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  from $400


  • Decently affordable price of $649
  • Acceptable 338 feet per second
  • Desirable all around specifications for a hunting bow


  • Lacks a few technology upgrades offered on the flagship models


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Editors' review

Bear has a really great offering with the Traxx model, which they designed to be the best in regards to high end technology and affordability. With a bare bow price of $649 or a fully set up option for $749, the Bear Traxx is a looker for sure. The Traxx is missing some of the most recent Bear engineered technology, but it is also considerably less than the price of the flagship models as well. This bow fits the description of a hunting bow very well, and has great performance with speeds up to 338 feet per second, along with a brace height of 6.75-inches. The hybrid cam is smooth drawing as well, making the Traxx a frontrunner for anyone wanting a new hunting bow from Bear Archery.


Bear offers the Traxx is two separate finish options, which both come with black dipped limbs. Shooters wanting a camo bow can opt for Realtree Xtra Green, while those wanting an all black look will go for the Shadow design. Each option is done well, and the grooves and cutouts are properly coated. The finish should withstand the stress and abuse placed on it by hunters demanding the most out of their equipment, and it will look pretty good in the process. There are many shooters that like a fully matching bow, and for those shooters, it is unfortunate Bear does not offer the Traxx limbs dipped in Realtree Xtra Green. The black does not look bad, but not all shooters want a mix of finish patterns on their bow.


The riser gets a newly designed look and feel, which appears more like the top of the line Bear models than it does the budget friendly models. Again, the Traxx attempts to mix the best of affordability and available technology, so the fresh riser look helps give it the upper end look. The cutouts are pretty well rounded, and with the dual string suppressors, help give the bow a unique design. Bare bow, the Bear Traxx tips the scales at the magical 4-pound mark, making it right in the middle between what many consider to be a light bow and one that others feel is too heavy.The string suppressors on the top and bottom of the riser give the Traxx a neat look fairly unique to Bear Archery. These suppressors are adjustable, and can be fine tuned to meet the needs of each archers specific shooting style. The suppressors will more than likely be in the correct alignment right out of the box, but those wanting to tweak them for the best fit have the option to do so. One of the areas with a large difference between the flagship Bear offerings and the Traxx is the choice of cable slide. High end Bear bows have a flexing guard, which helps eliminate cable causing torque to the riser ultimately leading to a better performing bow. The Traxx is outfitted with a traditional cable slide system, and although it is an old standby, it is not at the top of the list for Bear engineering advancements.


The grip is arguably the most intimate part of choosing which bow is right for each shooter. It is the only constant connecting point between the bow and the shooter, and it has to be comfortable in order to achieve the best possible shooting results. The good news is, the Traxx allows for two separate options, both with a different feel. The rubber grip, which is the larger of the two, can be removed for shooters wanting a slimmer option right off the riser. Each of the grips are a bit on the blocky side, but they are comfortable and easy to repeat shot after shot. It is nice to have the choice to shoot either grip, but more than likely shooters will have one that works better than the other based on personal preference.


Characteristic of Bear Archery, the split limbs are also the limb of choice for the Traxx model. These limbs work with the geometry of the bow to allow a highly loaded configuration as the bow reaches full draw. Maximum draw weights are offered in 50, 60, and 70-pounds and can be lowered ten-pounds below the max. The limb pockets holding the split limbs to the riser. The limbs are able to pivot using a high strength barrel nut. As mentioned earlier, it would be nice for the limbs to be offered in the Realtree pattern, but the black limbs and the orange accent colors look nice.

Eccentric System

The H13 Hybrid cam is one of the largest selling points of the Traxx bow with adjustments between 26.5-31-inches without the need to replace the cams or obtain a different module. The rotating module is all that is required to adjust within the entire range of the Traxx. With 75% let-off, the Traxx still boasts IBO speeds up to 338 feet per second all with a comfortable feel throughout the entire draw force curve.

Draw Cycle/Shootability

The H13 cams have the typical hybrid cam feel that effortlessly stacks up to peak draw weight before dipping into the forgiving valley and resting against a solid back wall. The transition from peak weight to the let-off feels great as the weight simply lightens up. This comes at a spot in the draw cycle when shooters have less strength to continue pulling the same draw weight. When holding into the solid back wall, shooters are able to hold on target without much pin movement. For an axel to axel measurement of 31 5/8-inches, the Traxx really holds like a longer bow. While holding on target, there is a little room for relaxing without the bow string wanting to dart forward. This can come in handy when holding on a game animal at full draw when nerves start to creep in.After the shot, there is a dull thwack and a thud of the arrow hitting the target. There is little to no vibration felt in the riser of the bow as the suppressors do a nice job canceling out vibration and noise. The almost 7-inch brace height is easy to get used to as well making the bow a good mix of forgiving and fast. To be honest, it is tough to find anything not to like about the Traxx bow.

