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PSE Bow Madness 34

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  • More features than normal for a mainline bow
  • Favorable longer axel to axel measurement for multipurpose use
  • 342 feet per second is a great speed for most shooters
  • MSRP is only $699


  • Missing some PSE technology advancements seen in the Pro Series


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Editors' review

The PSE Bowmadness lineup is generally powered by some of the highest performance single cams on the market. However, the 2015 lineup will feature a hybrid cam, which is easily tunable like a single cam with the performance of a hybrid. Shooting speeds up to 342 feet per second with 80% let-off really gives shooters a great mix of shootability and performance. The Bowmadness 34 has an axel to axel measurement just over 34-inches, which makes it a decent multipurpose rig for the $699 price tag. With a draw length adjustment from 24.5-30.5-inches, the Bowmadness 34 should meet the needs of most shooters in the need for a new budget friendly bow.


PSE does a nice job making their bows look great while being able to withstand a lot of abuse in the woods. The mainline bows are less expensive, but the finish is still top quality in every way. There are three options available, Mossy Oak Infinity, Skullworks, and solid black. Some interested in using the Bowmadness 34 for a target rig may be a little disappointed with the lack of target color options, but they have never been offered on the PSE mainline bows. There is always an option to get a custom dip if color truly is the deal breaker for anyone interested in what the 34 has to offer.


The forged riser featured on the Bowmadness 34 takes a little more aggressive look than the Bowmadness models in the past. The riser actually looks more like a Pro Series design, which features the 3d structural riser. Although the risers are different in design, the looks are similar. The 34 1/4 - inch axel to axel measurement is largely made up of the riser, helping with stability and a steady hold on target. The Bowmadness 34 has a traditional cable slide, which functions well and includes a rubber dampener. Some may be disappointed the mainline series does not included the adjustable Flex guard like some of the Pro Series rigs. With that being said, the cable slide is a proven choice.The Backstop 3 string stop system is great as well, easily adjusts, and reduces vibration and noise. The rubber string stop can be swapped out for a variety of colors for those interested in a little more flare as well.


PSE grips are a thin and comfortable. For most shooters, it will be an easy transition from what they are currently used to, but those that prefer a larger handle may be a little disappointed. PSE grips are incorporated into the grip, and are not easily modified. Some manufacturers allow the removal of the grip of replacement grips, but PSE does not have anything like this. The carved out grip in the riser helps with proper hand placement leading towards improved accuracy. Those worried about the grip being a little chilly in cold weather can add the neoprene grip cover available through PSE.


The Bowmadness 34 has three limb configurations available from the factory with maximum draw weights of 50, 60, and 70 pounds. The limb bolts are also adjustable by 12 full turns, which means more than 10 pounds of adjustment. PSE mentions a 30% draw weight adjustment from the maximum draw weight listed. The limbs are similar to what shooters have gotten used to with PSE in regards to the highly prestressed design at rest. The composite limbs are durable and strong enough to last. The red logo work throughout the bow and on the limbs helps add a little flair to the finish on the 34 as well. The rubber dampeners located on the limbs help take the vibration away from the bow after the shot. The bands are black from the factory, but can be swapped for a variety of colors if desired.

Eccentric System

This is perhaps the most appealing part of the newly designed Bowmadness rig for 2015. The Bowmadness models have been offered for several years now, but always in a single cam offering. This year, the Madness Hybrid Cam puts a new spin on the historically popular model. The hybrid cam offers single cam simplicity and dual cam speeds. This cam ranges from 24.5-20.5-inches in draw length with half-inch adjustments without the need for purchasing modules or an entirely new cam. The 80% let off combined with a velocity up to 342 feet per second are very impressive numbers for a mainline series model. One downside for some shooters may be the fact there is no draw stop on the top cam. There is a cable stop on the bottom cam, but those wanting an extremely solid wall may prefer a limb stop or dual stop model instead.

