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Bear Strike

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Bear Strike Review5.0514 out of 14 user reviews


  • Very forgiving and smooth single cam bow
  • Little hand shock and vibration
  • Easily adjustable draw length (without changing out modules)
  • Good value for money


  • Not a speed bow

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Bear Strike Review5.0514

User Reviews

  • 14 reviews
  • ( out of 14 reviews for all versions)
  1. A great bow at a great price

    Version: 2010 Bear Strike


    Pros: A forgiving 7 3/4" brace height, compact size, dual string suppresors, dead quite, no hand shock

    Cons: Maybe a differnt grip something like the attak or truth 2

    Full review:
    Bear strike
    QAD ultra-rest hd
    throphy rigde micro alpha v3 dovetail
    Dionker dish
    Limbsaver split limb dampers
    Limbsaver string leaches
    Carbon express mayhem 350

    I outfitted it with limbsaver product to insure dead quite

  2. I would pick this bow blindfolded.

    Version: 2010 Bear Strike


    Pros: perfect axle to axle length for tight spots, extremely smooth draw with a very relaxed let-off, super quiet, moderately light, consistently accurate

    Cons: couldn’t think of a thing

    Full review:
    I bought this bow in early march of this year. After setting it up, I have been nothing but impressed with this short axle bow. It is very nimble and extremely quiet. I have shot quite a few of the new " big name " bows for this year and none of them were even close to as quiet as this bow. The arc string dampers help dramatically in eliminating hand shock. I also am very impressed with the surprising amount of speed versus the easy draw on this bow. I have mine set at 60lbs and it feels easier to draw than my PSE fishing bow @ 40lbs. Even at 40 yards, I am pounding arrows clean through a brand new McKenzie shot block. But hey, you don’t have to take my word for it. Go out and shoot any of the 2010 BEAR bows and I promise, even if you are biased, the first thing you will say after your first shot will be " Whoa! "

  3. This is a great bow at a great price

    Version: 2010 Bear Strike


    Pros: price ,quality,looks,trophy ridge acc,the way it handles and shoots

    Cons: i have nothing bad to say about the strike

    Full review:
    the feel of the bow is good the speed seems to be fine the weight is good i like the fact you can change the draw with out a press. and the bow looks great, looks like you payed alot more than i did .i just dont think you can beat this bow for the price im shooting out to 30 yards with one pin im not going to say names but i had 1200:00 in one of the top selling bows had to have a pin every five yards

  4. Great Bow

    Version: 2010 Bear Strike


    Pros: Light weight, Accurate, Low price, Very forgiving.

    Cons: speed?

    Full review:
    I bought this bow after a few years lay off of bow hunting, It has been a great bow. Groups well out to 60 yards, thats as far as I shoot it. It is smooth and Very forgiving. I like how you can change the draw length without a bow press, just need a screwdriver.

  5. Great Bow

    Version: 2010 Bear Strike


    Pros: Quiet. Comfortable. Accurate. Fun to Shoot. Smooth.

    Cons: None

    Full review:
    I am a beginning bow hunter and fell in love with this bow as soon as I shot it at the store. I have since put over 800 arrows through and love it. Keeps a tight pattern at 40yard – my furthest target shooting yet. Very quiet. Let my Dad shoot it and he loved it. He has never shot a modern bow and now talks about getting one himself. This was a great bow for my first purchase and now has me hooked.

  6. great bow

    Version: 2010 Bear Strike


    Pros: Everything about the bow is great.

    Cons: None!

    Full review:
    It took me about three months to decide which bow i was going to buy. I was looking at three bows at the time. I was interested in a diamond rock, Martin Bone hunter and the Bear Strike. Tested all three and went with The bear. I bought it for under four hundred ready to hunt package. Dont believe all the bs some people tell you about bear bows being junk. To them if its not hoyt or bowtech its not good. Totally wrong.

  7. This Bear is a great product.

    Version: 2011 Bear Strike


    Pros: Super quiet, smooth, and forgiving. Very nice for the price.

    Cons: Grip?

    Full review:
    Short and sweet. This is the bow for the hunter/archer who wants shorter axel to axel, with the proformance/reliability of a long limbed stick and string. This bow works great for me considering I do most of my hunting from a summit climber. I dont have to worry about knocking the bottom limb on my safety rail(with the bear) and can focus the most critical time on whats most important..the shot.

