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  • Very affordable
  • Great for ground blinds or tree stands
  • Smooth draw cycle
  • Bow comes with all the draw mods to change draw length


  • Not the smoothest shooting bow
  • Need a bowpress to change draw length


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Editors' review

The Martin Exile is one of Martins lower end bows when it comes to the MSRP. The bow however has many pieces of equipment on it that makes it a very capable shooter. A smooth draw single cam bow that has just about everything on it that the higher end bows that Martin puts together; pretty much the only thing that is different on the Exile is the lack of a factory string suppressor.


The Exile has the same Power Tough limbs that the entire 2011 lineup has; these limbs are a powerful and accurate. These limbs are strong because the stress is spread over a wide area making it very strong and also leads to a reduction in limb torque. The Limbs are attached to the CNC machined aluminum riser using a Roto Cup pivoting limb system just like its bigger brothers. The riser is a pretty compact which goes without saying seeing the axle to axle on the Exile is only 30.25" making this one of the shortest ATA bows from Martin. Even with the compact ATA this bow has a fairly forgiving 7.25" brace height. An added bonus of the Exile is the Quick-Lock system which acts as a quick disconnect because of threading a stabilizer directly into the riser it threads into a barrel nut. The downside to this system is the possibility of paint damage from the stabilizer tightening against the riser. Also the Silent Hunter Arrow Shelf is a standard piece of equipment on the Exile. A very convenient feature for an avid hunter; the Silent Hunter Arrow Shelf deadens the sound of an arrow that falls of its rest and also reduces vibration to the shooter.


The Saddleback thermal grip is a great grip on any bow and the Exile is a good home for it. This is a very comfortable grip that feels natural in the hand; it is made up of a piece of rubbery leather material on the back of the riser with carbon fiber inlays on the sides. It is good for reducing hand torque and also protects the shooter against a lot of shock and colder temperatures.

Finish/ Color Options

The Exile is another one of Martin's bows that is cut from solid block aluminum; taking a close look at this bow it is noticeable that there are marks in the riser from the CNC process. A little bit more noticeable on the Exile than on the higher end Martin bows are the runs in the painting process, but for the money the bow looks pretty good. The bow is offered in Next Camo, Bonz Camo, Skulz Camo, Hunter Black, Crimson Red, and Leopard Skin.

Eccentric System

The Eccentric system of the Martin Exile makes for a very solid bow. It utilizes an Acu-Trak 2.0 single cam which can turn out speeds of up to 320fps IBO. A very smooth cam that is easily tuned and maintained. With an adjustable 80% let off this system is comfortable at full draw but still speedy. Also Martin uses their Hammerhead strings which Martin boasts as the best stock strings that money can buy; they are pre-stretched so there is no break in or peep turn. The draw length is adjustable from 25-30" but each draw length requires a different cam which will come with the bow when it's purchased.The Exile is equipped with the Torque Reducing Cable Guard which allows for the natural movement of the cables during the draw cycle. The TRG practically eliminates cam lean and riser torque at full draw and this turns the bow into an efficient shooter.

Draw Cycle

The Exile has a pretty smooth draw cycle that is very quiet when you release. No harsh break over like some single cam bows have, this pull is smooth and steady all the way back to full draw. The draw stop is adjustable so you can shape the draw into whatever you may like from 60-80% let off and everywhere in between. The bow is quiet as well; having the SOS (String Oscillation Suppressor) would have made this an extremely quiet bow. Even without the SOS it is quiet enough not to complain; some shooters say that this is one of the smoothest and quietest bows from Martin.

The Exile Vs. Onza 3

BowMartin ExileMartin Onza 3
Version 2012 Pro2013 XT
PictureMartin ExileMartin Onza 3
Brace Height7 "7 "
AtA Length30 "33.25 "
Draw Length24.5 " - 30.75 "25.5 " - 31 "
Draw Weight35 lbs - 70 lbs35 lbs - 70 lbs
IBO Speed320 fps - 330 fps330 fps
Weight3.3 lbs4.0 lbs
Let-Off80% (adjustable) 80%
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Most people would think that the Exile and the Martin Onza 3 aren't really that comparable but when you get down to the nuts and bolts they really are quite comparable. They practically have all of the same equipment; the biggest difference would be the lack of the SOS (string oscillation suppressor) on the Exile. There are differences between the two that are large; like the bridged riser and the Nitro Cams, but for the most part they have more similarities than differences. The Exile is a clear leader if a person is looking for a strictly hunting bow that will spend most of its time in a tree stand or ground blind; mostly due to its 30.25" axle to axle. The brace heights are the same and the speeds aren't all that different, the Onza advertises 330-340 but that is tough to hit and the Exile advertises 315-320fps. So for the money The Exile is definitely worth a look when you figure that it has the specs of most $700 bows.

