PSE Premonition Review

PSE Premonition

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PSE Premonition Review4.554 out of 4 user reviews


  • 24 1/2 -30-inche draw length adjustment from an internal rotating module
  • Source cam offers a limb stop system and 344 feet per second
  • Compact 30-inch axel-to-axel measurement
  • MSRP of $699


  • May be a bit heavy for some wanting a compact hunting bow (3.9-pounds)
  • Only available in 50, 60, and 70-pound maximum draw weights

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Editors' review

PSE has decided to listen to what shooters truly want in a hunting bow. For a while now, the demand or a hunting bow has been toward a compact shorter axel-to-axel bow with good speed ratings, and a limb stop draw stop system. The new Source cam fits almost every shooter with a range of draw lengths between 24 1/2- 30-inches, has a great amount of adjustability and customizable feel for the draw cycle, and generates 344 feet per second. The only drawback is the overall mass of the Premonition, which weighs in at just under 4-pounds. Aside from that, it is it really is hard to find anything wrong with the Premonition offering from PSE.


The PSE Premonition has three standard finish options, but is also available in many more options if shooters choose to use the PSE custom shop instead. From the factory, the Premonition is dipped in all black, Skullworks, or Mossy Oak Break Up Infinity. No matter which option shooters decide to go with, the finish looks perfect. The red accent colors look wonderful on any finish decision, but PSE also sells the rubber accessory kits in other color schemes as well.


The 30-inch axel-to-axel measurement is in large part because of the shortened riser design. The machined high-grade aluminum has cut outs in all the right places to help with the overall mass of the bow while maintaining the overall strength of the riser itself. The stronger the riser is, the less susceptible the riser is to torque causing twisting, which dramatically impacts accuracy. The high-grade aluminum used in combination with the engineering genius from PSE makes the Premonition riser an exceptional one. Aside from its high quality, the riser also features some added features for functionality too. One peek at the riser shelf and shooters will see the functionality features. Tuning and alignment marks have been added to the riser shelf making the bow very easy to set up initially before making any fine-tuning adjustments for the perfect tune. Although these marks are to be used as a guide, it is a welcomed addition for those who like to do a little tinkering on their own rigs.The back of the riser features the fully adjustable Backstop 2 string stop system for stopping the strings forward movement after the arrow has been fired down range. Although it comes in a fine location from the factory, the adjustment settings are endless and a welcomed addition to have overall. The rear mounting string stop system mounts directly behind the front mounting stabilizer bushing, which makes it great for helping with noise and vibration cancellation. Virtually alls shooters utilize a front mounting stabilizer, and the placement of this in line with the string stop system does a nice job aiding vibration and noise cancellation.


The slim PSE grips continue to be some of the most sought after, best feeling grips available. The rubber inserts add a little to the comfort of the grip, and can be changed out for different color options if shooters wish to do so. However, the rubber will not help much with the temperature though, and with the grip being an extension of the aluminum riser it is going to be cold in the hand during many hunting conditions. Some shooters may have a difficult time adjusting to the slim feel of the grip at first, but the adjustment time will be well worth it after seeing the accuracy improvement. Having a repeatable grip that aids with proper hand placement is a bonus and a solid advantage to the PSE grip used on the Premonition.


The Premonition has the potential to work for almost every shooter on the market with the great cam adjustment and shorter axel to axel measurement. However, the limbs are only offered in maximum draw weights of 50, 60, and 70-pounds. Although the 30 pounds of adjustment is an industry standard, a little wider range would allow tons of other shooters the option for the Premonition to be their rig. With that being said, the limbs are superb and function very well under normal shooting conditions. Upon first look, the highly pre-stressed limbs look a bit intimidating; with a direct tie in to the X-Force design line. The split limbs have been engineered with superior strength and durability in mind, and are also backed under a limited lifetime warranty as well. The limbs are held to the riser with the Spectrum limb pockets. The aluminum split limb pockets offer 12 turns of adjustment allowing shooters the ability to choose any poundage within the 10-pound adjustment.

