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PSE Dream Season Decree

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  • A high performance speed bow with a favorable draw cycle
  • Speeds with to 355 feet per second with a 6-inch brace height
  • Compact, lightweight design


  • The generated speed comes with a stiff draw cycle
  • MSRP of $949 may not be for those on a budget


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Editors' review

The PSE Dream Season Decree is a combination of two beloved models offered by PSE in the recent past - the Full Throttle and the DNA. The compact 31 3/8-inch axel-to-axel measurement is highly sought after for many shooters wanting a shorter hunting bow. This small frame also comes in a lightweight design weighing in at only 3.7 pounds bare bow. PSE is known for high performance bows, and the Decree delivers with 355 feet per second. The draw cycle is stiff on the Decree, but one of the most appealing things about the bow is the ability to drop in draw weight and still obtain top-notch speed and performance, making the stiff draw less of an issue. The draw length will fit most people adjusting in half-inch increments from 24.5-30-inches. The PSE Dream Season Decree is competitively priced for a flagship model bow with a $949 MSPR tag, but that is more than likely too steep for shooters on a budget.


The dipping process leaves the bows in great shape in regards to looks and durability. Mossy Oak continues to be the camo pattern of choice for PSE. However, there is a new pattern this year in Break-up Country. Those wanting something a little different can choose between all black and Skullworks too. Like most PSE models, the graphics and accent colors featured on the bow are red, which looks great but not loved by all. Those wanting to change the dampeners, grip insert, and Flex guard piece can with a color kit if interested. The stickers and nameplate on the riser will stay red though.


The Decree's riser does not disappoint either as it is another example of PSE engineering at its finest. The riser is forged 7075 aluminum and features a structural design that enhances the overall strength of the riser while keeping the weight as light as possible. The Planar X 3D Structural design makes one of the most rigid risers PSE has produced. The Flex cable guard system is back and featured on the Decree as well. The flex guard functions like another limb with the ability to be adjusted for an optimal feel. The cable guard flexes in during the draw cycle, and returns to rest after the arrow is fired allowing for vane clearance. Where the Flex Guard is set will determine how the draw cycle feels to a certain degree.The single screw backstop string stop system is easily adjustable as well. Those wanting to tweak how far the resting string is from the string stop can decide the distance adjusting only one screw. Like most PSE models, the Decree has a front mounting stabilizer located directly in front of backstop system.


The all-new 3rd generation B.E.S.T grip is featured on the PSE Dream Season Decree as an integrated component of the riser itself. Both sides of the grip have a rubber insert, which is red from the factory, but can be changed out with a color kit. The rubber grip does not really add or take away anything in terms of comfort, but the integrated grip itself feels great and places the shooters hand in a repeatable position shot after shot. The grip is actually offset a bit to account for better hand placement, which should lead to increased accuracy and a more comfortable feel as well. Those moving from a thicker grip may need some time to get used to the thin design of the PSE B.E.S.T. grip, but it is sure to become a new favorite for many shooters.


PSE split limbs store the energy from the Inertia cams to power the arrow toward the target. The limbs have 7 turns of adjustment, and are offered in maximum draw weights of 50, 60, 65, and 70-pounds. The 65-pound offering is a wonderful addition to the lineup. Although shooters can obtain the 65-pound mark by backing the 70-pound limbs off a bit, it is greatly appreciated to offer this popular draw weight as a factory option. The highly pre-stressed limbs give the Decree the unique "X-Force" look from a distance, and the whole bow screams performance. The Decree limb graphics are red for each of the finish options, and helps add some pop to the look of the bow. The composite limb pockets are designed to function well and not take anything away from the overall look of the bow. The pockets are also designed with the top-notch performance and speed in mind so the bow works flawlessly in all conditions. The pockets are a dull black in color for each of the finish options.