Best Usage

The hunter was in mind when Martin went to the drawing board for this bow; a fast, forgiving, accurate and compact bow all add up to a hunters best friend. This bow is perfect for hunting from a tree stand or ground blind. Also with the price, this would make a very good beginner bow. Low price and great specifications; it always seems like in order to get a lower priced bow you have to sacrifice quality but this bow tells a different story. Another great perk is the availability of a pre-assembled hunter package direct from Martin, so this bow can come to your door step ready to sight in and head to the woods.


The Martin Exile is a great bow to bring somebody into archery with, very forgiving, fast and smooth drawing; what a better way to introduce somebody to the sport. It seems as if Martin built this bow specifically for a hunter that needs a bow to get them wherever they might need to go; figuring in the short axle to axle that must be the case. Great for the tight confines of a ground blind or tree stand and light weight for a long spot and stalk hunt in the mountains. Martin did a good job with the Exile in all aspects, they built a bow that you would have a hard time purchasing for under $700, and put it into a package that has everything you need to hit the woods and buy your lunch on the way there without hitting that high price.

User Reviews

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Fast, compact, light weight, and extremely accurate, all for a great price.

Version: 2011 Martin Exile


Pros: It is very light weight, yet is still easy to hold steady without a big stabilizer. The Exile would be an awesome bow for turkey or whitetail hunting from ground blinds. It has a smooth draw, and a comfortable grip.

Cons: I would definitely recommend adding an S.O.S. system, but it is still pretty quiet without one. The factory rest is very cheap so expect to replace it and also the d-loop.

Full review:

Overall this is a great bow for the value, whether your a beginner or an experienced hunter on a budget. Only three adjustments were needed and I had it driving tacks at 10 and 20 yards. I couldn't shoot at the same circle twice because this bow was so accurate. With it being so compact, the Exile is an ideal bow for ground blind hunting. The arrow rest that comes with the ready to hunt package is extremely cheap and should be replaced immediately. I am shooting 70lbs at 28 inch draw with 80% let off and it is very fast. I would say very close to 300fps and I'm not using the lightest arrows. This is the fourth but first brand new bow I have owned in the 17 years I have been hunting, but I guarantee I'll never own one without the name Martin on it again.

Great bow.

Version: 2011 Martin Exile


Pros: Lightweight, Fast, Smooth Draw

Cons: The peep sight was too big (personal preference)

Full review:

This bow shoots great for a good price. It's extremely lightweight and and it shoots a fast 320FPS. I think the bow is quite enough without the S.O.S. system, but that's just my opinion. I'm sure there are better bows out there but I really doubt you'll find one for the price.

Almost matches Mathews z7 extreme specs. Except msrp

Version: 2011 Martin Exile


Pros: Affordable, fast, quiet, light weight, and very accurate and dependable

Cons: Should come with some kind of s.o.s. That's all..

Full review:

I use the NAP apache drop away, apex sights, limb saver stabilizer, and string tamer s.o.s And I shoot carbo express pile driver hunter 350 arrows. This is my hunting set up and I bust nocks up to 40 yards. With the right tuning, this bow has the best bang for your buck...literally

nice bow, worth the money, no regrets

Version: 2011 Martin Exile


Pros: accurate, smooth draw, compact, light, fast and looks awsome..

Cons: grip comes off easily but doesnt affect shooting, noisy without string whiskers, hard to keep on target sometimes because of lightness, reccomend heavier stab.

Full review:

had bow for 4-5months, got first kill within the first 3months, shoots very good and gets exellent results at the archery club rounds, shot 5 rabbits in total all using blunts with it setup at 42lbs and 26.5-37inch draw using a mix of powerflights, xweaves and redzone arrows, take your time with the shot and with a tuned bow, the arrow will hit the centre of the bulleyes,

great little bow.