Draw Cycle/Shootability

The Madness Hybrid cam is a great cam system attempting to mold the best of a single cam and a dual cam system together for the best experience possible. The great news is PSE did a nice job doing this creating a nice shooting platform with some amazing features. The draw cycle is a bit smoother than past Bowmadness single cams, and the 80% let off really helps with holding the bow on target. The back wall feels solid, but for shooters wanting the firmest back wall possible, the single cable stop may not be the greatest feeling when compared to limb stops or even dual limb stops. Holding the bow on target is easy, and the shot sends the arrow away pretty quickly. There is not much vibration or noise after the shot, making it a great hunting bow. The longer axel to axel measurement is a great addition as well. It is still a great length for tree stand or ground blind hunting, and really studies up the shooters hold on target. Overall, it is difficult to find anything wrong with the bow especially considering the budget friendly price tag.

Usage Scenarios

The Bowmadness 34 is a pretty great multipurpose bow for those wanting to use the same bow to hunt and 3D shoot with. For those wanting a strict competition bow, the 34 may not be as appealing. However, for $699 it will be tough to a better value for a dual purpose bow.


PSE is known for offering something for every shooter. The Bowmadness 34 is not necessarily a budget bow, but it fits comfortably in between a beginners model and the flag ship models. Those looking to upgrade, or just wanting a really high quality bow without the price tag will find a lot to like about the Bowmadness 34. It shoots great, can be used for hunting or 3D, and has an MSRP of $699. It is really hard to find anything wrong with the 2015 PSE Bowmadness 34.

User Reviews

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The bow madness 34 is fast, smooth and very nice looking. The skull works camo loks great also.

Version: 2015 PSE Bow Madness 34


Pros: The speed is very fast, flat shooting and forgiving to shot groups are at leat 30% better than my pse pro series triton. Feels good and has 6 arrow quiver,string stop and a nice finish. Very quiet.

Cons: the bow sling seams a little cheap but feels good on the hand. It has a soft neopreen feel.the peep site has a much larger hole than needed to center the site.also not a big fan of the rubber tube peep set up.

Full review:

the 2015 PSE BOMADNESS 34 is an awsome bow, its very fast, quiet,no hand shock,feels smooth with a very smooth draw cycle Great price for the features it comes with. The vibration dampening equipment is nice to. Over all it is a great bow to shoot,I cant wait to get my first confirmed kill with it.

Pro line performance at a Main line price

Version: 2015 PSE Bow Madness 34


Pros: Just about everything

Cons: Back wall is a little to stiff for my taste

Full review:

Just got my Bow Madness 34 on March 7th.Mine is actualy a,2016 Modle (all gray string vs red/gray). I love how it shoots. It has a super smooth draw cycle and great let off. I like the valley as well. Its not to short but not to long for me. The back wall is a little stiffer then i would like but not enough to nock it down a star. I got it bare bones and added an NAP nighthawk drop away rest, Truglo TSX™ PRO SERIES 5 pin sight, PSE Vibrackeck Spire 5" stabilizer and a Pine Ridge Archery 1/4" peep. No string leaches or other type of string scilencers and its super quiet with my set up. Im shooting gold tip velocity xt arrows with easton diamond arrow wraps and gate way feathers 2" razor fletchings and a 100gr field tip/borad head at 30" arrow lenght and weight around 380gr. Im getting about 315 to 320fps at 29" draw lenght depending on the temp. I love shooting this bow and would recommend this bow to any one. You get PSE's Pro line performance at a Main line price

Good mid-line bow from PSE

Version: 2015 PSE Bow Madness 34


Pros: Shoots quick. Has good backwall and the draw cycle is smooth.

Cons: Does not come in a left hand model. Grip seems too thin.

Full review:

The bow shoots quick, the draw cycle is excellent and smooth. The bow was easily sighted in and launches arrows like bullets. The grip feels a little thin but its a typical PSE grip and after some shooting you get use to it. I have not put this bow on the chrono yet but I have seen others shooting around 320-328.

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