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PSE Firestorm

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  • Very forgiving bow with generous brace height
  • Good choice for tree-stand or blind hunting
  • Modular-adjustable eccentric system
  • Smooth draw cycle
  • Decent quality for the money


  • Factory strings could be of better quality
  • Smaller sight window


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Editors' review

The PSE Firestorm was manufactured for 8 years starting from 2001. The bow had evolved significantly before it was discontinued in 2007 (see full PSE Firestorm specs). Over the years a lot of new eccentric systems and other technologies were introduced and/or improved by PSE engineers to improve shootability characteristics and make it a bit faster and lighter.

Forgiving bow

With a very generous brace height, the Firestorm was originally designed as a forgiving bow. While the first models (2001-2004) had the brace height of 8 inches, the Firestorm Lite NH introduced in 2005 was even more forgiving (8.75"). However, in 2007, the PSE design team decided to reduce the brace height to 7.5 inches (Firestorm X) to gain more speed. We found that many shooters agree in that this bow is very forgiving no matter which version you shoot.

Not a speed monster

Designed to be forgiving, this bow is not a speed monster. Almost all PSE Firestorm modifications were capable of generating advertised IBO speeds of up to 300 fps. The only exclusions are the 2004 PSE Firestorm Lite Rimfire (285 fps) and 2007 PSE Firestorm X (up to 310 fps). While this bow is not ideal for hunters who like to squeeze out every single fps, many shooters will find the Firestorm to be a great hunting rig with plenty of speed for their needs.

What about cons?

While researching feedback about this bow we found that some Firestorm modifications have smaller sight windows than comparable bows. In addition, the factory strings could be of better quality.

Draw cycle / Shootability / Quietness

Admittedly, the Firestorm is a very smooth drawing and quiet bow due to its single cam eccentric system and generous brace height. Almost all owners agree this bow is a very good shooter.

2007 PSE Firestorm X

The 2007 Firestorm X is considered to be one of the best versions from the Firestorm series: it's very quiet, smooth, forgiving, and a bit faster than previous modifications. While many archers are very surprised PSE discontinued this bow in 2007, others say the company decided to concentrate on the very promising (extremely popular nowadays) X-Force series introduced in the same year.


To summarize, The PSE Firestorm is a compact and good shooting bow that was manufactured and evolved for 8 years. With a short axle to axle length and very generous brace height, this rig is very forgiving, maneuverable, and lightweight. The bow is a good choice for tree-stand or blind hunting. While it's not a speed monster, the Firestorm is very quiet and smooth to draw as noted by many owners. Although it could have better quality strings and a bigger sight window, overall this is a decent quality bow for the money.

User Reviews

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Quiet and quick enough to be a lethal hunter's choice.

Version: 2007 PSE Firestorm X


Pros: Compact design.

Cons: Poor quality bow string on the factory offering.

Full review:

It is a quality, quiet, compact bow that I have used for the past few years for mostly small game and varmint hunting here in Montana. When I have hunted big game, I used it mainly in a pop-up blind and the short axle to axle design was very much appreciated in the close quarters.

Good deer slayer!

Version: 2007 PSE Firestorm X


Pros: Very light, smooth draw!

Cons: have clearance problems. Fletching barley touch.

Full review:

I've shot many deer with this bow, and will continue to hunt with it. Bows are too expensive to get another one. Overall I like it a lot. It's light, smooth draw, and pretty fast. It's a good bow for a good price!

This is the best hunting bow I have used over the past 30 + yrs of hunting.

Version: 2003 PSE Firestorm Lite


Pros: Smooth, accurate, quiet, fast enough, Light weight and with 8.25" brace height. This was made for hunting.

Cons: They stopped making them

Full review:

This bow has been the best bow i have used over the past 30 yrs and i will continue to use. I have owned numerous bows. Bears, Mathews, PSEs, and hoyts. This has the smoothest draw i have ever used for a 70lbs bow and very accurate. Not to mention the lieghts bow i have ever seen. It is very accurate with a smooth draw. I decided to up grade this year to a PSE sinister same weight and draw. Although it is very fast, it does not have a smooth draw.I have have decide to give my sinister to my son in law. I will continue to use my firestorm lite till it blows up. I have changed the string several times and have always had tight groups up to 40yds.

Very light , compact , plenty fast.

Version: 2007 PSE Firestorm X


Pros: Light , compact , very quite , forgiving brace hieght , and sooth draw cycle .

Cons: Fletching clearance .

Full review:

Bought the bow new in 07 . I changed out the strings to Winners choice . Just put a 5 pin IQ sight on it which has really helped get my grouping get tighter past 50 yards . Over all i have no real complants about the bow .Its very quite compared to some off my buddys bows . They notice it too. The draw weight is set at 70 # with my draw length at 27" i still manage to get 282 fps out of it with a 352 grain arrow .( Chrono ). I've taken sevaral deer with it and can say i got pass throughs every time .Never had one jump the string even out to 45 yards . Maybe luck had a little to do with it , don't know . Thought about buying a PSE Omen pro but have'nt got off the money yet . Yeah i want more speed ...

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