Version: 2011 Martin Exile


Pros: light weight, fast, easy to use, smooth draw, accurate, short bow,very reasonably priced.

Cons: none yet

Full review:

I purcashed this bow online through Ebay. The seller was a Martin Certified Dealer. I got it at a very cheap price. it is well worth every penny That I Paid for it. I have shot many bows over the years, and this one competes with the very best, and expensive. When I bought it I was looking for a light-weight,small, fast bow that wasn't real expensive. I got all of that and more. a local Martin dealer set the bow up for me, when I told him what I paid he said " that is cheaper that Dealer cost" I am very happy with it. I have shot around 100 arrows through it. Once I got a quality realease, I found the groups at 20' to be amazing!! From everything that I have read, and heard about Martins' Customer Service, I will never buy any other brand. I plan on becoming an unpaid, unsolicited spokes person for these bows. for the price, you just can not beat a top of the line hunting bow!!

Great short hunting bow, light weight, reasonably priced

Version: 2011 Martin Exile


Pros: Light, fast & accurate.

Cons: It is a short bow. This means it is not as forgiving to the novice shooter. It will make you have good form. However,this is true of all short bows.

Full review:

Good all around bow. I have the 70# version. Early 2011 Exile means no slot for an STS rod (Bummer for me). Later 2011s and all 2012s take a factory STS. NOTE: YOU DO NOT HAVE TO USE A BOWPRESS TO CHANGE THE DRAW LENGTH. Get with it people. Pay attention to the equipment "Editor". No bowpress needed. 30.25 ATA helps make it a great tree stand or blind hunting bow. Smooth draw & adjustable let-off are great (don't have to set it to 80% if you don't want 80%). You can't get a comparable bow at this price elsewhere. Martin continues to produce a great product at a very good price.

This bow is very lightweight and easy to stabilize. However this shorter bow is less forgiving .

Version: 2011 Martin Exile


Pros: I liked how light and compact the bow is. Along with how well it shoots. The draw is very smooth and can be a very quiet bow with the right accessories on it.

Cons: I didn't like the sights they were cheap and broke within the first day of sighting it in. I also don't care for the rest because of the way it messes with the arrow flight.

Full review:

After I changed the sights and added a stabilizer I robin hooded 2 arrows at 20 yards. I would deffinatley get a new rest sights and a few string silencers for this bow before you take it into the woods. Martin has made a great bow it is by far one of the smoothest and best overall shooting bows once you change a few things around. I shot a mathews, hoyt, ross, and a parker but just couldn't put the exile back down. To me it out shot and out preformed the big name bows especially for the price. I however don't care for a large bow. I think that is what sold me on the Exile. This is the easiest bow to move around in a tree and spot and stalk with. Overall this is a great bow for the price.

Just Love This Bow!

Version: 2012 Martin Exile


Pros: Paid under $350(RTH),Fast,Smooth,Accurate

Cons: Quicktune 360 lower support broke 2nd day.Didnt like anyway so didnt bother Martin.Grip too small,noticed I was pulling left,pealed grip of an old Martin Jaguar and taped over existing grip(I have big palms).Some screws started getting surface rust.

Full review:

Setup:28" draw at 62 Lb. Piledriver 250 arrows w\100g points,whisker bisquit and old stabilizer(off old bow and replacing both soon),Saxon sight(came with package and found nothing wrong with it). This bow shoots,sounds and just feels better than friends high $ bows!After tuning was doing 2" groups at 20 yrds,3" at 30 and feel much more confident at 40(now I shoot at different points due to common robinhoods)! Love the ATA size and weight but would benefit from a good(and possibly a heavier)stabilizer. Just Love This Bow!

Awesome! Nuff Said.

Version: 2012 Martin Exile


Pros: Fast, and Faster. Perfect little bow that out performs any bow in its class and even some higher priced name brands. Love my Martin........

Cons: Arrow rest and no String stop.

Full review:

Fast, and Faster. Small compact for tree stand and ground blinds. lightweight and easy to shoot. Changed out the cheap rest for a biscuit. Added dampeners to reduce noise and now the bow is very quiet. Great bow, in fact a very underrated bow given the price. 330-340 IBO speed, show me another bow for under $500. that can reach those speeds.

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