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PSE Bow Madness 32

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  • One of the best drawing bows in the price range
  • Speed rating up to 338 feet per second
  • MSRP is only $599


  • Mainline strings are decent, but are not the same as the Pro series quality


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Editors' review

The Drury Outdoors team has been influential in the design of the Bowmadness lineup with PSE using the popular show to help market the bow. Just like the Drury brothers, the Bowmadness 32 is geared to hunt. The hybrid cam system tunes easily and produces some really great speeds while having a high let off hold shooters are sure to love in the tree stand. With speeds ranging in the mid to upper 330 feet per second range, kinetic energy and performance are at a premium despite the budget friendly MSRP of $599. Some shooters may wish for the Pro Series features like higher quality strings and the Flex slide, but for the price they may be wiling to compromise a bit. It will be extremely difficult to find a bow under $600 that shoots better than the PSE Bowmadness 32.


Historically, there have never been any issues with the PSE dipping process, and there is no reason to believe this will be different in 2015. The finish options for PSE are always well done, and completely cover the riser cutouts and intricate patterns of the design. The three patterns available on the 32 are all black, Mossy Oak Infinity, and Skullworks. Each of the options will feature red accent colors including the limb logo stickers, the cable slide, strings, and the rubber grip insert. Those wanting to change the rubber dampener colors can do so by purchasing a color kit if interested.


PSE has gone with a forged aluminum riser on the Bowmadness lineup, which looks similar in design to the beloved Dreamseason EVO from a few years ago. Despite the Mainline series frame, the Bowmadness 32 looks like a much pricier model given its overall design and character. The riser shelf has initial tuning marks engraved for arrow alignment when setting the bow up for the first time. The cable slide system is not the most recent technology thought up by PSE engineers, but it is tried and true and featured on all none Pro Series models. There Backstop 3 is the string stop of choice, which will do a nice job keeping the string from slapping bulky hunting clothes or the shooters arm after the shot. It also helps eliminate some string noise and hand shock. Like most rigs, the rear facing string stop system is directly behind the front mounting stabilizer mounting hole, which will further eliminate any vibration caused after the arrow is released.


The Bowmadness 32 grip is like other PSE grips, slim. The rubber inserts help a bit with comfort, but seem to be as much for looks as function. As an integrated piece of the riser, the Bowmadness grip is primarily aluminum. This makes it a chilly thing to hold on to during long sits on the stand. This should not be a deal breaker, especially since PSE produces a neoprene sleeve to place over the existing grip if it gets too cold. From a functional standpoint, the thin PSE grip is great. For those coming from a thicker grip, it may take some getting used to, but the benefits of a slim repeatable grip make it worth making the transition.


The highly prestressed split limbs are a signature of PSE bows, and the Bowmadness 32 sticks with the trend of the past. These limbs are fantastic and perform very well. Although PSE only offers the 32 in three different limb configurations, they are adjustable by ten complete turns of the limb bolt. This means 25% adjustment from the peak draw weight, instead of the industry standard 10-pounds. The 70-pound limbs will offer a draw weight range of 52.5-70-pounds, the 60-pound limbs will adjust from 45-60-pounds, and the 50-pound limbs will range between 37.5-50-pounds. This is a nice feature on the 32 because it allows shooters more options or perhaps a little bit of growing if the Bowmadness happens to be a bow for a younger shooter with some growing left to do. The red limb decals are sharp looking with pretty simple graphics. The limb dampeners may not be needed, but do help quite a bit with eliminating some vibration. They can also be swapped out for some different color choices for a more custom look.

Eccentric System

The Madness Hybrid cam is slightly different than the single cam historically featured on the Bowmadness bows of the past. The Madness cam sports an 80% adjustable let-off with single cable draw stop on the bottom cam. The 32 has an adjustable draw length range from 24-30-inches in half-inch increments. With the ability to produce speeds up to 338 feet per second, the performance and kinetic energy produced are wonderful for any bow, but especially one in this price range. On the hybrid cam system, the bottom cam gets all the adjustment, while the top cam is basically an idler wheel with additional material added to make the formerly circular cam a bit more oblong producing more performance. The rotating module achieves each draw length within the range, and is easily changed from one to the other. The single cable draw stop is adjustable for shooters interested in tweaking the feel of the valley, and ultimately the let-off percentage.

Draw Cycle/Shootability

This bow shoots very well. The draw cycle is very smooth throughout ending at a pretty decent back wall. Although there is only one cable draw stop on the bottom cam, the back wall feels pretty solid at full draw. Just shooting the bow normally, the wall feels fine. If shooters really try to pull against the cable, they may be able to get some mush, but for those just shooting the bow, it will feel pretty solid. The valley is a fully adjustable feature on the Bowmadness 32. Straight out of the box, the valley is very generous, even allowing a little creep on the back end without wanting to take off. Those wanting a shorter valley have the ability to make some minor adjustments in order to get it just right. While holding on target, the 80% let off is easy to get used to. Some shooters prefer a higher holding weight, but for those holding back on an animal from a tree stand, the 80% let off is greatly appreciated for sure. The pin seems to settle down range nicely, and the firing of the bow leaves no major noise or vibration. An added front mounted stabilizer will help settle the pin even more, and further eliminate any handshake felt after the shot, which is very minor to begin with. Given how the Bowmadness 32 shoots, it is a shame to call it a budget friendly bow, because its overall performance is much higher than the price tag would suggest.

Usage Scenarios

The Bowmadness 32 is a designed hunting bow. The 32 3/8-inch axel to axel measurement is a bit generous for what some shooters are interested in for a hunting bow, but it is far from too large. The added stability and more desirable string angle make it a great offering for 2015. Those wanting to shoot 3D with some buddies will have no problem keeping tight groups and shooting high scores.


The Bowmadness 32 is a great bow! Unfortunately, with a $599 price tag, and it being sold in a variety of box stores, the 32 may not get the attention it deserves from those interested in a new hunting bow. Granted, there are some missing features shooters could get with a Pro Series bow, but from a performance stand point, PSE did not cut any corners on the Bowmadness 32. Those looking to upgrade to a feature loaded rig will feel great about purchasing the PSE Bowmadness 32 and experiencing what engineered performance feels like.

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Quite and pretty fast! Back wall is good and draw cycle is amazing!

Version: 2015 PSE Bow Madness 32


Pros: Great draw cycle, good back wall, quite and fast.

Cons: not a whole lot i didn't like about the bow, grip a little small and after bow has all components on it it's a little heavy.

Full review:

I bought a 2015 PSE Bowmadness 32, I have put a Trophy Ridge 4 pin sight on it, a trophy take arrow rest, and a trophy ridge 6" stabilizer. It is a little heavy, but it's all about preference if you like heavy bows or light bows. It is extremely quite and fast and has an amazing draw cycle, and a decent price for how good the bow is.

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