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PSE Drive Review5.0513 out of 13 user reviews


  • Forgiving 7.5 inch brace height, still producing 326 feet per second
  • Compact 30.5 -inch axel-to-axel hunting bow
  • Draw length adjustment from 26-31.5 inches
  • Price


  • May be a bit heavy for some at 4.6-pounds

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Editors' review

This is the most affordable proline series bow PSE has ever offered at $499, but it does not come at the expense of technology. 326 feet per second with a forgiving 7.5-inch brace height are wonderful specifications for a hunting bow. Add a smooth draw, and quiet release, and the Drive becomes an extremely desirable rig and one of the best values for 2013.


The drive is offered in tons of finish options. Target shooters and hunters have many finish patterns. The four basic options are, Mossy Oak Break Up Infinity camo, Infinity limbs and a black riser, Skullworks camo, and solid black. These options were all available through PSE last year as well, and still look outstanding on this year's models.


The drive uses the Planar Flex riser from 2012. Although the riser is specifically designed for the Drive, the technology was available on a few of last year's models. This riser helps eliminate side-to-side twist when the bow is drawn. This strength adds to shot repeatability and improved accuracy. The drive is a touch on the heavy side with an overall weight of 4.6 pounds and a relatively short axel-to-axel measurement of 30.5-inches. However, the riser design makes up most of the axel-to-axel measurement making it feel like a little longer bow.

The rear mounting string stop system does a wonderful job eliminating hand shock on this bow, and is mounted directly behind the front mounting stabilizer hole, which further transfers any vibration the bow has away from the shooters hand. The cable slide system come equipped with a dampener to help with noise and vibration as well.


The Drive features the Raptor grip, which has a little thicker feel than some of the other pro series bows. Like other PSE models, the grip is an integrated part of the riser with rubber grip panels for each side of the grip. Those used to the thin B.E.S.T. grip PSE offers will take a little bit of time to adjust. However, those coming from another company will find the Raptor grip very repeatable and comfortable in hand.


The Drive limbs are split limb technology like other PSE limbs as well. Although slightly prestressed, the limbs of the drive are not as prestressed as other PSE models. They are adjustable in 10-pound increments, and available in maximum weights of 50. 60. And 70 pounds. PSE limbs are able to withstand normal shooting conditions for a very long time. They also feature Vibracheck limb dampening bands that are available in a variety of color options. The Brute X limb pocket is a pivoting pocket that holds more of the limb allowing for better alignment.

Eccentric System

The Drive cam powers the Drive bow to speeds up to 326 feet per second. This cam is also featured on the Vendetta and Revenge models as well. The 2nd generation posi-lock inner-cam has 6.5-inches of draw length adjustability in half inch increments without the need to purchase cams or modules. PSE designed this cam to tune easily and minimize nock travel. These details make it a nice shooter. It also has laser engraved marking for ease of tuning.

Draw Cycle/Shootability

The Drive Cams are easy to shoot. The draw cycle feels great without any noticeable humps or transitions. The back wall is very solid, and the Drive does not want to creep forward while at full draw. The overall weight of the 4.6-pound bow makes it easy to hold on target despite its short axel-to-axel measurement. After the shot, the bow is silent and has no trace of vibration. Part may be the bows weight, and part may contribute to the Vibracheck dampeners, but the Drive is quiet and as shock free as they come. This whole package is combined with a forgiving brace height of 7.5 inches, which makes it an easy bow to shoot well.

Usage Scenarios

This bow is a hunting bow period. Although the trend for hunting bows is to offer a compact design in lightweight packages, the Drive is not lightweight by today's standards. However, it holds well on target, shoots silent and without vibration, and feels substantial while in the shooters hand. Not all hunters welcome the lightweight trend, so those still wanting some mass to their hunting bow should give the Drive a shot. Although the Drive is very accurate and shoots well, serious target shooters may have better options available to them.


PSE has produced a compact bow with a forgiving brace height of 7.5-inches capable of 326 feet per second with hunters in mind. Going against the lightweight bow trend, the Drive's 4.6-pound weight will be welcomed by some and rejected by others. The bow is as silent and shock free as they come, and holds on target like a much longer bow. With tons of customization options straight from the factory at an extremely affordable price, the Drive is hard to overlook for shooters wanting a new hunting bow.
PSE Drive Review5.0513

User Reviews

  • 13 reviews
  • ( out of 13 reviews for all versions)
  1. Extremely quiet, shock/vibration free, fast, impressive all the way around.

    Version: 2013 PSE Drive


    Pros: 1. Quietest bow I have ever shot out of the box.
    2. Extremely smooth to draw with a solid back wall.
    3. Hand shock and vibration were narly non-existant.
    4. Coolest finish I have ever seen "Skull Works"
    5. Only $500.00.

    Cons: A tad bit heavy but not really an issue.

