Hoyt Rampage XT Review

Hoyt Rampage XT

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Hoyt Rampage XT Review5.056 out of 6 user reviews


  • Great shooting hinting bow at a very affordable price
  • Very well balanced
  • Smooth draw cycle with a very solid back wall
  • Quiet bow with low vibration (when equipped with a stabilizer)
  • Has a wide draw length range
  • Draw length can be adjusted without using a bow press (modular-adjustable cams)
  • Absolutely the best value for money from the 2011 Hoyt line


  • A bare bow could have less vibration (installing a stabilizer will make it a great shooter)
  • The riser is not as slim as machined aluminum risers


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Editors' review

Without a doubt, the Rampage XT is one of the best Hoyt bows for money in 2011. While it's not marketed as a top-end bow, the Rampage XT is much cheaper and is built with exactly the same technologies as more expensive Hoyt rigs like Carbon Element, Carbon Matrix, CRX 32, or Maxxis 31. While the riser is built using a cheaper technology, it doesn't make a lot of difference in terms of shootability. With a terrific set of advanced technologies and very affordable price, this rig is extremely popular among smart shoppers who want to get the best value for money.


The Rampage XT is outfitted with a magnesium riser that is first cast and after that machined into shape. While this is a different process compared to being fully machined from aluminum, it's also much cheaper. However, many experts and shooters confirm that this cast riser doesn't affect shootability and the bow feels almost like it has a fully machined aluminum riser. Overall, the Rampage XT's riser is very strong and rigid, looks good, and establishes a great shooting platform delivering great performance and effectively absorbing hand shock and vibration.

Silent riser shelf

To isolate the arrow from touching the riser, Hoyt outfits the Rampage XT with their new silent riser shelf which is designed to eliminate unwanted noise. Hoyt engineers say this riser shelf is also very effective in reducing the noise coming from drop away rests.


The Rampage XT is equipped with a narrow one piece grip. The 180 Pro Fit grip is reported to be pretty comfortable. Many shooters agree that with this grip the bow is pretty difficult to torque which is always great news for all types of shooters.


Hoyt outfits the Rampage XT with their new and high quality XTS Pro Arc limbs which are designed using the same 5-layer lamination technology used in 2010 (XTS Arc limbs). It's a well known fact, that the technology used by Hoyt to build these limbs is extremely advanced and reliable. Not only are these post-parallel limbs are very durable and reliable, but they are also extremely powerful. In addition, they are designed to effectively eliminate unwanted vibration after the shot.

Although many shooters insist the new limbs and pockets were not changed much by the Hoyt design team, the XTS Pro Arc limbs are still very strong and durable, help to eliminate vibration, and constitute a great shooting platform capable of producing impressively smooth shots.

In-line roller guard

Hoyt equips the Rampage XT with the same In-Line Roller Cable Guard that was introduced in 2010. The idea behind this system is to improve accuracy, increase speeds, and make the bow quieter by minimizing torque and friction. To ensure the cable guard performs properly in all weather conditions, it's built with sealed bearings.

Eccentric system

The power for the Rampage XT is Hoyt's Fuel Cam & 1/2 performance system that is an enhanced modification of the last year's Cam & 1/2. Despite being similar, the two eccentric systems are not exactly the same. Compared to the older Cam & 1/2, the newer Fuel cam comes with a slightly enhanced draw stop peg that makes for a more solid back wall compared to the last year's cam.

Another great improvement for the new eccentric system is a wider draw length range. While the last year's XTR Cam & 1/2 system comes with 2 modular-adjustable cams (XTR #2 and XTR #3), the Fuel Cam & 1/2 on the Rampage XT is designed to be equipped with one of the 3 cams covering draw lengths from 24.5 to 30 inches as shown in the below table. Each of the 3 cams can be tuned in half-inch increments with a set of interchangeable modules without the need to use a bow press. The Fuel cam produces a let-off of approximately 75 percent.

Draw length ranges for Hoyt Rampage XT Fuel cams
CamDraw lengths
Fuel cam #124.5"-26"
Fuel cam #226"-28"
Fuel cam #328"-30"

Draw cycle / Shootability

Despite being marketed as a mid-level bow, the Hoyt Rampage XT comes very close to some high-end Hoyt rigs with similar specifications. First of all, the bow balances very well and is impressively quiet on the shot even though it is outfitted with the limbs built with a cheaper technology. Due to the enhanced cam design, the Rampage XT draws smoothly, has a good valley, and holds easily at full draw with a very solid back wall. In addition, an improved silencing package makes this bow very quiet on the shot as confirmed by tests carried out by many experts.

