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G5 Prime Centroid

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  • comfortable draw
  • solid back wall
  • no cam lean


  • not a fast bow
  • a little loud
  • expensive


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Editors' review

The 2012 G5 Prime Centroid is loaded with technology and getting great response from the public. The advances from G5 are unique in nature. The Centroid has made improvements from last year with new riser material that is lighter and stronger. The engineering that has been put into this bow has eliminated bow torque creating a smooth, balanced draw. Although there are some trade offs, with speed for example, the Centroid is a nice shooting bow.


There have been no seen reports of finish problems on the Centroid. It seems to be quite durable and, so far, long lasting. The Durafuse Finish that G5 uses on their products is available in Realtree AP, Optifade Forest, Optifade Open, Jet Black, and Durafuse Ice Blue. With all of these color options there has to be one that would satisfy any archer.


The 2012 Centroid composed its' riser with an improved metal. The 7000 series forged aluminum is stronger and lighter than competitors 6061 aluminum risers. It has a 34.25" axle to axle length. It has a basic general design, however, the cutouts are somewhat modern looking. The aluminum string stopper is connected to the bottom of the riser and is fully adjustable. The C2 designed laminated limbs on this bow are functional and reduce stress. They are connected to the riser with basic limb pockets. Although there is a lot of technology in this bow the actual limbs and pockets are not anything ground breaking at this point.


This bow has a 2 piece molded side plate style grip. The Shield Grip is supposed to be weather and odor proof. It is thin at the top and comfortable in your hand. It won't do well at keeping your bow hand warm during colder hunting weather. It does great at assisting the already well balanced bow.

Roller guard

The Ti-Glide flexible cable guard system is a unique feature on the Centroid. The flexible titanium spring rod cable guard system allows the cables to be pulled toward the arrow during the draw. This regulates side load on the cam and G5 claims that cam lean is reduced by 25%. The Ti-Glide and Parallel Cam technologies combined virtually eliminate cam lean during the draw cycle on this bow.

Eccentric system

Another unique feature on the Centroid is the double cam system or "Parallel Cam." This system reduces left and right nock travel. The technology of the Parallel Cam also reduces archer induced bow torque and limb failure. It is however cam specific requiring a separate cam for each draw length. The Centroid is available in 27" to 31" draw lengths with .5" increments. The IBO speed is 332 fps which seems fairly accurate, but this would not be considered a "speed bow." It is available in 50, 60, and 70 lb. draw weights and has 80% let off.

Draw cycle / Shootability

The draw on this bow is unbelievably smooth thanks to the technology that has been put into it. Limb safety and shootability are the best aspects of the Centroid. The entire draw feels almost flat with hardly a hump anywhere. At let down it is equally as smooth. Some have compared the draw cycle to Elite's bows. It has an extremely solid backwall with a little room to creep in the valley to make it comfortable. It kicks back just a little at the shot, but the bow it pretty dead in hand. Although this bow is already extremely well balanced a stabilizer of some sort would never harm it any. The shot is somewhat loud, but nothing that would be a major problem at all and might be improved with a stabilizer.

Silencing package

The Centroid is not extremely loud, however, it is not a quiet bow either. Although it does come equipped with a string stopper there are no string suppressers on the string. Bow jax do come standard on the limbs. The aluminum string stopper is fully adjustable and could help to reduce some additional noise if it was experimented with.


BowG5 Prime CentroidG5 Prime Shift
Version 20122013
PictureG5 Prime CentroidG5 Prime Shift
Brace Height7 "7 "
AtA Length34.25 "30 "
Draw Length27 " - 31 "26 " - 30 "
Draw Weight40 lbs - 70 lbs40 lbs - 70 lbs
IBO Speed332 fps332 fps
Weight4.0 lbs3.7 lbs
Let-Off80% 80%
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The 2012 Centroid has a stronger riser and shaved .3 lbs. off of it's total weight from last year. It is very similar to the other G5 Prime bow, the Shift. The G5 Prime Shift has a much shorter riser by 4" compared to the Centroid so it is a little less forgiving. The Centroid is .3 lbs. heavier, but all other specs are nearly identical between these two bows including IBO speeds. Both of the G5 models have MSRP prices of $999.

Best usage

This bow is well rounded enough to be used in all aspects of archery. Although it is a little long for some for good maneuverability while hunting it is ideal for others. It would also make a great 3D bow for recreation or competition. It is not made purely for archery competition, but some may find it useful in this field.


The G5 Prime Centroid has an extremely smooth draw due to all of the innovative technology that has been put into this aspect of the bow. The backwall on this bow does not get any better. The brace height and draw cycle make a great combination for comfort. It isn't real fast, but it is not a slow shooting bow either. The Parallel Cam and Ti-Glide flex cable guard are unique and somewhat ground breaking. However, it's not the most affordable bow given its MSRP price tag of $999.

User Reviews

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What a shooter!! Smoothest draw and most solid back wall I have ever shot.

Version: 2011 G5 Prime Centroid


Pros: I went from a 2012 Element to this bow. I like the little extra weight, longer ATA. It gives it a rock solid hold when aiming.

Cons: I have yet to find anything I don't like about it.

Full review:

The first thing that got me was the draw cycle, then the back wall. As smooth as the Elite bows and a back wall that blew me away!!on release there was absolutely no hand shock, no kick, it is dead in my hand. It holds on target solid as a rock. I traded in my 2012 Hoyt Carbon Element RKT because it blew me away that much!! It will be a long time before I replace this bow. The warranty is outstanding. 48 hour turnaround on replacement warranted parts. Free 6 month tune up. Free replacement strings and cables every 2 years for the life of the bow to the original owner and of course lifetime warranty to the original owner. The string and cable replacement plan is amaizing in itself.

after reading all reviews on this bow, I shot one then purchased one.

Version: 2012 G5 Prime Centroid LR


Pros: No limb torque,draw cycle and valley are phenominal,DOWN RAGE ACCURACY is a huge plus...

Cons: A little loud but thats an easy fix.axle length may be an issue for some.

Full review:

absolute preformance and perfection.shooting this bow at 40-50 yds is just about like shooting 20 the down rage accuracy of this bow is amazing.the inovations that have been engineered into this bow is like noting else out there.there was alot of thought that went in to this design and it is refreshing to see someone address issues besides speed.Wyatt said it right.'Speed thrills,accuracy kills.'The problem with speed is,it will often compromise accuracy,I am impressed.......

Well balanced and smooth, a pleasure to shoot.

Version: 2011 G5 Prime Centroid


Pros: No recoil, easy to hold, smooth and fast.

Cons: When I'm at full draw the cables are right on top of my pins in my sight frame. Thought I could get used to it but it's a major distraction. TI Glide adjustment maybe?

Full review:

I like the 34 1/2" axle to axle. I like that the bow is a little on the heavy side. I think the cable yokes on either cam eliminate cam lean and make for a smooth shot with little torque,but this is at the expense of having the cables interfere with the sight picture.The bow is easy to tune. I'm shooting a 415grain arrow @ 305fps. I think that is awesome. I've had the bow for two years now and have taken my share of game but I don't think I can deal with the obstruction of view in my sight frame that the cables cause.It's like everything in archery give and take.

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