    Full review:
    First of all the fit and finish of this bow is second to none. I had to order my Drive from a Pro Shop out of state because I just could not find any where I live. I set the bow up with Trophy Ridge 5-Pin sights, Trophy Ridge stabilizer, NAP Apache rest, D-loop, and peep sight. It took me seveal shots to let it soak in because I could not believe how quiet and vibration/shock free this bow was. I even went in my basement and shot the bow and was totally impressed. A bow square and center shot was all I used and the Drive threw a broadhead like a field point. I will not mention or bash any other bow manufacturet, that is one thng I do not do but I do have to say one thing, the last two bows I have owned weer top-of-the-line bows that cost roughly $750.00 to $800.00 out of the box and were very impressive also. I compared the drive head to head with them and in my opinion the PSE Drive was every bit as good and even better in most areas. I was totally impressed with what you get for $500.00. It had been several years since I had last owned a PSE bow but that has changed now. I have been converted and unless something drastic changes I will not look back.

  2. awesome bow for the money

    Version: 2013 PSE Drive


    Pros: i like everything about this bow ,it shoots great ,no vibration its super smooth and hits plenty very happy

    Cons: have no cons

    Full review:
    i was looking for a price point bow and was looking at the hoyt charger asi shot it and liked it till i shot this bow and had to get it as it shot perfect for me extremely happy with it ..pick one up you wont be sorry

  3. Extremely smooth, solid back wall, no vibration or noise, extremely accurate.

    Version: 2013 PSE Drive


    Pros: All of the great features of an $800.00 bow for only $500.00. Silky smooth to draw with little to no noise or vibration. This bow is suprisingly fast for a bow with a brace height over 7" and was very easy to tune.

    Cons: A little haavy but for me that is a good thing. I am able to hold a heavier bow more steady.

    Full review:
    Before purchasing the DRIVE I actually shot this bow side-by-side with the Mathews Creed, the Hoyt Spider and Hoyt Charger. I could not tell enough difference between the bows to justify paying the $300.00 difference. Actual chrono speeds were in favor of the DRIVE but only by a couple of feet and all bows were set up the same. Amazigly fast (chronographed at 281 fps at 28" DL, 60# DW, 375 grn Carbon Express RED arrow with only a D-Loop on string) I shot all three bows indoors with no additions on the bows to deaden noise and the PSE DRIVE was actally quiter and had a noticabely smoother draw cycle. I really liked the option on the DRIVE that allowed you more than one location to install your sights. The grip really fit my hand well but none of the other bows were bad at all but the PSE just fitn me better. I was just extremely impressed with the features from the cam system, riser, string, limbs and limb pockets that I could not believe that this bow could be bought for $500.00. I was not very impressed the the quality of the accessory package that you could get the bow set up with so I purchased the bow only and customized to fit my needs. DO NOT let the price fool you and shoot one for yourself I think you will be impressed.

  4. Loving my drive!!!!!!!

    Version: 2013 PSE Drive


    Pros: Twin cam,smooth,easy to draw,quiet& fast! I can adjust draw weight & length at home without a press.

    Cons: Need to purchase the right carbon arrows to go with 70 lbs draw weight, all companies have their own charts for arrow shafts and all #s are different.this goes for all makes and models not just the drive. This was my only beef.

    Full review:
    As with any thing a bow can only be as good as the hands it is in,just because you own a ferrari doesn’t make you a formula one driver,money can’t buy skill.I wanted to upgrade from my old bow( a Jennings t-starr II 44" ata 31" draw length 50 lbs weight)Shooting fingers.My local dealer( a Hoyt fan) recommended the drive as one of the few bows with a short ata that would fit me,and my wallet. I wanted a short bow for ground blind hunting. Any other bow to fit my draw length would have been in the thousands by the time it was outfitted.I picked it up in April and started shooting with snow still on the ground . I’ve never had any cold draw issues with it ,or lack of performance from the cold. My first kills came mid spring with taking care of a small beaver problem, normally done with a rifle. At 30 yards in water there is only a small kill zone,the bow and myself performed perfectly,beaver count 3 kill count 3 arrows recovered 2. This bow has increased my confidence and really has me looking forward to a great deer season. Pete Sheply was around in the 70s with Bear & Jennings for the start of the compound bows and is the only one still around.It shows in all of the pse products!

  5. Super nice for the price

    Version: 2013 PSE Drive


    Pros: A lot if pop. This bow will sling an arrow!

    Cons: A little heavy but that is nit picking

    Full review:
    Easy to tune, super smooth, and fast. Very happy with this bow. I had this bow hitting 45 yard targets within 30 minutes of my first shot. I can’t wait to get into the woods with this awesome bow. The price is a huge plus as well. Shoots like $900 bows.

  6. Awesome bow!!

    Version: 2013 PSE Drive


    Pros: low cost, very quiet, no vibration, great adjustability without having to buy new cams or strings or need a press.

