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  • Very adjustable
  • Smooth draw
  • Easy to shoot
  • Easy to handle
  • Durable


  • Adjustments may require a new cam
  • Slow


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Editors' review

The PSE Deer Hunter is one of PSE's longest running bows not to mention, one of the best-selling bows of all time. This rig is great for archers young and old whether using it for learning, target shooting or hunting. Part of the reason for the popularity of this model is its versatility and quality, with the Deer Hunter almost anyone can grow up shooting it and continue to shoot it for their entire life.

Riser & Limbs

PSE uses precision-engineered, stress-optimized Magnaglass limbs which are attached to the machined aluminum riser through the limb pockets. The aluminum riser is a very simple riser but it fits this bow very well.


The Vibracheck rubber grip is a very comfortable, all weather grip most shooters will like. However it is quite wide, thus some torque can be expected from beginners.

Eccentric System

PSE has been using the Stage 3 Twin Cam for decades. It features multiple string slots for draw length and draw weight adjustments. This Cam system is not known for its speed, IBO speeds are just 265 fps @ 29", but for the adjustability, versatility and incredibly smooth draw. This Eccentric System allows draw length adjustments from 23" to 30" and peak draw weight adjustments from 40lbs to 65lbs with the use of three different size cam wheels. However, to adjust the draw length within each cam does require a bow press.

Draw Cycle / Shootability

The PSE Deer Hunter has an ultra-smooth draw cycle with a good back wall. This bow is over 38" axle to axle with a very forgiving 7 5/8" brace height making it one heck of a shooter. Thanks to the long axle to axle length this bow can even be shot accurately with fingers. Of course, this is not the quietest bow on the market but with this addition of a stabilizer and some string leeches it can be quieted down to a desirable level.

PSE Deer Hunter vs. PSE Nova NI

BowPSE Deer HunterPSE Nova
Version 20122011 (NI Cam)
PicturePSE Deer HunterPSE Nova
Brace Height7.625 "7.625 "
AtA Length38.25 "32.75 "
Draw Length24 " - 29 "25 " - 30 "
Draw Weight30 lbs - 65 lbs40 lbs - 70 lbs
IBO Speed257 fps - 265 fps295 fps - 303 fps
Weight3.6 lbs3.8 lbs
Let-Off65% 65% or 80% (Adj)
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Compared to the Deer Hunter the Nova NI has a few features that set it a step above. While the Deer Hunter does have a lot of adjustability it requires different cams to achieve full adjustability. Were as the PSE Nova NI features a single cam with up to 6 inches of adjustability in draw length and is a much faster shooter. For only $30 more the Nova NI is a better value but may not fit for some younger archers because it does not have as much draw weight adjustment.


Because this is an entry level bow most shooters that purchase the Deer Hunter will use it for any scenario they find themselves in, and rightfully so, it will do the job. However, it is mainly designed for the beginning archer to learn with and hunt with.


The Deer Hunter is a good value for the money. The 2011 model has a great price but when you consider PSE also throws in their Gemini sight, Mongoose quiver and Mustang rest it becomes a very attractive value. For a beginner to only have to spend about $250 and have everything they need to get started except arrows, this is a tough value to beat.


While the PSE Deer Hunter may not be the top quality bow that most of us want to shoot, it is a very good all-around bow, especially for a beginner looking to get into archery and not spend a lot of money. This rig is an accurate and forgiving bow that will serve its shooter well, whether a new archer just learning to shoot or someone who has been shooting for years, it can get the job done. This bow is especially great for the beginner because it can be adjusted to grow with the shooter be the only bow many people would ever need.

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Great starter bow, but an adult will outgrow it's ability quickly.

Version: 2008 PSE Deer Hunter


Pros: Inexpensive, adjustable everything, cheap, great for any age, doesn't cost much, comes with everything you need

Cons: A little loud, Adults will outgrow it, Only adjustable to 65 lbs, SLOW

Full review:

This is a terrific first bow. I received mine as a wedding gift from my brother, who has been a die-hard bow hunter for years. I knew it would perform if he was giving it to me. I have shot this bow for the past four years and even killed deer with it, but for the past year or more I've really felt that it isn't keeping pace with me as a bow hunter any longer. I will gladly keep this bow as a backup, or for my wife to use once I upgrade.

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