Silencing system / Quietness and vibration

The rig comes with a very effective silencing package utilizing some proven technologies introduced in 2010. While the riser, limbs, and roller guard have not been changed much and still deliver very quiet shooting platform, there have been a number of changes made to make this bow even quieter in 2011:

  • improved string stop is now made from a softer rubber material making it much more durable and helping to further reduce noise.
  • new silent shelf effectively isolates the arrow from the riser and helps to eliminate noise from drop away rests
  • offset stabilizer mount is designed to deliver perfect balance by attaching a stabilizer to the opposite side of the riser to offset the weight of mounted accessories.
All in all, shooters are extremely pleased about how quiet the Rampage XT is when equipped with a good stabilizer. They say it's nearly as good as the CRX 32 or Carbon Element which are much more expensive.

Hoyt Rampage XT vs. Hoyt Rampage

The 2 major differences between the Rampage XT and the original Rampage are the limbs and cams. While the latter comes with the new ZRS 12 split limbs, the former is equipped with the XTS Pro Arc limbs (also new for 2011). When it comes to the performance systems, the original Rampage is powered by a very easy drawing but slow M4 cam system, whereas the XT is equipped with the new Fuel cam that is a bit stiffer but also notably faster. That is why despite belonging to the same series, the two bows feel quite different.
Bow Hoyt Rampage XT Hoyt Rampage
Version 2012 2012
Picture Hoyt Rampage XT Hoyt Rampage
Brace Height 7 " 7 "
AtA Length 32 " 34 "
Draw Length 24.5 " - 30 " 23 " - 30 "
Draw Weight 30 lbs - 80 lbs 30 lbs - 70 lbs
IBO Speed 323 fps 306 fps
Weight 4.0 lbs 4.2 lbs
Let-Off 75% 75%
Where to buy
Best prices online
Not available now.
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Admittedly, both rigs are great value for money. However, the Rampage XT is considered to be a better value for money than the original Rampage because it's equipped with the same technologies as top-end 2011 Hoyt bows. So, if you are on a very tight budget and don't mind shooting slower rigs, getting the original Hoyt Rampage might be a good idea. On the other hand if you are happy to pay a little bit more the Rampage XT will be a better value for money.

Hoyt Rampage XT vs Carbon Element vs CRX 32 vs Maxxis 31

The Rampage XT compares very well to more expensive high-end Hoyt rigs. While Hoyt Carbon Element, Hoyt CRX 32, and Hoyt Maxxis 31 have a little bit less vibration, the difference becomes negligible when the Rampage XT is equipped with a good stabilizer. Moreover, not only does the Rampage XT have exactly the same draw cycle and back wall, but it can also generate exactly the same speeds. That is why so many archers prefer this bow over its more expensive alternatives.
Bow Hoyt Rampage XT Hoyt CRX 32 Hoyt Carbon Element Hoyt Maxxis 31
Version 2012 2012 2013 G3 2011 (XTR Cam)
Picture Hoyt Rampage XT Hoyt CRX 32 Hoyt Carbon Element Hoyt Maxxis 31
Brace Height 7 " 7 " 6.75 " 7 "
AtA Length 32 " 32 " 31.5 " 31 "
Draw Length 24.5 " - 30 " 24.5 " - 30 " 24.5 " - 30 " 26 " - 30 "
Draw Weight 30 lbs - 80 lbs 40 lbs - 80 lbs 30 lbs - 80 lbs 40 lbs - 80 lbs
IBO Speed 323 fps 323 fps 332 fps 323 fps
Weight 4.0 lbs 3.95 lbs 3.6 lbs 3.9 lbs
Let-Off 75% 75% 75% 75%
Where to buy
Best prices online
Not available now.
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So, if you are not on a tight budget and want to get the best quality rig, consider getting one of the top-end Hoyt bows mentioned above. However, if you are after the best value for money, the Rampage XT is a fantastic choice.


To conclude, the Hoyt Rampage XT is a very well balanced bow with great shootability characteristics. While it's a mid-range priced bow, it is nearly as good as the top end Hoyt bows like CRX 32 or Carbon Element. Although a bare bow could be a bit quieter and could have less vibration, when outfitted with a stabilizer, the Rampage XT is nearly immaculate hunting bow. Experts firmly agree this perfectly balanced bow is very accurate, has a smooth draw cycle with a very solid back wall and generates impressive speeds without much noise or vibration. Absolutely the best value for money from the 2011 Hoyt line, the Rampage XT is an ideal choice for all hunters or recreational shooters looking for a very affordable and high quality rig with great shootability characteristics.
Hoyt Rampage XT Review5.056

User Reviews

  • 6 reviews
  • ( out of 6 reviews for all versions)
  1. Awesome bow. Without a doubt the best you can buy for the money.

    Version: 2011 Hoyt Rampage XT


    Pros: Smooth draw cycle, firm wall, fast, and quiet.