  8. This is an awesome bow, and has a fair price.

    Version: 2011 Bear Strike


    Pros: The pros about this bow is the accuracy, lightweight, quiet, and very deadly.

    Cons: There isnt many cons about this bow at all.

    Full review:
    Short and to the point, this bow is an amazing bow. from its nice compact size to its amazing accuracy if sited in well. For me this fits everything I look in a bow and is perfect. I keep bringing accuracy up when reviewing this because this bow is just a nail driver. Just the other day when I was finished siting it in I was shooting at 25yrds which isnt to far but I ended up shooting one arrow and sticking it into another arrow.(I was only shooting 5 arrows at the time.)

  9. Great Bow

    Version: 2010 Bear Strike


    Pros: Quality, weight, and cost

    Cons: Grip

    Full review:
    Two things,
    1st: 1st shot = 1st buck, enuff said.
    2nd: Tennis raquet tape on the ice cold handle helps.

    Has been a great bow so far and very pleased with the performance. comfortable when the grip is altered, and that is the most important thing IMO for a successful shot.

  10. I love this bow!

    Version: 2011 Bear Strike


    Pros: Super quite, accurate bow. I held and shoot several higher priced bows and just kept coming back to the Strike.

    Cons: cams a little rough on stock string.

    Full review:
    Ive been shooting Bear bows for 20+ years. I bought the Lighting Strike in 1999 and shot it for 11 years. I tested several other higher priced bows. But I just kept coming back to the Bear. I was a little nervous going with such a short ATA after shooting a 36" for so long. Took a little getting used to but really like it now. Just switched the whisker bisquit out to a NAP Apache carbow drop away (WOW). Gained a lot of velocity had to end up moving my first pin. Im getting ready to put a new string on. Have read every review I can find. Thinking about Vapor Trail or Proline. If anyone has any suggestions would love to hear them.

  11. this bow is smooth and quiet

    Version: 2011 Bear Strike


    Pros: all ready said it

    Cons: easy to torque to one side or other

    Full review:
    easy to maneuver in the stand. love how quiet this bow is, friends have Mathews and thay say its quiet. smooth draw, no jump in the shot.shooting 425 grain x weave arrows, getting 255 feet per.dont know what else to say I love it.

  12. Great bow at an amazing price.

    Version: 2011 Bear Strike


    Pros: Very easy to draw and hold because of the 80% let off
    Easy to move through the forest with because of it’s short length

    Cons: I didn’t care for the sight. the pins are rather large.

    Full review:
    I have a shoulder issue that can cause problems when shooting a bow. Being new to archery I had the mindset that I would purchase what worked bet for me. I wasn’t going to let price decide what I should get. I wanted the best bow for me. I shot every major bow manufacturer and it came down to a Mathews and the Bear. It was a toss up for me. And, so price did come into play.
    Since my purchase I removed the stock sight and whisker biscuit and have put on a new TruGlo 7 pin micro sight and Ripcord Code Red drop rest. I can honestly say the bow shoots faster and I am even more accurate. I can consistently hit a small paper plate at 85 yards.
    I don’t think you can go wrong with this bow. It is fantastic for a true beginner. And, it’ performance and speed would impress the most advanced archery hunter.

  13. Great bow, quiet, powerful, easy to shoot, very reliable , great Value for money

    Version: 2011 Bear Strike


    Pros: Very quiet, great value, accurate , compact bow, this is my first compound bow and I must say what great value for money, and also very quiet, well pleased !!

    Cons: Ermm, not carbon!

  14. 3 deer in 3 trips. Nuff said.

    Version: 2011 Bear Strike


    Pros: Easy draw, quiet, missed once- deer couldn’t see where arrow came from- so I shot it on my 2nd try.

    Cons: A little heavy- if you’re a wuss. Not super powerful – but no amateur hunters shoot past 40 yards effectively anyway.

    Full review:
    I’ve owned my bear strike for 4 years and I’m yet to see why anyone feels the need to spend more on a bow (except to weeny wave). I’ve ready awful reviews about the new Matthews and some of the other big names- but I’m yet to read something bad about this bow. It’s gonna be hard to move on to a new product until something amazing comes by that can actually make me a better hunter.
    But like my pappy always says- it’s not the equipment – it’s the "ER"
    The HuntER
    The FishER
    The SkiER

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