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One of the newest archery manufacturers to date, Obsession is quickly rising to compete with some of the larger brands surrounding the archery market. Since 2011, they have been creating unique bows with notable innovations including but not limited to the two track slaved cam system. Founded in Jeffersonville, Georgia, they continue to produce high quality bows and are very passionate with customer service. read more

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Addiction $299.99 - $299.99 2012 - 2015
Evolution $499.95 - $949.99 2014 - 2015
Final Cut $575.00 - $600.00 2016 - 2018 -
Final Pro X3T not available now 2019 -
Fusion 6 $700.00 - $700.00 2015 - 2016 -
Fusion 7 $555.00 - $555.00 2015 -
HB33 not available now 2019 -
HB33 Huntress not available now 2019 -
Knightmare $300.00 - $300.00 2013 - 2015
Phoenix $599.00 - $599.00 2014 - 2016 -
Sniper GT $333.33 - $1000.00 2014 - 2016 -
Turmoil $375.00 - $775.00 2017 - 2018 -

About Obsession


Eccentric System: Starting with the Lethal Cam II and ending up with the latest Evolution cam, Obsession has reintroduced the two track dual sync cam to the industry. Their newest cam, found on most of their new models, has dual limb stops and is capable of reaching speeds up to 353 fps all the while keeping vibration and sound output to a minimum.

Limbs: Obsession's limb system involves a pre-compressed and stressed laminate to reach such high speeds. The limb system on most of their models allows each bow to be considered past-parallel both at rest and at full draw.

Riser: Created out of machined aluminum like most bows, their bows have highly reflexed risers. The engineered cutouts paired with a machined angled cable guide rod and a soft rubber string stop create a platform that kills the vibration that you would find in any other speed bows.

Popularity and Customer Feedback

Even though Obsession has only been in the market for a few years, they are growing exponentially because of their extremely generous customer service and large amount of custom finish options from the factory.

Product Range

Being such a new company, there are less than a dozen to choose from, but there are options for most age levels to choose from this year's lineup.

Youth Bows: As of right now, there hasn't been a bow created specifically with youth archers in mind, but all models are available with limbs that max out at 40 lbs.

Women's Bows: The Obsession LT reaches speeds up to 343 fps with a 29 7/8" ATA. Also available in Muddy Girl Camo, this bow weighs 3.9 lbs and has a generous 7" brace height.

Hunting/3D Bows: Built specifically for hunting, the Sniper GT is a 29 7/8" ATA shooting machine, clocking 343 fps. Their top of the line speed bow, the Evolution is rated up to 353 fps. Comparatively, the Pheonix, the same bow except with a 7" brace height, is rated up to 343 fps. At 32" ATA, these were created to be outside, whether in the stand or on the trails. Towards the target/3D spectrum, their Addiction, at 35" ATA still reaches speeds up to 332 fps.

Price Range

Ranging from $829 to $859 with their current 2014 lineup, their price includes all custom options of cams, riser, and strings. Compared with the rest of the industry, the price is near the higher end of the spectrum, but for what you get with that price, their bows are a great value.


Obsession Archery offers a transferrable warranty on the limbs, risers, and eccentrics for the lifetime of the bow. They also offer a $49 repair fee for any dry-fires.


All around the board, Obsession Archery has an extremely sufficient lineup for this year to continue their reputation as the creators of reliable, smooth, and quiet shooting machines. In the next few years, we might see this company neck and neck with some of the bigger names in the industry. From high quality craftsmanship and finish to endless customization and accuracy, there is no doubt that this company is going to do anything but make progress and produce bows.