    Cons: none

    Full review:
    Awsome bow!! picked mine up for $375 new in box.. wow cant beat that, yes the bow is a little heavier than some other brands (Mathews, hoyt )but iv found that the little extra weight helps me steady the bow a lot better, I have a 70lb DW and can hold this thing all day at full draw. the bow is very smooth and well engineered. IMO I wouldn’t waste the money on the accessories package as the components are kinda cheap and will be replaced anyway. bottom line this bow is a serious contender with much more expensive bows, you will not be disappointed!

  7. You really can’t beat this bow.

    Version: 2014 PSE Drive LT


    Pros: Quite
    smooth draw
    great price

    Cons: A little squeaky after hunting in the rain. Nothing a little silicone spray didn’t fix.

    Full review:
    Its a pro price point bow that shoots as well the really high dollar bows. There really is no reason not to buy this bow if your looking for the best bang for your buck. Ive always used Mathews bows but was due for an upgrade. I went down to the local pro shop expecting to drop a lot of cash on the next latest and greatest. Shot all the bows they had, and could not see how to justify spending another 300-600 dollars on the "premium" bows. They really just were not that much better.

  8. Don’t let the price of this bow fool you. This is a great bow!

    Version: 2013 PSE Drive


    Pros: Smooth Draw
    Excellent weight (I don’t like light bows)
    Easy to tune
    Great price
    Fully adjustable draw length

    Cons: None

    Full review:
    I bought this bow in Jan of 2013 and I’ve used it to hunt deer, rabbit and turkey. But more often that that, I was using this bow to shoot in competition. I’ve shot indoor 300 and 450 shoots, outdoor FITA, 3D and field.
    I used this bow to be awarded the St. Louis Bowhunter’s club 3D Champion for 2013 and also won the 2014 MO state NFAA Field tournament in the bowhunter freestyle class. It’s a shooter.

  9. Great bow .Works well

    Version: 2014 PSE Drive LT


    Pros: Easy to use . Great poundage range. Good hunting size.

    Cons: A little bit weighty.

    Full review:
    Being a shorter person (5′8") and a draw of 28" I can’t get max speed but still get enough to bring down any game we have in New Zealand. We stalk on foot in heavy bush here and having a shorter powerful bow works well.The smoothness and lack of vibration makes every draw a pleasure and gives you the confidence to take that shot.
    Barry Roberts.
    New Zealand

  10. Can’t beat this bow!

    Version: 2014 PSE Drive LT


    Pros: Smooth draw, very well priced, no vibrations.

    Cons: Can’t really think of one.

    Full review:
    I just picked up a 2015 Drive LT, had to wait a month for mine to come in and that would be the only Con. Canadian Retail for the RTS was 659 and worth every penny. I upgraded the sights in the shop but the rest is stock and I cannot believe how nice this bow shoots. I was due to upgrade, my last bow is a 20 year old PSE, obviously this is a huge upgrade but I was blown away at how good this bow was compared to bows that are 4-500 more! Never going to regret this purchase!

  11. Fast and accurate. Best value for money.

    Version: 2014 PSE Drive LT


    Pros: Fast, accurate, best price for the fps, good string

    Cons: Nothing

    Full review:
    I am brand new to the sport and I was looking at the Stinger X, Infinite Edge Pro, Drive LT, Charger, Fuel, Carbon Knight and one shop still had an Assassin, but it is only now that I have it and I have been shoting it for a few weeks that I have realized the Drive is an amazing bow. Currently set to only 51 pounds it is so fast and so accurate. It makes me look good. You can’t go wrong. I was worried about the weight, because of some opinions I read, but it isn’t an issue, at all.

  12. Mainline production with midline pricing.

    Version: 2015 PSE Drive LT


    Pros: Quiet, quick, looks cool in skullworks, accurate.

    Cons: Slightly on the heavy side, stock peep sight likes to move around between shots.

    Full review:
    This bow is a great bow. It’s quiet as can be and is quick in IBO. I shoot with my buddies and non of their bows are quieter than mine. It is slightly heavy when carrying into the woods, but when it’s drawn back there is no issue. It doesn’t like to move very much because it’s heavier, so I like it. To give you an idea I’m 6′3 280 lbs, and have a 30 inch draw pulling 70 lbs. I shot through a chronograph at 298.76 fps… my first bow kill was from 35 yards with this bow using a Havoc broad head had a complete pass through and only ran 60 yards. The penetration is great with this, yes it’s not the fastest bow on the market, but you can not complain about the penetration and preciseness of the PSE Drive.

  13. Silent acurate smooth stable very adjustable compact fast consistent

    Version: 2016 PSE Drive R


    Pros: Above tells it all. I have join a club, never owned or shoot a bow before. I can shoot a rifle 500 yards and I will drop a deer. So using aiming disiplines and consistancy

    Cons: None

    Full review:
    Just a real cool very cool bow. No cons. Weight is good gives stability. In any case its not heavy. Easy in the bush I have had three club shoots and scored above 400 each time I am stoked and happy plus two goats up. The deer wil come soon. Will never regret my buy

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