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Bear Truth 2

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  • smooth single cam bow
  • quality set of stings and cables
  • adjustable eccentric system
  • no bow press is needed for a large segment of the draw length


  • a little problem with the upper string suppressor
  • could be a faster bow


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Editors' review

The Truth 2 is Bear's flagship bow for 2009. With a lot of new innovations, this bow is designed to improve its predecessor - the Bear Truth. The Bear design team improved the predecessor model by introducing many interesting engineering solutions such as Dual Arc string suppressor.


The new Minimum Riser Reflex technology is designed to deliver more accurate and more forgiving shots. This machined aluminum riser is tightly connected to the limbs through the Aluminum Pivoting Limb cups.


The Truth 2 offers a one piece synthetic grip that is slimmer and more comfortable than the one installed on its predecessor - the Bear Truth bow (as confirmed by the majority of archers who shot both rigs). Experts say slim grips reduce the possibility of hand torque. Therefore, if you like slim grips this bow should fit your style.


The Bear Truth 2 is outfitted with durable Flare Quad Limbs engineered to reduce noise. The limbs go to past parallel angles at full draw and act in opposition to each other at the shot, cancelling out a lot of leftover energy. The limbs are built using Bear's compression-molded technology that delivers smooth energy release and equal stress distribution. This design results in a significant reduction in shock, vibration, and noise.

Eccentric system

The Truth 2 is equipped with the Perimeter-Weighted Modular Single Cam eccentric system advertised to generate IBO speeds of up to 318 fps. This modular-adjustable eccentric system offers draw lengths adjustable over a 24"-30" range in 1 inch increments with only 27 to 30 inch draw lengths adjustable without using a bow press. In addition, each module has a string post that allows for making minor adjustments to draw length (in 1/2 inch increments) without changing out the module. This eccentric system is designed with an asymmetric cable grove to reduce wear and minimize friction.

Draw cycle / Shootability

Having explored a lot of Truth 2 tests and reviews, we came to conclusion that this is a smooth-drawing bow that shoots well. The only issue some archers discussed was a little problem with the upper string suppressor (described later in this review). Overall, this is a smooth shooting bow with a good wall and solid silencing system.

Silencing system / Quietness and vibration

The Bear Lights Out comes with Dual Arc Single String Suppressors attached to the top and bottom of the riser to reduce string vibration. Also, there are four dampeners positioned at the tips of the limbs to help with absorbing vibration after release. Overall, the Truth 2 is decently quiet on the shot as noted by many shooters.

Overall quality / minor issues with upper string suppressor

While many shooters are very happy with the overall quality of the Truth 2, others say they had some problems with the upper string suppressor. Such archers say that sometimes the string ends up outside of the upper string suppressor after the shot. We found that the issue can be resolved in a couple of ways: some people just shorten the rods, while others suggest bending the top suppressor to the left because it is bent to the right too much.


BowBear Truth 2Bear Done Deal
Version 20092009
PictureBear Truth 2Bear Done Deal
Brace Height7 "7.25 "
AtA Length33 "32.25 "
Draw Length24 " - 30 "24 " - 30 "
Draw Weight40 lbs - 70 lbs50 lbs - 70 lbs
IBO Speed314 fps - 318 fps307 fps - 311 fps
Weight3,9 lbs3.8 lbs
Let-Off80% 80%
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While some shooters say this bow is a bit overpriced, others note that it has a quality set of strings and cables on it. That is why the price is a bit higher than expected. So, if you are not on budget and want to invest in a quality set of strings and cables this rig could be a good choice for you. However, if the price looks a bit expensive getting something cheaper (for example, Bear Done Deal) and replacing the strings could be a better option.


To summarize, the Bear Truth 2 is a smooth single cam bow with a solid back wall. Although the new string suppressors represent innovative design, there seems to be a minor problem (can be fixed easily) with this silencing system. While some shooters think the price is a bit high, others insist this is due to a high quality set of string and cables the Bear Truth 2 is equipped with. Overall, while this rig is not the best value for money, it's a good all around bow for average shooters who prefer shooting smooth bows.

User Reviews

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Great bow

Version: 2009 Bear Truth 2


Pros: Smooth, fast, accurate

Cons: A little larger than some of the newer compact bows

Full review:

I have shot my 12 year old bow for a long time. I'm so comfortable with it, I can't see myself buying anything new. It still drives tacks and kills big bucks. I'm sure the newer bows may be better, but if it's not broke, don't fix it !

This is a very smooth action bow.

Version: 2009 Bear Truth 2


Pros: Very quiet and accurate

Cons: None

Full review:

Smooth single cam bow, well worth the money. I put installed a Trophy Ridge Whisker Biscuit, Trophy Ridge React Bow Sight, and a Trophy Ridge 6 in Static Stablizer and I'm dead on accurate to 100 yds.

Driving tack machine

Version: 2009 Bear Truth 2


Pros: Vibrationless, smooth draw, consistent. Almost 5 yrs old wouldn't trade it..

Cons: Not as fast as some newer bows

Full review:

Just invested in new string. Bear is replacing the vibration dampners. Good for another several years!. I was worried about the price but this rig has held up very well turkey, deer and elk hunting.

best deal for money on the market

Version: 2009 Bear Truth 2


Pros: There is all pros to this bow, easy to set up and is deadly accurate. fast, quiet, forgiving, looks good. its all pros here no cons in my opinion.

Cons: upper suppressor would turn at an angle when new, swapped them, broke it in, and not a problem. only other con I'd say is not having a module less adjustable cam.

Full review:

I love everything about this bow! Perfect shoot ability. using mayhem hunter, 350 arrows, thunderhead broad heads, 64#, 29.5" draw, 29" arrow, still getting 280FPS. And will drive tacks, all you want in a bow, and it didn't break the bank.

I purchaced my TRUTH 2 in 2010 and got a great deal.

Version: 2009 Bear Truth 2


Pros: Smooth, fast, easy to tune,quiet and reliable every time. I would not upgrade to a new Bear model because this bow holds its own.

Cons: I have not had the problem mentioned above.

Full review:

If your looking for a GREAT BOW and don't want to pay big bucks only shoot them, I would encourage you to scout out a TRUTH 2 and tag it. You will find the joy of hunting with a proven and relaible bow, thats fast, forgiving,and accurate. And that's the truth.

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