. The thick rubber boots at the ends of the suppressors help to soften the contact of the string and suppressors. These string suppressors do great at killing any vibration and silencing both.

Eccentric System

The FH cam is the fuel behind the single cam Siren. It has a rotating module and the draw lengths can be adjusted without the use of a bow press or changing cams. It adjusts from 22" to 27". The FH cam was designed specifically "For Her" with performance at shorter draw lengths. Bear also says that it was designed by requests made from top notch female archers. It has proved itself to be deadly in the field. It has 75% let off and is available in 40, 50, and 60 lb. draw weights. The IBO is rated at 300 fps, however, that is at a 27" draw, 60lbs. of draw weight, and a 300 grain arrow. This equates to an approximate IBO speed of about 333 fps at the standard testing settings. This is great speed for a single cam bow.

Draw Cycle/Shoot Ability

The draw of this bow has a good feeling and is smooth. It seems to be balanced out very well during the draw and at full draw. The valley is safe feeling with plenty of room to relax just enough. It has some hand shock at the shot, but nothing that a stabilizer wouldn't cure. It would also help a bit with the noise, although it is already pretty quiet. Vibration is also at a minimum thanks in large part to the dual string suppressors. The slide type cable guard does what it is meant for, but it is not quite as smooth as a roller guards.

Silencing Package

The Siren is not loud by any means and has very little recoil at the shot. The dual string suppressors, once again, play a big role in silencing this bow. There is nothing added to the stock Contra-Band strings and cables for silencing and there is nothing needed. Another attribute to silencing this bow are the Zero Tolerance Limb Pockets that hold the limbs secure to the riser.


BowBear SirenBear Home Wrecker
Version 20132013
PictureBear SirenBear Home Wrecker
Brace Height6.75 "7.25 "
AtA Length31 "28.5 "
Draw Length22 " - 27 "22 " - 28 "
Draw Weight30 lbs - 60 lbs40 lbs - 50 lbs
IBO Speed300 fps280 fps
Weight3.8 lbs3.2 lbs
Let-Off75% 80%
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The Bear Home Wrecker is another bow in their line up that is marketed for girls. It is also a quality bow, but the Siren is a little higher end. Although its' price tag is about $200 more than the Home Wrecker, at $599.99, it is a higher performing bow that shoots about 20 fps faster. The Siren is Bear's top female bow, but the Home Wrecker may still be a better feel for some beginners or less experienced shooters. The Home Wrecker is almost 2.5" shorter and is .6 lbs. lighter. It brace height is also .5" longer than the Siren. Although it is still smooth, the Bear Siren has a more aggressive cam that also gives it a little more ridged draw cycle than the Home Wrecker. This is one of the reasons that may make the Home Wrecker a better for a more novice archer.

Perfect Usage

The perfect shooter for this bow is experienced female hunter. Some girls may use it for 3D competition in some of the hunter classes. Hunting is really what this bow is built for and it also has great single cam speed. At 31" axle to axle it is also quite compact for some of the tighter hunting situations.


The Siren has been field tested by women, for women, and delivering what they asked for in a cam, grip, draw cycle, and release. It is designed to work ideal in the hands of top-tier female hunters. Bear technology continues to improve like it has for the last few years now. It's speed is impressive not only for a single cam bow, but for a bow that is built for women makes it even more awesome. It has a good look with the riser and dual string suppressors combined. The subtle pink accents look great and should be attractive to many. It will handle a wide range of sizes and strengths with draw weights of 40 lbs. to 60 lbs. and lengths from 22" to 27". With the ease of adjustment it can be done without any extensive tools or technique. The Bear/Trophy Ridge customer service department is second to none and they really take their time to satisfy the owner. Any serious female archer would love this bow and would be making a mistake to not give it a shot if looking for a new bow.

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