Usage Scenarios

The Traxx bow was designed with hunters in mind. That means the performance, accuracy, forgiveness, and comfort of drawing and holding on target are optimal for those wanting to hone their shooting skills for the ultimate test hunting has to offer. The hybrid cam system feels great and still produces the power needed to bring down big game animals.

Ready to Hunt Package

The Ready to Hunt Package is an additional $100, but it takes a lot away from shooters wanting to shoot their bow right out of the box. The Trophy Ridge accessories include a whisker biscuit rest, a five pin sight, five arrow quiver, stabilizer and wrist sling, peep sight and D loop. These accessories are nice, but may not be the accessories of choice for experienced shooters. More than likely, the ready to hunt package is going to appeal to newer shooters just wanting to get started as quickly as possible. Again, for $100 the accessory package offered is a great bargain, but those wanting to hand pick how they want to set up their bow may choose other options.

Bear Traxx vs. Bear Agenda 6

BowBear TraxxBear Agenda 6
Version 20162015
PictureBear TraxxBear Agenda 6
Brace Height6.75 "6 "
AtA Length31.625 "32 "
Draw Length26.5 " - 31 "25.5 " - 30 "
Draw Weight50 lbs - 70 lbs40 lbs - 70 lbs
IBO Speed338 fps350 fps
Weight4.0 lbs3.9 lbs
Let-Off75% 75%
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The specifications of these two bows are similar on paper. The Bear Traxx is an attempt to remain a budget conscious offering for Bear, so it does not have all the bells and whistles the Agenda does. With that being said, shooters opting for the Traxx are only giving up a few feet per second from a performance standpoint. The Bear Agenda 6 is going to include all the most recent technology offered by Bear Archery, which may be worth the additional $200 for some, but not worth it for others. Those wanting to go with the RTH Traxx Package can have a fully set up bow for cheaper than the Agenda 6. Those able to spend the money should try out both options and see which one fits them the best, but both are great bows with similar specifications.


The Bear Traxx is a great bow with it being pretty difficult to find any major flaws with. Bear has always done well producing bow models that fit a large variety of customer needs. Bear designed the Traxx to be the best bang for the buck so to speak. They incorporated as many new technologies as possible while still being able to maintain a lower than flagship price tag without sacrificing much performance. Shooters needing to have the latest and greatest equipment may not be interested in the Traxx. However, for hundreds less than the Bear flagship models, and minimal sacrifice in performance, the Traxx deserves a serious test shoot. Ultimately, the final decision will be based on personal preference, but this bow should make the short list of those to try from Bear.

User Reviews

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Great Bow for the Money!!!!!!!!

Version: 2015 Bear Traxx


Pros: Can be had for very reasonable price. Fast and Forgiving. Unbeatable in the price range.

Cons: Not the cream of the crop. Probably would spend the extra couple hundred for a top tier bow over this one at 750.

Full review:

I have only posted one review in my entire life but this bow deserves some good press. At first I was skeptical about ordering this bow since I found it on eBay for under half of what cabelas was charging for it. I went ahead and picked it up and I could not be happier. Granted this is only my 3rd compound but it sure does put on a show when compared to the PSE stinger, Bear Cruzer and Diamond DB-1 which are all in the same price bracket if one is looking in the appropriate places. Do not underestimate this bow I have a couple layers of hay bales stacked in my yard and one day I felt froggy and decided to shoot a water bottle off of the top of my target. The arrow went through the hay bales and ended up going all the way to the fletching through the 4x4 behind the bales jacking up my fence. Ain't never seen that before

Far superior to my old Mathews DXT

Version: 2016 Bear Traxx


Pros: 60lb draws like 55lb on my DXT, very quiet, little to no torque,and accuracy is great. Also, contrary to some, I love the Black Shadow pkg.

Cons: No aftermarket grips available

Full review:

See comments above; Very shooter friendly bow and has the appearance of high end bows. It is quiet , it is fast, it provides a very smooth draw for those of us with some shoulder wear. It has allowed me to upgrade from my older Mathews to a class bow without going through a 4 week shooting adjustment cycle.

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