Straight from the factory, PSE installs Vibracheck limb dampening bands that can be a variety of colors, and are easy to replace or remove. The rubber dampeners do a nice job, and help add to the overall look of the bow. They have also proven to be very durable as well, so they should last a while before needing to be replaced.

Eccentric System

The Source cam is an amazing piece of engineering. PSE's "Experience Performance" motto is put to the test with this cam system shooting up to 344 feet per second from the Premonition. The Source cam offers a module adjustment option with its inner lock module system from 24 1/2 - 30-inches, which is going to fit a large majority of shooters. There is also a limb draw stop, which has been in high demand for a few years. The limb stop will provide a harder back wall, and offers an endless amount of adjustment for how the valley and draw cycle feel from start to finish. With 75% let off rounding out the highlights for the Source cam, this piece of engineering genius is sure to meet the demands of many shooters.

Draw Cycle/Shootability

For 344 feet per second, the Source cams on the Premonition platform feel great. For some shooters at the long end of the draw range, the string angle may not work that well coupled with the 30-inch axel-to-axel measurement. However, the draw is going to be smooth in throughout the entire draw length range. The Source cams stack up pretty fast, and level out becoming progressively easier to manage until hitting the let off and ultimately the rock solid back wall. The valley is completely adjustable with the limb stop system, which makes the Premonition solid on target. For those that have not shot a limb stop back wall, the feeling is quite a bit different than other systems, especially those using the cables. The limb stop feels more solid having less give for shooters to play with. The feeling may take some getting used to, but it holds very well on target. This has been a high demand option PSE has taken note of and integrated on the Source cam. It is tough to comment on the feel of the cam system itself because it is so adjustable. However, the transitions are very smooth throughout free of humps in the draw cycle. For those wanting a short axel-to-axel bow, the Premonition is a spectacular option because it feels like a much longer axel-to-axel bow in terms of stability down range. The Premonition holds very well on target and has minimal hand shock after the shot. The 6 1/4 - inch brace height combined with the 344 feet per second will do a great job at eliminating minor errors in judging distance as well.

Usage Scenarios

The public demands for a hunting bow seem to be getting more compact, and PSE has decided to join the demand. The Premonition would be best suited for hunting, whether it be from a blind, treestand, or spot and stalk the Premonition was designed to meet the needs hunter want out of a bow. Some may be a little worried about the shorter brace height in hunting situations, but the feel of the back wall, and the 344 feet per second will make the Premonition forgiving and accurate.


Bow PSE Premonition PSE X-Force Dream Season DNA
Version 2014 2014
Picture PSE Premonition PSE X-Force Dream Season DNA
Brace Height 6.25 " 6 "
AtA Length 30 " 31.25 "
Draw Length 24.5 " - 30 " 26 " - 30 "
Draw Weight 40 lbs - 70 lbs 40 lbs - 70 lbs
IBO Speed 336 fps - 344 fps 344 fps - 352 fps
Weight 3.9 lbs 3.7 lbs
Let-Off 75% 70%
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The PSE Premonition and PSE X-Force Dream Season DNA are both pro series, shorter axel-to-axel hunting bow options. The DNA is a bit longer axel to axel, but only an inch. The biggest difference is in the cam system. The DNA is designed for speed and will be more aggressive than the Premonition. Although the Premonition is not a slow rig, the DNA will outperform it. Those looking for a more solid back wall will be drawn toward the Premonition though. Like any archery decision, the final say comes down to personal preference in the end.


