PSE Bow Madness XS Review

PSE Bow Madness XS

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PSE Bow Madness XS Review4.854 out of 4 user reviews


  • highly maneuverable and smooth bow
  • draw length can be adjusted without using a bow press
  • great value for money


  • factory strings could be of better quality

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Editors' review

At only 3.7 lbs and measuring 28.5" from axle to axle, the PSE Bow Madness XS is a great bow for tree-stand or blind hunting. This rig is one of the three bows from the Bow Madness series released by PSE and Drury Outdoors in 2009. In terms of specifications this is the shortest bow from the series.

Riser and Grip

Due to its thin and sleek riser, the Bow Madness XS is a lightweight bow with the mass weight of 3.7 pounds. The new PSE Slim Low Torque (SLT) grip is considered by many archers as thin and comfortable. This grip is fully machined and is equipped with contoured rubber side panels. Many shooters say the side panels are positioned in such a way that the grip sits in the hands nicely. However, if you are not comfortable with thin grips you will highly likely need some time to get used to this thin grip.

Eccentric system

PSE powers the Bow Madness XS with a smooth-drawing Madness Cam system, advertised to hit IBO speeds reaching 316 FPS. This single cam system is reported to be very smooth and can be easily adjusted. The draw length can be adjusted in 1 inch increments over a range from 25" to 30" without using a bow press. The short draw length adjustments (25" to 28") are made on the inner cam module, whereas the long draw lengths are adjusted on the standard cam module (27" to 30"). The let-off can be adjusted from 65 to 80%.

Draw cycle and shootability

The Bow Madness XS has received a lot of positive comments from many shooters in regard to its smooth draw cycle and solid back wall. Although this rig is highly maneuverable, it does not hold as well as the standard Bow Madness. Nevertheless, shooters admit the Bow Madness XS holds well for a short bow.

Quietness and vibration

According to multiple Bow Madness XS tests, a bare bow has some hand shock and vibration. This can be improved by installing a stabilizer and limb savers.

Overall quality

While shooters agree this is a good quality bow, factory strings could be of better quality because they tend to stretch and twist. While this is not a huge problem for some archers, others like to replace factory strings with a better quality set. Those who don't like factory strings agree, however, that once the strings are replaced this rig is almost flawless.

Value for money

Many shooters agree this bow is a great value for money. With a modest price tag, this bow is as good as some of its more expensive competitors with similar characteristics.


To summarize, the PSE Bow Madness XS is a quality maneuverable bow at a very affordable price. While it is not expensive, this rig is as good as some of higher priced competitor rigs. Being lightweight and stable, a bare Bow Madness XS has some hand shock and vibration but can be made quieter by installing a stabilizer. Also, this rig has a smooth single cam system and delivers a solid back wall. Undoubtedly, this bow is a great choice for tree-stand or blind hunting.
PSE Bow Madness XS Review4.854

User Reviews

  • 4 reviews
  • ( out of 4 reviews for all versions)
  1. Awesome bow!

    Version: 2009 PSE Bow Madness XS


    Pros: It’s compact. I usually stalk or treestand hunt and this bow is capable of going through the thick stuff without any problems and is easy to manuever in the treestand as well.

    Cons: Hair trigger back wall.
    Once you get there you’d better anchor in! The bow will jump on you if you don’t!
    Yeah, replace the strings and cable.

    Full review:
    I shoot the XS set up at 60 lbs. with Sims vibration on the limbs and strings and a stabilizer.
    Extreme site, Fletcher peep, QAD Ultra Rest, Proline strings and cable, Tru-Ball Pro Diamond Release, Carbon Force Bow Madness Arrows, and Rage Broadheads.
    The bow is very accurate and fast.
    It is a pleasure shooting once you get used to the back wall.
    Overall, this bow is a compact, any situation, friend in the thicket, deer killin’ machine!

  2. Great price, features and good performance.

    Version: 2011 PSE Bow Madness XS


    Pros: This is the shortest ATA bow that I’ve shot with and I was worried about accuracy. Worry no more, this bow delievers. While not a speed bow my speed is north of 310 with my hunting setup. Very happy.

    Cons: The short ATA did take some getting use to. Practice, Practice, Practice, really made the difference. It’s not like a 35 ATA bow, but now my range is good out to 35 yards which is where i’m most comfortable with any other bow I’ve shot.

    Full review:
    can’t say enough about the ease of having a bow this small in a tree or a blind. this thing is small. Despite it’s size it still sends the arrow downrange with authority. Very quiet and vibration is minimal. Always wanted to have a short ATA for my hunting rig but was worried about shootability. After having it through my second hunting season it has helped me harvest both in the tree and in the blind. I’m getting 311 fps with my hunting setup and Im happy with that.

  3. Smooth draw cycle, good kinetic energy (even at 80y). 1st pin set at 30y (5-pins).

    Version: 2010 PSE Bow Madness XS


    Pros: Smooth draw cycle, overall weight/size, ease of tuning, speed of setup (@ 29/66), very fun shooting bow, etc.

    Cons: As the others I read about online, the quality/durability of the string are questionable. However, not enough of an issue to deter my purchase.

    Full review:
    Have not been able to check the speed yet, but shall be going for a string change (due to preference/appearance only) and it shall be tested at that point. I am using this bow ,set at 29/66#, for ground blind and tree stand hunting (with an occcasional stalk). Happy camper here.

  4. Pretty close to the ultimate hunting bow and very much at home at the range.

    Version: 2010 PSE Bow Madness XS


    Pros: Light, short, parallel limb design yields very little jump or shock. No issues with bow. Perfect for tree stand, ground blind, still hunting or stalking, or a back back. Perfect balance, easily tuned, max performance with minimal accessories.

    Cons: Maybe the string. I lived with the factory string for two years before getting a new one and it is better, but not all that much.

    Full review:
    As accurate as any bow.. it competes very well in bow hunter class at local shoots and leads the pack in our bow hunters league. Weight and length allow it to be strapped to my backpack and I can hunt all day long. Perfect setup for a tree stand, a ground blind or still hunting in the woods. Extremely smooth draw. Bow barely moves when shot. I don’t have a stabilizer on mine and the bow just sits in my hand .. requires no grip at all and so eliminates all problems related to gripping a bow. I use a basic 5 pin sight and I shoot up to 45 yards in the yard. I have shoot two deer with mine. One at 9 yards (ground blind) and the second at 20 yards (behind tree). I have had it for 3 years, probably am approaching 15000 shots with the bow. Have replaced the string, but that is the only maintenance i have had to do. I have other bows including a new target bow, but this is my favorite and if I had to settle on one bow, it would be this one .. bottom line; I love this bow!

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