    Cons: Like any hybrid cam bow (cam & 1/2) it a slight creep at full draw. Magnesium riser isn’t quite as top quality as an aluminum forged riser.

    Full review:
    I have been shooting this bow since it arrived at the archery shop where I work. After shooting it side by side, shot for shot with the following bows: 2010 Mathews Z7, 2011 Mathews Z7 Extreme, 2011 PSE Evo Dream Season, 2011 PSE Vendetta XS, and the 2011 Hoyt CRX 32 and Carbon Element.

    For starters, you cannot tell the difference between the Rampage XT, CRX 32, and Carbon Element; other that the weight of the Element. They are all great shooting bows, but IMO Hoyt messed up this year because the Rampage XT and the CRX 32 are identical bows other than the riser design.

    Of course in comparison with the PSE bows, the Rampage was slower but still smoother, quieter, and had less vibration. PSE did surprise me with their improvements this year but they still have some work to do.

    In comparison tests the Rampage shot just 5fps slower than the Z7 at 29" & 70lbs; Rampage XT 292fps and the Z7 shot 297. The Z7 is of course a bit smoother, has less vibration, and less creep being that it is a single cam bow, and a Mathews.

    In Conclusion the Rampage XT is without a doubt the best bow on the market in this price range. It is also very competitive with high end bows around the $800 price range. Oh and I forgot to mention that, believe it or not, I’m a Mathews guy and always have been. I’m a little ashamed to say that I ordered a Rampage XT today. I guess what they say is true "Get serious, Get Hoyt"

  2. Best bow I’ve owned currently. Groups well at 70 yds!

    Version: 2011 Hoyt Rampage XT


    Pros: Top end bow at middle of the road price.

    Cons: Fairly harsh draw, easy to creep.

    Full review:
    Was a breeze to set up. Shoots better than any other bow I’ve owned or tried out(except the carbon element) Has excellent speed and is quiet with little to no unbalanced jump or vibration. Can’t be beat at $450.00 plus tax, which is what mine was new from the dealer.

  3. Well worth it..

    Version: 2011 Hoyt Rampage XT


    Pros: Smooth, fast, shock free, accurate

    Cons: Comfortable grip, but a little torque is noticed.

    Full review:
    I have been looking at bows for 2 years, and this one fits me perfect. I shot all of the others, and chose this one. Love this thing. I shot the Mathews Z7, PSE EVO, Bowthech Admiral, Diomand Iceman, and I owned a Ross CR331. All were nice, but the HOYT fit me the best. I shoot comfortably now out to 60yds.

  4. Review no more, this has it all!

    Version: 2011 Hoyt Rampage XT


    Pros: All the features of the high end Hoyt bows
    Price is excellent

    Cons: It feels heavy if you hold it for very long.

    Full review:
    I never have bow hunted, but have owned four bows in my life time from hand-me-downs. I finally started shooting one and enjoyed it and was very accurate, so I went out and bought the Hoyt Rampage XT.

    I did extensive research and review LOTS of peoples opinion about this bow. To sum all my knowledge about this bow up, I will say it has all the same features as the high end bows like the carbon element, and the CRX bows; however the one thing that makes this bow more affordable is the way the risers are built, you can call and ask for more detail about it but it involves the process in which they are built. It does not necessarily cheapen the bow, it just brings the bow down in price. Everything else is identical to the element and crx’s…

    I did have one issue when i first bought it. It would make a popping noise in the joint that holds the limbs to the riser, but my bow tech/dealer said it was set to tight and adjusted it and now no popping. This is a smooth draw, fast and quite bow. The only other negative to this bow is that they put the serial number underneath the hand grip so it requires taking off to get your warranty info otherwise it is on the original box.

    You wont be dissapointed in this bow in my opinion.

  5. excellent bow. smooth draw, very accurate

    Version: 2011 Hoyt Rampage XT


    Pros: Smooth draw, no vibration

    Cons: Havent found any yet

    Full review:
    Excellent mid-range bow. One of the top bows on the market for the price. Accurate right out of the box. Shooting 4" groups at 30 yds, havent tried longer ranges yet. Could be a little quieter, but some dampers will help.

  6. I’m very happy with my Hoyt Rampage XT Bow

    Version: 2012 Hoyt Rampage XT


    Pros: Smooth, quite, fastest bow I ever own 315 fps

    Cons: I have none

    Full review:
    I killed an ten point buck in 2014 bow season at 40 yards away.I felt confidant at the yardage. I been shooting it off and on for two years. Put that golden tip arrow with a Rage Board head right through the heart.He ran about 20 to 30 yards and expired. This is best bow I ever own. I had PSE, BROWNING, I shot my son Mathews. Hoyt Rampage XT Bow far better bow. Hoyt knows how to build a bow.

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