For $699, the Premonition is a great bow at a decent price. With a ton of PSE's latest and greatest technology, the Premonition is a shooter with the engineering to back it up. For those on the market for a compact hunting bow with great speed, the Premonition is going to be hard to beat. The solid back wall and endless adjustment options with the Source cam add to the appeal of the bow as well. It would be nice for a wider draw weight range for this bow to appeal to more shooters, but with 5 1/2- inches of adjustment, and 30-pouunds of draw weight range, the Premonition will still meet the needs of most shooters.
PSE Premonition Review4.554

User Reviews

  • 4 reviews
  • ( out of 4 reviews for all versions)
  1. A++++ PSE.
    Fast bow/ light bow /price is right / super quiet I love the wall

    Version: 2014 PSE Premonition


    Pros: It is a PSE.Draw cycle is smooth You’re not going to find a lighter bow With the speed rating And forgiveness as this one

    Cons: None. Well nope none.

    Full review:
    Buy one

    I hunt big Mule Deer with this bow and it dose the JOB. A+ PSE

    My Set up Is Whisker biscuit 6 inch trophy Ridge static stabilizer TRUGLO carbon sight 4 pin 340 grain carbon arrows Muzzy MX 3 broadheads Stop my last mule deer in 50 yards straight to the pumper.I suppose it could be faster but then it would be heavier.

  2. This is truly a sweet bow fast smooth draw love the wall

    Version: 2014 PSE Premonition


    Pros: This is what a bow should be A+ PSE

    Cons: You can only buy 10 lb draw increment that is it.

    Full review:
    My set up is the 60/70 lb with the 6 inch trophy Ridge static stabilizer / TRUGLO 4 pin Carbon site / Whisker biscuit / 340 gran carbon arrows / Muzzy MX 3 Broadhead
    Thank you A++++ PSE


  3. PSE has done a great job with this one!

    Version: 2014 PSE Premonition


    Pros: * The bow handles really well with its compact size
    * Solid back wall
    * Strings are great
    * Many sit mounting positions

    Cons: * The draw cycle is very smooth without humps. There’s no creep to speak of, but not an issue for most archers.

    Full review:
    I have several bows and when I first received the Permonition offered a surprisingly different draw cycle. It was set from the factory at about 55# (60# limbs), and I thought it was really stiff. After a few shots, I slowed my draw to analyze the feel and quickly got accustomed to it. The bow is now maxed out and I find I really love the draw cycle and the initial stiffness is a good thing it just feels very solid without any humps and rollovers. It’s so easy to adjust the draw length and stops, I’ve been able to experiment to find what feels best to me in a few minutes! There’s virtually no hand shock, no lateral movement at the shot, and it’s the quietest bow I have. It’s powerful and the arrow really flies Lickety-split.

    The bow has mounting holes for a quiver and stabilizer but none for an additional string stop, or side/back stabilizers. In fact when I first set it up, I had no stabilizer, and no peep sight. I was able to shoot well with anchor point only, and no vibration at he shot.

    This is probably not your first choice when seeking a speed or hunting bow, but don’t overlook the Premonition. I’m really pleased that I didn’t! I’ve seen these on eBay for great prices, and just because it’s last years model, don’t pass on it for your archery needs. I also have a Prophecy and if you’re considering a single cam speed bow, I suggest you give it a try.

  4. Awesome

    Version: 2014 PSE Premonition


    Pros: Great draw cycle and very smooth. Sends the arrow downrange lickity split!

    Cons: Draw is stiff right at the beginning.

    Full review:
    Really nice hunting bow. Cams are large enough to make the 30" ATA seem longer. Holds well on target and the limb stop makes a solid back wall. The draw starts stiff but is buttery smooth. The valley is short and the bow wants to go if you relax too much, but it’s totally controllable. The bow is pretty fast and very very quiet without any hand shock or vibration. I added a stab to it and it enhan ced the appearance, but was totally unnecessary. The grip is fantastic and guides your hand into the perfect position.

    I also own a Prophecy with an IBO of 340 and a 32" ATA. It’s a nice bow in its own right, and I love it, but I prefer the Premonition for hunting. If you’re looking for a tree stand, ground blind or back country hunting bow, the Premonition is a great choice. The new version might even be better!

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