Martin Leopard Compound Bow

Martin Leopard
  • Martin Leopard Review

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    Editor review:
    The Martin Leopard has been specifically designed to fit small-to-mid size archers. With an easily adjustable and smooth eccentric system, this is not the quickest bow out there. At just 3.6 lbs and measuring 30 inches from axle to axle, this lightweight and compact bow offers shorter draw lengths, and, as a result, would be a better fit for young archers and women. While this is not the best quality bow, its low-end price tag makes it a good choice for beginners with a small-to-mid size frame... read full review
    User reviews:
    • bought bow for wife, she loves it! Shoots flat and quiet. by Gerald Hajek from White City Or.
  • Martin Leopard Specifications

    5 versions
    Manufactured: 2007 - 2011 (5 versions, specs changed)
    Latest version: 2011 Martin Leopard
    Brace Height 7.1 "
    Axle to Axle Length 30 "
    Draw Length 21 " - 26 "
    Draw Weight 30 lbs - 60 lbs
    IBO Speed 282 fps - 287 fps
    Weight 3.35 lbs
    Let-Off 80% adj
    + 4 more versions
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