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PSE Freak Review5.051 out of 1 user review


  • One of very few bows specifically designed for long draw shooters (draw lengths of 28-33 inches)
  • Forgiving brace height of 7.25 inches
  • 38 inch axel to axel measurement for a stable shot
  • EVO hybrid cam allows for 6-inches of adjustability with an inner lock cam system, which requires no bow press or expensive cam switches


  • A little heavy for some weighing in at 4.7 pounds

Editors' review

Long draw shooters often have to settle for a bow that has been slightly redesigned form its original version in order to meet their specific draw length. The PSE Freak has been specifically designed for long draw shooters; it is not a "long draw" version of another model. Instead, PSE has designed the Freak to meet the needs of taller shooters. With a long riser and an axel-to-axel measurement of 38-inches, this bow is stable at full draw and virtually shock free on release. Shooters interested in a long axel-to-axel bow with a draw length of 28-33-inches that is capable of shooting 350 feet per second at its longest draw length will love the Freak as an option for 2012.


The PSE Freak has several finishing options available that all look really great with the red grip, strings, and cable slide from the factory. For shooters interested in a camo option, there are three choices to choose from. The first camo option is for the entire bow to be dipped in Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity. PSE has used this finish for a couple of years and it looks really great. The second camo option would be a mixture of Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity limbs and a black riser. The new camo option available exclusively for PSE this year is the Skullworks Camo option. This camo pattern has a black background with a variety of white European skull mounts over the black. For those liking the idea of last years Skullz pattern, this pattern seems to be even more popular. The final finish option available on the Freak is the all black finish option. All dipping results in a flawless finish that looks appealing and blemish free.


The 2012 PSE riser design looks very aggressive. The strategically placed cutouts are designed to maximize strength and minimize the amount of riser twist and overall weight of the bow. The Freak's riser is designed to be almost the entire axel-to-axel measurement. The long riser helps add stability at full draw and allows shooters to hold on target very well. The riser comes from the factory with a rear-mounting string suppressor. Directly in front of this string stop system is a front mounting stabilizer bushing. For shooters who want the added stability, counter-weight, and dampening a front mounting stabilizer has to offer, they have the option to add one.


PSE features some of the skinniest grips in the bow world. The PSE Freak features what PSE calls the Raptor grip. The grip is a fully machined part of the riser designed to be a little thicker while still being thin enough to minimize hand torque caused by thicker grips. The smooth grip allows for shooters to have a repeatable grip on the bow while being a little thicker in design than other in the PSE lineup. Although the grip is a machined part of the riser, there is a red grip placed on both sides of the handle. This grip is contoured to sit in your hand and has a very comfortable feel. Along with this, the red grip looks very nice combined with any of the available finish options.


The Freak follows along with the split limb construction PSE has been using for several years. The limbs start in a highly pre-stressed state at rest and reach and build up even more energy on the way to full draw. The spilt limbs are available in maximum weights of 60, 70, and 80 pounds in ten-pound increments. The limbs also come with a factory installed Vibracheck hush kit as well.

Eccentric System

PSE has produced four cams to power their Pro Series line bows. The PSE Freak comes equipped with what PSE calls the EVO Hybrid Cam. This cam also comes on the Dream Season EVO and the EVO 7. The Freak has draw length capabilities in half-inch increments from 28-33-inches using the second-generation posi-lock inner cam. Draw length can be changed very easily without the use of a bow press, or having to buy extra parts. The cam also features sealed ball bearings and a rubber cushioned draw stop on the top and bottom cam. To make adjustment easier, the cam has laser engraved markings for the inner cam and draw stop settings. Along with this, the cam features a 75% let off.

Draw Cycle/Shootability

The Freak has some really great characteristics making it an appealing option in the limited choices for long draw shooters. Holding the Freak in your hand, the bow feels heavy and seems massive. However, with a 38-inch axel-to-axel measurement, the Freak holds great on target and the heavy weight feels very balanced. The draw cycle from the EVO Hybrid features very smooth transitions making it an easy to pull bow. The valley on the draw is very generous and eventually reaches a solid back wall. The back wall is the result of two rubber cushioned draw stops that make contact with the string upon full draw. Shooters are able to remain on target very easily and will experience minimal shock and virtually no vibration after the arrow is released.

Silencing Package

PSE bows install Vibracheck dampening accessories from the factory. The first rubber dampening device shooters see are the ones attached to the limbs. Each limb is equipped with two hush kits that aid in vibration dampening along with adding to the aggressive looks of the bow overall. The cable slide also has a dampener for any extra vibration transferred from the strings as well. All of these in combination with each other results in an almost vibration free release and a very quiet shot.

PSE Freak vs. PSE Supra ME

Bow PSE Freak PSE Supra
Version 2014 SP 2018 EXT
Picture PSE Freak PSE Supra
Brace Height 7.125 " 7 "
AtA Length 38 " 37 "
Draw Length 27.5 " - 33 " 25 " - 30.5 "
Draw Weight 50 lbs - 80 lbs 30 lbs - 60 lbs
IBO Speed 346 fps - 354 fps 317 fps - 325 fps
Weight 4.3 lbs 4.7 lbs
Let-Off 75% 65% & 75%
Where to buy
Best prices online
Not available now.
Please check later.
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The PSE Freak and the PSE Supra ME are two wonderful options for target shooters. Both bows are very similar on paper. The major difference comes in the cam system. Although the Freak is an inch longer, the cam system is the major difference between the two rigs. The Freak features the EVO Hybrid cam while the Supra ME comes with the Mini EVO Hybrid cam. True long draw shooters will be limited to the Freak because the Supra only goes to a 30-inch draw. Those interested in a long axel-to-axel bow for hunting should add the Freak to their list of bows to try. If shooters want a longer axel-to-axel bow for target will really love the PSE Supra ME powered by the smooth drawing Mini EVO cam system.

Usage Scenarios

The Freak is a great bow for long draw shooters both on the range and in the field. The long axel-to-axel measurement may add this bow to the list of PSE target bows other shooters may be interested in as well. As long as the shooters draw fits in the 28-33 inch range, the Freak will make a wonderful target bow as well. The primary purpose for the Freak was to offer long draw shooters another option. However, it is a very appealing target bow as well.


Long draw shooters do not have many options available to them. Most options available are a redesign of old technology that is made to work for long draw shooters. PSE designed the Freak specifically to meet the needs of long draw shooters. Although shooters interested in a longer axel to axel target bow may be drawn to the Freak as well, shooters who will be most interested are those with a draw length over 30-inches. The smooth draw, forgiving brace height, and long riser makes this a great bow and a sweet shooter.
PSE Freak Review5.051

User Reviews

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  1. Truly incredible bow. Very forgiving and accurate. I’m 6′4" tall and it fits me like a glove

    Version: 2014 PSE Freak SP


    Pros: The bows speed and shoot ability are second to none. Truly impressed with detail, speed, and flat out power of the bow.

    Cons: I honestly can’t think of a single thing.

    Full review:
    I shoot a full 32" draw, 31" Gold Tip 75/95’s, with an Apache rest, Vibracheck stabilizer, Trophy Ridge sight, and PSE Dual X quiver. No idea of true fps but guessing 310-315 @ 64lb draw. This bow has definitely added distance to my effective range

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