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  • Affordable price with an MSRP of $649
  • Great specifications for a hunting bow
  • Smooth drawing single cam bow with lots of adjustment


  • Some shooters may prefer a roller guard system
  • 322 feet per second is not blazing fast, even for a single cam


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Editors' review

The Bear Tremor is another wonderful addition to the Bear lineup. Bear does a great job on producing a lot of bow for each price point, and the Tremor does just that for an MSRP of $649. The single cam has 9 different draw lengths available in half-inch increments from 27-31-inches along with a 30-pounds of draw weight in three separate limb configurations, meaning the Tremor will work for a lot of people. The flagship Bear models do feature a roller guard system, which the Tremor does not, but the tried and true cable guard is still a decent option. The Tremor is not too fast clocking in at 322 feet per second, but the smooth draw cycle is a difference maker for many shooters. Overall, the Tremor is a great option for someone wanting a solid hunting bow for a decent price.


Realtree X-tra Green is the camouflage pattern of choice for the Tremor, outfitted with black split limbs. Shooters wanting an all black model have the option to go with the Shadow model, which is solid black. Both models have orange limb decals and a black rubber grip featuring a white logo. The bow looks and feels nice in hand, and the popular camo pattern can be matched with a variety of accessories if desired. Some of Bear's more expensive models also offer a cool looking snow pattern, which would be a nice option, but unfortunately is not available on the Tremor.


The look of the riser is obviously a Bear design, but it has a more rounded, less aggressive look when compared to the flagship models. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but it is noticeably less in your face. With an overall dimension of 33-inches axel to axel, the Tremor riser is a large fraction of that helping add a sturdy feel to the bow. Just off the limb pockets, the Tremor features dual offset string suppressors, which are adjustable for shooters to get an optimal feel. The dual suppressors give the bow a unique design as well, and also help the Tremor fit in with the flagship lineup. The cable guard system featured on the Tremor is different than the flexible roller guard system on the flagship models. However, the technology is tried and true. A flexible cable slide system or a roller have advantages, but this price point does not typically feature anything more advanced than the traditional slide system. Again, it functions well; it just is not the latest and greatest technology available.


The Bear grip is decently comfortable, but is a little blocky for some shooters. The grip feel is such a personal preference; some shooters are going to love how the one-piece rubber grip feels in hand. For those that do not, the grip can be removed, and shooters can opt to shoot straight off the riser for a skinnier version of the rubber grip. The grip has limited contours, but is very repeatable after some time getting used to it. The width of each grip is a good size, with the rubber option being just a bit wider than the riser itself. It is nice to see Bear giving shooters an option to remove the one-piece grip without having an uncomfortable feel below.


Like the rest of the Bear lineup, the Tremor has max loaded split limbs storing the cam energy for the shot. The quad limbs are a bit less stressed than other Bear models due to the geometry of the bow itself, but it still looks pretty mean while at rest. Shooters can choose between three separate limb configurations, each adjustable in 10-pound increments. Maximum draw weights are in 50, 60, and 70-pounds and should allow most shooters a comfortable draw weight. With the shootability of a single cam system, it would have been nice to see a maximum limb weight of 40-pounds offered for some younger shooters to have the option of stepping up to this type of higher performance bow. The limbs do not come with string suppressor installed from the factory, but there are several aftermarket dampeners on the market for those interested in silencing some more of the noise after the arrow is released.

Eccentric System

The EZ3 cam is a great single cam system used on the Bear Tremor. This cam has nine different internal draw length settings on the included rotating module from 27-31-inches in half-inch increments. Single cams have earned the reputation of being easy to tune, and the Tremor is no different. It is easy to set up, and tunes well straight off the shelf. The alignment holes in the bottom cam make the bow a bit easier to set up and start shooting as well. The 322 feet per second measurement is a bit disappointing considering what some other single cams are able to do in regards to performance. However, the Tremor's performance is sufficient enough for most of the big game hunting shooters will use it for.

Draw Cycle/Shootability

The EZ3 cam lives up to its name being extremely easy to draw back from the start of the cycle to the back wall. Shooters used to top performing performance may be a little disappointed in how quickly the arrow hits it mark downrange, but the ease of drawing the Tremor is greatly appreciated on long cold sits in the deer woods. The valley is generous on the Tremor, and when holding into the back wall, the EZ3 cam never wants to creep forward. The back wall is decently solid for a single cam, but bows with dual limb stops will have a more hardened wall. The draw cycle is simply comfortable from start to finish. Shooters will notice a transition into the valley, but only in the 80% let-off taking over. There are no major humps in the draw cycle, and the gradual build up of the peak weight is controllable throughout. After the shot, the bow continues to hold on target without much residual noise or vibration, which is great. Overall, the bow is a wonderful shooter. It would be nice to see an additional ten feet per second or so on the chronograph, but 322 feet per second is not terrible.

Usage Scenarios

The Tremor is a hunting bow and occasional 3D target shooter. The single cam draw cycle is great for sitting in a stand bundled up and shivering. When the moment of truth comes, shooters will not have to worry about an aggressive cam system, and should be able to fire the bow with as little effort as possible. It can be used as a 3D bow for those that like to practice a bit on real game targets before season starts, but it is not a bow for the serious competitors in the 3D world.

Bear Tremor vs. Bear Venue

BowBear TremorBear Venue
Version 20152015
PictureBear TremorBear Venue
Brace Height6.75 "7 "
AtA Length33 "32.25 "
Draw Length24 " - 31 "24 " - 31 "
Draw Weight40 lbs - 70 lbs40 lbs - 70 lbs
IBO Speed322 fps330 fps
Weight4.0 lbs4.0 lbs
Let-Off80% 80%
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The Bear Venue from last year was the highest featured single cam offering by Bear Archery Products, and was a favorite for many shooters desiring a combination of performance and a smooth draw cycle. The Bear Tremor offers similar specifications with some watered down features and a smaller price tag. The slightly redesigned riser look and a switch to a traditional cable slide are the primary differences between the two models, and the Tremor is a couple hundred dollars cheaper. Those interested in the Venue, but not able to spend the money will love the Tremor's available features and cheaper price.


Bear has always done a great job offering bows for everyone in the market to purchase a new bow. They especially excel at offering shooters the most for their money when purchasing their budget friendly models. The Tremor is a fantastic single cam shooter with a lot to offer shooters of all abilities and experience. Hunters will love the smooth draw cycle and forgiveness from the 33-inch axel to axel bow, and the extra couple hundred dollars saved off the MSRP compared to other models with similar specifications will go a long way in helping to outfit the Tremor with top of the line accessories. Shooters interested in getting a lot of bow for a reasonable price, should give the Tremor a test shot.

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Excellent bow for first time shooter

Version: 2015 Bear Tremor


Pros: Smooth draw Solid back wall Quite Does what it's supposed to do

Cons: Nothing

Full review:

I am a traditional convert. I shot many bows in this price category and the Bear Tremor felt like it fit me. I'm not a speed freak, it's all about the shot. The bow is plenty fast enough and will give the new compound shooter considerable enjoyment.

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