Eccentric System

The Inertia Cam is a result of customer demand and high quality engineering. Many fanboys wanted a mixture of the popular DNA and Full Throttle models, and the Inertia cam on the Decree bow fits the bill perfectly. The Inertia cam is capable of speeds up to 355 feet per second, and is offered in half-inch increments from 24.5-30-inches. The top and bottom cam features an adjustable cable stop, and the rotating module allows ease of changing draw lengths without the need for purchasing additional modules or an entirely new cam. The Inertia cam has easy to read laser engraved markings for shooters to adjust the module and draw stops to the desired settings without confusion as well. Although everything should be set properly straight from the pro shop, it is a nice addition for anyone enjoying tinkering with their bows. The 75% let off is a comfortable feature for many shooters as well giving them a nice compromise for those not wanting too much or too little holding weight. Draw Cycle/ShootabilityThe Inertia Cam generates 355 feet per second with a 6-inch brace height, and all that speed must come from somewhere. The draw cycle is stiff from start to finish, and it feels like shooters are pulling peak weight for a significant length of the draw length. The transition to the valley and the dump into the back wall is smooth, but it is a relatively tough pull to get there. Once at the back wall, it is extremely solid. There is a little wiggle room in regards to the valley, but once the bow starts to move forward it is a bit tough to hold it into the cable stops. The bow holds very well on target for being a shorter axel-to-axel rig. After the shot, the bow has minimal vibration.

Usage Scenarios

The PSE Decree is a hunting bow. However, in the correct hands, many shooters will shoot well on the line in paper and 3D leagues. The bow is mean, and designed to be in the woods, but those wanting a hunting rig with the intention to mix in some foam target shooting on the weekends will be pleasantly surprised at how well the Decree does both.

PSE Decree vs. PSE DNA

BowPSE Dream Season Decree
Version 2016
PicturePSE Dream Season Decree
Brace Height "
AtA Length "
Draw Length "
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For the most part, these bows appeal to the same shooter. The performance is top notch on both bows. The PSE DNA is rated a bit slower than the PSE Dream Season Decree, but the other specifications are comparable. The Decree draw cycle is a bit more favorable for many shooters. The back wall feels a little more solid, and the valley on the Decree is a little longer when drawn side by side. Shooters wanting a shorter axel to axel hunting bow in a lightweight package can not go wrong with either model.


High performance bows like the PSE Decree often do not get a fair shot in terms of head to head comparisons because most people feel bows set at the same draw weight are equal. Cams like the Inertia Cams with more of an aggressive feel allow shooters to drop significantly in draw weight and still maintain the same speed. It may be worthwhile for those comparing the Decree to other models for each rig to be set to the same speed instead of the same draw weight to get a true sense of what the Decree's performance. The Decree is a great bow for PSE and will be the option of choice for many hunters in the fall. The energy produced by the Decree is outstanding for a high performance bow, and the draw cycle although stiff, really feels great after adjusting. For 355 feet per second, the PSE Decree's small frame and lightweight design make it a wonderful option for a hunting bow.

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Perfect very fast accurate Light to carry hunting, 3D or hide bow.

Version: 2015 PSE Dream Season Decree


Pros: Beautiful looking bow that has broad range variable draw length adjustments, adjustable Cam to valley position in relation to draw length, Light, Very fast, easy to tune and well made. Shoots solid and fast with little vibration of jump.

Cons: The on-cam Adjustments screw located under limb and require the bow to be partially drawn as you remove and refit the Cam module positions to get the draw length set.

Full review:

Son's 60lb bow Set at 50lb full pass through on 100lb Hog. One little gripe - Factory string serving under D loop separated and the loop drifted north early in usage due only 1" served above center. I deducted a Star from rating for PSE ending production, I don't understand why they stopped making this great little Bow.

Although the draw cycle is's a great all around bow.

Version: 2015 PSE Dream Season Decree


Pros: Comfortable, lightweight bow, with a very repeatable grip and feel. Shoots fast and flat. Would recommend this bow to anyone..hunter or competition shooter.

Cons: Price..not for the hunter on a budget. The bow does seem to hold its resale value and is highly sought after.

Full review:

Very shootable bow. Several adjustable elements of the bow make it a good fit for all types of shooters, of all different physical statures. The bow shoots fast and flat. The grip feels great in the hand, making shooting repeatable shots a breeze. The draw cycle is a little unrefined, but not enough as to be a problem.

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